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May, 2013


Band receives Superior Rating


Lee Road Jr. High's Band received a Superior Rating at the Archdiocesan Festival. On the first row, from left to right, are Lexie Newman, Sara Stoltz, Lexie Hartzog, Harley Folks, Justin Morris, Hannah Gray, and Heidi Perry (band director). On the second row, from left to right, are Shaylie Poche’, Austin Scott,   Blake Williams, Ledgyn Santana, Amanda Gordon, and Ivan Huerta. On the third row, from left, are Hannah Pichoff, Jordan Morris, Hailey Pearson, Maddi Barringer, Armand Clausen, Matthew Desandro, Alayna Sharp, Vincent Graziano, and Dalton Lewis. On the fourth row, from left, are Hannah Rogers, Caleb Luecke, Julian Atkinson, Albert O’Connell, Katelyn Granger, and Dylan Agoff. On the top row, from left, are Richard Martinez, Corey Jenkins, Jeremy Bourque, Keegan Dawsey, and Tyler Lane.


Students of the Month


Lee Road Junior High School proudly recognizes their April “Students of the Month” for each grade level. Pictured from left to right are  Jenna Blau, Caroline Clark, Andrew Shoultz, Abby Leonard, Cole Fitzmorris, Grace Bulloch, Mercedes Garcia, Kenadee Ard, and Abigail Byers.


April, 2013


Rock Weight

Landon Bourque, a fourth grade student in Ms. Rachel Champagne’s class at Lee Road Junior High School was using a balance to measure the weight of his rock.


Teacher of the Year

Lee Road School recently honored its Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Callie Foreman.



Day in an Engineer's Life

Lee Road Junior High School junior high students, Hannah Rogers, Hailey Pearson, Hannah Pichoff, Shaylie Poche, and Maddie Barringer, led by Mrs. Denise Dickson attended "A Day in the Life of an Engineer." This event was hosted by The Society of Women Engineers – Greater New Orleans Section at the University of New Orleans.  Hannah Pichoff and Madison Barringer were on the 1st Place team.


Students of the Month

Lee Road Junior High School recognizes their March “Students of the Month ” for each grade level. Pictured from left to right are Carly Conly, Sophie Clipper, Mimi Abts, Anthony Graziano, Avery McSwain, Hernan Vargas, Ronilyn Gonzales, Devon Stognar, and Josh King.


Students of the Year

Nathan Snyder, 5 th grade  and Hannah Rogers, 8 th grade, were chosen by a selection committee to represent Lee Road School as Students of the Year.  They were selected based on outstanding academic achievement  as well as exemplary citizenship and community involvement


Honor Roll Students

Lee Road Junior School recognizes their honor roll student in grades 4-6 with a breakfast.  Students pictured earned a perfect 4.0 for the third quarter.

4th grade: Sarah Brooks, Avery Mcswain, and Raina Meyers

5th grade: Front row – Hunter Galmiche, Weston Spell, Maddy Shannon, Lexus Venable, and Nathan Snyder. Back Row – Montana Fizmorris, Blaine Bunje, Ethan Greig, Grayson Hulin, Lydia Jarrell, Catherine Narretto, Caleigh Rodrigquez, Caden Reed and Clay Remond. Not pictured is Zariana Bickham.

6th grade: Jacob Taylor and Katie Bridges



Volunteer Breakfast

Sherry Rodasta, Lynne Bernard, Terrie DeSandro, Kalinda Fauntleroy (Asst. Principal), Brooke Schroeder, Cequila Meyers and Britiain Shannon were among a large group of Lee Road School, parents, grandparents and community members who recently attended a breakfast in honor of the many hours they spend volunteering for the school.


March, 2013


Flat Stanley Projects

Second  grade students in Mrs. Beason’s class at Lee Road Junior High School recently presented their Flat Stanley projects.  Here is Rylee Boudreaux with her project.


Dental Poster Contest

First grade student, Michael Schieble, at Lee Road Junior High School won a parish wide dental poster contest against hundreds of other first graders. The contest is sponsored by the Northlake Dental Association to commemorate National Dental Health Month. Dr. Glen Spell - Lee Road sponsor for over 25 years, Michael Schieble, and Michael's first grade teacher, Mrs. Jenifer Revere.


February, 2013



Leadership Class Visit

Several members of the Leadership St. Tammany class visited Lee Road after they attended a presentation at the Central Office. They toured the campus and learned much about the educational process. They were welcomed by Principal Anna Bowie, center.

Black History Month

As part of our Black history month studies, some of our 8th graders had a videoconference with eighth grade students in Ghana, West Africa.


Coordinating Shirts

Anna Bowie, principal and Victoria McMillan, second grade student at Lee Road Junior High School, celebrate spirit day by wearing coordinating shirts in the schools colors of purple and gold.


100th Day of School

Pre-Kindergarten students at Lee Road Junior High School celebrate their 100 th day of school by dressing as one hundred year old people. Pictured from left to right on the front row are Kaelyn Sharp, Isabella Croup, and Camille Clark. On the middle Row are  Alex Mormino, Halle Kuchler, Alex Pereira, Shaun Ryan, Ava Reid, and Kinsey Garcia. On the back row are Mrs. Leigh Anne Mcgee, Mrs. Ashley Crawford, and Mrs. Dana Foret.



January, 2013


Students of the Month

Lee Road Junior High School proudly announces their January “Students of the Month” for each grade level. Pictured from left to right: Graysie Wanner, Kindergarten; Katie Byrd, 1st grade; Justin McCarra, 2nd grade; Alana Foret, 3rd grade; Jessica Talley, 4th grade; Melody Durr, 5th grade; Ellen Stelz-Sullivan, 6th grade; Austin Thompson, 7th grade; and Harley Folks, 8th grade.



Dental Health Lesson

First grade students in Mrs. Revere's class at Lee Road School enjoyed a visit from Lacey Haas, RDH, to learn all about proper dental health. The students received toothbrushes, dental books, and an awesome teeth cleaning demonstration by Haas.
Pictured are Michael Schieble, Tristan Zachary, Presley Taylor, and Lacey Haas, RDH.



Ms. Foxworth Retires

Lee Road Junior High School celebrated the retirement of their librarian, Mrs. Kathy Foxworth, with a reception in her honor. Pictured from left are Randy Tate, Mrs. Kathy Foxworth, Assistant Superintendent of Administration William "Bill" Brady, and Greg Foxworth.



Best School Essay

Second grade students at Lee Road Junior High School enjoyed writing an essay telling why they feel Lee Road Junior High is the best school in the world. Pictured from left to right are Skyler Cleland, Jacob Spell, Aiden Bell, and Alley Raccuglia.


Fractional Pizza Math

Third grade students in Mrs. Johnette Jacob’s class at Lee Road Junior High School create fractional pizzas in one of their math centers. Pictured clockwise from top are  Mrs. Johnette Jacobs, Piper Williams (at computer),  Gavin Grant   Annalise Travers and Jennifer Anthony.


Honor Roll Breakfast

Lee Road Junior High School honored their second quarter honor roll student in grades 4-6 with a “Honor Roll Breakfast ”.  Student with 4.0 averages are pictured below:

4th grade (left to right)  Sarah Brooks, Callie Dugas, Raina Meyers, and Avery McSwain

5th grade (left to right)  Hunter Galmiche, Macey Frosch, Zariana Bickham, Lydia Jarrell, Cayden Reed, Caleigh Rodriguez, Jennyfer Lopez, Clay Remond, Grace Williams, and Nathan Snyder

6th grade – Katie Bridges


December, 2012


Science Fair

Lee Road Junior High School held its biannual Science Fair.  The following pictured students are the 2012 winners.

Front row from left to right:  Julian Atkinson, Faith Croop, Hannah Pichoff, Katelyn Granger, Emma Tolliver, Vincent Graziano, and Devin Stogner. Back row from left to right:  Willow Brooks, Abbie Hayes, Kathryn Fitzmaurice, Michael Jones, Tyler Lane, Luke Appe, McKenna Jones, Hannah Rogers, and Dalton Lewis. Not shown is Blake Williams.



Christmas Craft Workshop

Mrs. Emmie Wanners’s pre-k class at Lee Road JHS had their Parent/Grandparent Christmas Craft Workshop. The Magic Reindeer Food Table was full with, from left to right, Ross Shubert with grandson Kaisyn Shubert, Mike Custer with daughter Kaylee Custer and Jeremy Dillon with Jeremy Dillon, Jr.


Madrigal Feast

On December 14 the Lee Road Junior High School Band and Chorus put on a Madrigal Feast with the chorus singing a selection of holiday favorites, the band playing, and students serving a feast, all set to the castle theme with the King introducing each serving with trumpeters playing a royal flourish. There were over 300 people in attendance at the event.



Video Conference

Lee Road Junior High School's 8th-grade students in Ms. Denise Dickson's math class recently participated in a cultural exchange video conference with students in Ghana, West Africa. Also present for the conference were principal, Anna Bowie, and school board member, Jack Loup. The dialogue proved so engaging that a follow-up conference is being arranged for February, 2013.

Front row: Hannah Rogers, Maddi Barringer, and Haylie Poche. 2nd row: Eli Hayes, Jeremy Bourque, Ray Magruder, Justin Morris, McKenna Jones, Estela Ponce, Emily Mizell, and Emily Gutierrez. 3rd row: Logan Rogers, Albert O'Connell, Kathan Leonard, Richard Martinez, Jordan Morris, Bethany Lee, Whitteny Hoover, Allison Hill, and Whittenyee McLain. 4th row: Josh King, Kamiron Pellegrin, Lauren Denniss, Abigail Byers, Maddy Monlezun, Jessie McLain, Taylor Williams, Katherine Fitzmaurice, Bailey Maxwell, and Dylan Agoff. 5th row: Anna Bowie, Jack Loup, and Denise Dickson.



Students of the Month

Lee Road Junior High School announces their November Students of the Month for each grade level.

Pictured from left to right are Ximena Vega, Hannah Surkand, Brianna Brown, Emilie Stoltz, Sarah Brooks, Lydia Jarrell, Abbie Hayes, and Allison Hill. Not pictured is Kaitlyn Keating.


November, 2012


Stone Soup

Second grade students at Lee Road Junior High school recently read Stone Soup and then made their own soup to share. Shown enjoying their Stone Soup are Hailey Hunt, Jacob Strahan, Jacob Spell, Noah Strickland, Rylee Boudreaux, and Rayne Sherlock.



Students of the Month

Lee Road Junior High School proudly recognized their October “Students of the Month” for each grade level K-8. Pictured left to right are Morgan Amedeo, Presley Taylor, Caroline Frederick, Eric Heit, Cade Rogers, Maria Orazio, Kelsey Fussell, Brooke Morere, and Karmiron Pellegrin.


Polycom Conference

Mrs. Beason's second grade class at Lee Road Junior High School participated in a polycom conference with an elementary school in Lubbock, Texas. The students presented turkeys in disguise so that they wouldn't be eaten for Thanksgiving Dinner. Showing off their disguises are (left to right) Jacob Strahan, Drake Pooler, Dalton Bourque, and Maggie Frosch.


Family Breakfast

Briana Maxwell is joined by her mother, Tiffany Maxwell, for Lee Road Junior High School’s second grade family breakfast.


Dinosaur Project

Bradney Brown and Andrew Shoultz, second Grade students in Mrs. Jennifer Beason’s class at Lee Road Junior High School, present their dinosaur project to their classmates.


Turn Out the Lights

Students in Mrs. Jenifer Revere’s first grade class at Lee Road Junior High “Turn Out the Lights, and Give Drugs the slip” by wearing pajamas and slippers to school as part of Red Ribbon Week.

Back left to right: Jackson Stone, Seth Schwegmann, Michael Schieble, Lawson Champagne, and Carmine Moguel. Front left to right: Annabelle Boudreaux, Makayla Jube, Presley Taylor, Alana Scholl, Macie Desandro, and Skylar Talley


First Quarter Honor Roll

Lee Road Junior High recognized their first quarter honor roll students in grades 4 – 6 with a breakfast, sponsored by the PTA.

Pictured are student in grades 4-6 with a perfect 4.0 Average.

4th grade:  Avery McSwain and Callie Dugas

5th grade:  Hunter Galmiche, Cayden Reed, Clay Remond, Caleigh Rodriquez, Bailey Sharp, Victoria Sharp, Nathan Snyder, and Weston Spell

6th grade:   Kaitlyn Keating and Katie Bridges

October, 2012

Students of the Month

Lee Road Junior High School proudly recognized their
“Students of the Month ” for each grade level. 

Front Row:  Annalee Lewis, Felicity Parker, Madison Schofield, and Mia Leblanc.
Back Row:  Ben Dawsey, Nathan Snyder, Grant Hartzog, Natalie Magee, and Lauren Denniss


Veggie Seed Planting

Cooper Upshaw & Chloe Brinks are planting vegetable seedlings in Mrs. Savarese's first grade vegetable garden at Lee Road Junior High School.


Keeping Journals

Rayburn Sharp, Kensley Hardy, and Jenna Blau, kindergarteners in Mrs. Karen Dirmann's class at Lee Road Junior High School enjoy writing and illustrating in their journals.


Wheel Spinning

Emily Keating and Emery Blackwell, kindergarten students in Mrs. Denise Bischoff’s class at Lee Road Junior High School, are spinning a wheel to name different body parts. 


September, 2012



Vegetable Math

Jordan Holden, a first grade student in Mrs. Jenifer Revere's class at Lee Road Junior High School, makes an addition sentence with the sum of seven using peas and carrots.


Students of the Month

Lee Road Junior High School proudly recognizes their August “Students of the Month” for each grade level. Pictured from left to right are Emery Blackwell, Kindergarten; Cooper Upshaw, 1st grade; Dalton Bourque, 2nd grade; Travers Benoit, 3rd grade; Ann King, 4th grade; Hunter Galmiche, 5th grade; Cara Scott, 6th grade; Shelby Glass, 7th grade; and Laura Krall, 8th grade.


August, 2012


National Junior Honor Society

Lee Road Junior High presents their National Junior Honor Society members at the National Junior Honor Society Induction.

Seventh Grade

Front row (left to right): Miranda McLain, Marlee Montgomery, Emma Tolliver, Rebecca Lucia, Vincent Graziano, Alexis Newman, Katelyn Granger, Shelby Glass, Zachary Dash, and Brison Adams. Back row (left to right): John Michael Travers, Alison Montgomery, Tyler Lane, Casie McLain, Natalie Magee, Dalton Adams, Brooke Quast, Sara Stoltz, Abbie Hayes, and Luke Appe

Eighth Grade

Front row (left to right): Cody McCain, Hannah Gray, Estella Ponce, Hannah Pichoff, Shaylie Poche, Corey Jenkins, Logan Rogers, Trace Core, and Bethany Lee. Middle Row (left to right): Josh King, Ray Magruder, Madison Barringer, Shaylee Laird, Allison Hill, Albert O'Connell, Austin Scott, and Harley Folks. Back row (left to right): Grayson Loyd, Dylan Agoff, Hannah Rogers, Hailey Pearson, Justin Morris, Zacharie Day, Jordan Morris, Bailey Maxwell, Gary Rogers,and Jessie McLain. Not pictured: Ledgyn Santana

Lesson Planning

First grade teachers at Lee Road Junior meet after school to plan engaging lessons for their students.  Pictured from left to right are Mrs. Amy Savarese, Mrs. Barbara Thompson, Mrs. Jenifer Revere, and Ms. Lori Lewis.



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