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June, 2013


Chamber Expo Held On June 20


Hundreds of area residents and business people visited the 2013 Expo held by the St. Tammany West Chamber of Commerce Thursday afternoon, the event’s second year at Lakeshore High School. More than 100 exhibitors lined the main hallway of Lakeshore High for the extensive showcase of St. Tammany Parish businesses and services. The new location worked well for the chamber and St. Tammany Parish Public School System last year under a new partnership between the two organizations.

Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse, III, and Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Arabie were present to greet visitors to the school located north of Mandeville, and several School Board members stopped in to take part in the event, including School Board President Elizabeth Heintz and Board Members Peggy Seeley and Charles Harrell.

Display booths offered information from chamber members in a wide range of business services, from banking and insurance to health care and utilities. Exhibitors included the St. Tammany Parish Library, the Volunteers of America, the Blood Center of Southeast Louisiana, and area news publications. The chamber has been hosting annual marketplace shows for area businesses for more than 18 years.

To view photos from the 2013 St. Tammany West Chamber Expo, click here.

April, 2013


Avalon Project Drafts
A Future City

Students in drafting classes at Lakeshore High recently presented their designs for a futuristic city complete with shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings and stadium, all part of the annual “Avalon Project.” Each student of Teacher Clifford Hinkle decided what part of the city they wanted to design, researched possible solutions, and used high-end computers and design software to create photo-realistic posters illustrating their ideas.

The main focus of Avalon, however, was to create a city with renewable energy systems, minimal environmental impacts, stable energy costs, and energy efficient housing and transportation.

The green community concept was taken a step further this year, however, with the addition of a “space port” to Avalon, with some students choosing to design space telescopes and interplanetary spacecraft. Still, many components are centered around community activities, from go cart race tracks and miniature golf courses to hydroponic greenhouses and energy-generating windmills and tidal turbines.

“Avalon is much larger this year, with more students submitting more designs for the renewable energy community,” said Hinkle. “No one else is doing this kind of thing with students in drafting classes. We are the only ones who have this kind of project. I am proud of our students and what they have accomplished.”

The virtual city is home to about 330,000 people, he explained. A new feature this year is the addition of “plantation homes,” designs tapping into past architecture themes with modern energy-saving updates. While the entire city may be futuristic in design, it could actually be built today, Hinkle stated.

The Avalon Project lasts all year long, with students spending many hours on the “project based learning” exercise. “Project based learning calls upon the student to dream up a concept, then learn the skills necessary to bring it to the final design,” he said. While the students use high-powered computers and photo-quality printers to produce their designs, they first learn manual drafting skills using pencils, triangles and T-squares. “Only after they learn manual drafting techniques do we let them get on the computers,” Hinkle commented.

The designs created by the students were showcased in a special presentation on April 19 in the Fontainebleau High library, with a number of volunteers from the professional community looking over the designs. The jurors offered comments and feedback on each design. Among the jurors were Shell Oil engineers and the head of a local blueprint service company. Each student presented their design in front of the group, and answered questions from onlookers.

Hinkle came up with the Avalon Project idea a few years ago while seeking a long-range project that would capture the imagination of his students, offer a multitude of design options, be modern and relevant, increase the student’s technical skills and teach them how to work collaboratively. “The process demands continuous improvement, and each group develops common goals and objectives,” he explained.

The city of Avalon has its own planning and zoning maps, and data from CLECO helped design the capabilities of wind power and solar energy panels. Students researched the latest innovations in green communities and then applied real engineering data to meet the needs of the city and its inhabitants.

Software used during the work includes industry-standard Autodesk products and Solid Works, but Google Sketch-Up has also proved useful.

Hinkle, who worked for Shell Oil for many years, names several of his drafting students who have gone to college with advanced skills that are helping them in their own engineering efforts. “Some of them get apprentice draftsman jobs with local companies, coming in with a full set of drafting capabilities,” he said. “They learn how to visualize projects in their mind, utilizing high-level thinking and come out with pretty interesting visions. This is really about dreams, the opportunity to think big with no limits. And then by putting it on paper they have some sense of reality,” he said.



March, 2013


Petting Zoo Visits Marigny

Several students from Lakeshore High School, some members of the Future Farmers
of America chapter, brought a variety of farm animals to Marigny Elementary
March 20 for a "petting zoo." Lakeshore High's Consumer Science/Agriculture students and their teacher, Amanda Lee, set up the petting zoo where Marigny students could interact with the baby animals, ranging from goats and rabbits to pigs and ducks. "We did it last year," Marigny Principal Leslie Martin said. "It is precious, and the kids love it.  It’s an awesome experience and learning activity to help the students really understand another element of spring."  For more photos of the petting zoo, click here.


School Lunch Week

Lakeshore High celebrated National School Lunch Week with the theme,
"Brain and Body Fuel -- It's What's for Lunch."

February, 2013


Theatrically Speaking

Davin Navarre splashes Madison Whitfield in the face with a glass of water durring their theater presentation of "It's Not You It's Me."

Ian Dolese gives Amanda Kohls the stare down during their theater presentation of "Bad Auditions by Bad Actors."




January, 2013




University President
Visits Campus

Dr. Randall J. Webb, president of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La., spoke to about 50 students at Lakeshore High School January 30, telling them about his education institution, its offerings, location and size, and how it compared to other institutions of higher education around the state. After mentioning the local convenience and availability of classes at Southeastern Louisiana University and UNO, he told the students about the responsiveness of the NSU staff and faculty to student needs and concerns. Students asked a number of questions regarding athletics, nursing, and engineering courses as well as scholarship opportunities. After the presentation, Lakeshore High’s ProStart culinary arts students served lunch to the visiting Northwestern delegation.

Dr. Webb and Principal McCurley

Touring the Dance Studio

December, 2012


Cooking up a Christmas Feast

Lakeshore High School welcomed hundreds from throughout the community to its first annual Christmas community feast held on December 22. Residents of Lacombe and Mandeville were invited to enjoy the event, which featured a menu of turkey, ham, green beans, sweet potatoes, jambalaya, mac and cheese, rolls and cookies. Dr. Jeanne Wagner, Assistant Principal, was in charge of the dinner, the purpose being to give back to the communities which the school serves. “Our entire student body was involved in the community outreach,” said Principal Brennan McCurley. “Each class had certain items to bring, and our faculty provided items as well. The Mandeville Kiwanis made a donation, and Double D Meats donated 25 lbs. of sausage for the jambalaya.” Many of the meals were delivered to local law enforcement, fire departments and shelters.


French Culinary Visitors

Lakeshore High School recently hosted three guests from France who are in America learning about Culinary and Hospitality programs. The delegation included the Minister of Foreign Affairs and two vocational high school teachers. The ProStart culinary class welcomed the visitors by demonstrating their skills in the kitchen and serving them lunch. At one station students made strawberry crepes while at other stations students created several different types of cookies and other desserts. Students also showed off their knife skills by carving an apple into the shape of a turkey and by creating a Christmas tree using a pineapple and other fruits.


Black & Silver Game

Grant Stiebing passes the ball to a fellow teammate.

LaQuincy Lewis takes a breather durring the Black and Silver game.

Glenn Ellis awates a move to be made by the opposing team.

Mrs. Fotter celebrates her victory by smothering the losing coach Mr. Dauterive with a pie in the face.

October, 2012


Woodlake Elementary Visit

Lakeshore Titan Cheerleaders recently visited Woodlake Elementary to help honor students with perfect attendance for the first nine weeks.


Special Olympics Event

The Lakeshore High School Cheerleaders cheer for a different team while presenting their sign for for the Special Olympic participants.

Sir Saint showing the love to a participant in the Special Olympics.

Carolyn Park Middle School displaying their pride as they parade down the track.

2012 Special Olympic participants are eager to start the events.



LHS Student Gardeners Plant at Partner School BLMS

On Monday, October 22, 2012, Bayou Lacombe Middle School collaborated with the Lake Shore High School Agriculture Club to continue the beautification project started last year.  Amanda Lee, the Agriculture Club sponsor, brought seven Lakeshore High School students to BLMS for the entire day.  Pictured: Ms. Amanda Lee (sponsor), Drew Shaw, Dwayne Cousin, Tori Mitchell, Reggie Smith, Samantha Baxter, Johannes Christenson, and Alexis Schroder.



Fun Run

Left to Right are Taylor Norris, Tiffany Albers, and Lira Casborne, members of the Silver Stars LHS Dance Team, approach the finish line at the LHS annual Livestrong fun run. This run is sponsored by the SADD club to raise awareness for living healthy.

SADD club sponsor Mrs. Garrety and student Lindsay Bagur smile for the camera before the Live Strong fun run begins.

LHS cheerleaders (left to right) Victoria Schlumbrech, Kaylan Fairburn, Allison Steed, Kendall Scheuerman, and Kaitlyn Shemroske show their support at the LHS Livestrong Fun Run.


Project Graduation Run

The only principal to compete in the Kiwanis 5k Fun Run for Project Graduation, Mr. McCurley supported his Titans with his wife Mrs. Liz McCurley.   Any LHS student who beat Mr. McCurley got to pie him in the face at school.

Assistant Principal Mr. Soileau takes a picture with his family at the 5k Fun Run for Project Graduation.  (Wife: Missy Soileau, Son: Mark Soileau a 9th graders at LHS, :Youngest Daughter: Emmeline Soileau, Oldest Daughter: Mikayla Soileau, a senior at LHS)

One of LHS's newest faculty members Ms. Courtney Chautin gathers her family to run in the Kiwanis 5k Project Graduation fun run. (Mom: Michelle Chautin, Dad: Joe Chautin, Little Sister: Gabby Chautin)





Homecoming Court

Devon Bates (Sr.)

Robin Spiess (Sr.)

Sarah Goodgion (Sr.)

Haley Callender (Sr.)

Brooke Blackshear (Jr.)

Danielle Sievert (Jr.)

Robbilyn Verges (Jr.)

Kasey Lange (So.)

Natalie Salazar (So.)

Brittany Monk (Fr.)


September, 2012


Students Clean Up

The Lakeshore High School Environmental Club helped clean up the grounds of Sacred Heart Church of Lacombe on September 8,2012.


Sarah Goodgion and Natalie Faciane make a difference as they help clean up Sacred Heart Church of Lacombe.

Adam Rowe, LHS Teacher of the Year and Environmental Club sponsor, helps Sarah Goodgion rake and pick up sticks.

Taylor Fournier rakes leaves at the clean-up at Scared Heart Church of Lacombe.

Chris Hughes, Natalie Faciane, Kathryn Mallory, David Giraud, India Turner, Sarah Goodgion and Taylor Fournier work together to clean up Scared Heart Church of Lacombe.

David Giraud and Chris Hughes carry logs to help re-establish normalcy to the citizens of Lacombe.


Historical Personalities

Ryan Jones dressed as Ben Franklin for the Dead Patriots Party in Mr. Rowe's APUSH (AP United States History) class. Ryan Jones made his very own "Ben Franklin" glasses.

Kevin Reiners dressed as John Paul Jones shows his knowledge of how his historical figure used limes to prevent scurvy.

Mr. Rowe's APUSH class held a Dead Patriots Party requiring the students to dress up as and pretend to be a dead patriot for the whole hour.


State Literary Rally

Kayla Palmer, right, and Salvador (Johnny) Papa, left, receive certificates and medals for their success at the State Literary Rally from Lakeshore High Assistant Principal Jeanne Wagner. Kayla placed 2nd at District and 1st all around at the State level in journalism. Johnny Papa placed 1st in District and 2nd in State for civics.


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