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April, 2013


Relay Recess Held

We recently held an American Cancer Society "Relay Recess" event to help raise funds for the ACS Relay for Life program. Participants included Slidell Mayor Freddie Drennan and Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse, III.

For more information, click here.


Relay Recess Planned

Honey Island Elementary is proud to announce a very active American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" Team this year. Over the years, our team has raised not only several thousands of dollars, but great awareness to this cause!

This year, our team is sponsoring a “Relay Recess” for our students on April 19. The “Relay Recess” replicates a Relay for Life event on our campus. We will have a Survivors’ Breakfast for members of our HIE Community from 7:50 am to 8:20 am. The “Opening Ceremony” will be broadcasted live from the WHIE Studio beginning at 8:20 am.

We are inviting local dignitaries to be a part of the Opening Ceremony. After the opening, Survivors will make the first lap on our walking track and then local dignitaries will make the second lap. Our students will then follow, walking and participating in booth activities sponsored by local businesses. For more information, visit

March, 2013


Reflection Award Winners

Reflection Award Winners for 2013 are, from left to right (top row)
Shelby Hickman, Peta Jolly, Elaina Melerine, and Sydney Hickman, (bottom row)
Mark Cohn, Zachary Wilkinson, Davyn Cheramie


Spider Web Greetings

Honey Island Elementary School begins each day with a morning meeting which helps build good character and classroom citizenship. Mrs. Angie McGee's third grade students are using a spider web greetings to begin their day.


Jump Rope for Hearts

Honey Island Elementary coach, Wes Leake, is shown on the morning broadcast promoting Jump Rope for Hearts. Online donations of $25.00 entitled a student to choose a prize from the prize box after the broadcast. Honey Island has raised over $13,500 and the amount continues to rise.


February, 2013


Book Fair

Honey Island Elementary's Library is hosting a Book Fair until February 27th. Sarah Sauvage and Stevie Kieff are dressed as mad scientists which reflect the Book Fair theme,"Reading Gives You Super Powers."



Black History Month

During morning announcements at Honey Island Elementary, third grade students from Mrs. Bridges' class presented to the school handmade puppets and a lesson about a famous Black American to celebrate Black History month.



January, 2013


Saying the Pledge

Mrs. Mary Jane Smith and Mrs. Beverly Mayer along with the third grade class of Mrs. Connie Claybrook and second grade class of Mrs. Leslie Cheramie are saying the pledge during morning announcements at Honey Island Elementary.



Community Art Groups

Students in Mrs. McGee's third grade class are learning about communities through cooperative groups that intergrate the arts. (Alexis Jones, Kamryn Thonn, and Sarah Savauge)

Logan Kieff, Jacob Cook, and Andrew Martin.




Safety Poster Winners

Front Row from left to right: Elian Mandragon, Cheyanne Schutte, Jordan Brooks, Riley Gunn, Meghan Martin, Hunter Morales, Shelby Hickman, Elssy Owens, and Layla Buhler. Back Row from left to right: Ryan Bennett, Julian Snyder, Sydney Hickman, Emory Ycaza, Jaylin Williams, Zoe Zeilman, Taylor Vignes, Emily Thomas, Emma Dunnegan, Emily Buckner, and Morgan Senat .


AR Goals Party

   Honey Island Elementary second and third grade students enjoying a groovy dance party to celebrate meeting their AR Goals.

Devin Middleton - 3rd grader - Mrs. Laurie Burleigh's Class

Jason Willis - 3rd grader- Mrs. Felicia Bridges's Class

Carsen Roy and Shelby Lee - 2nd graders - Mrs. Brittany Douglas's Class

December, 2012


Reflections Winners

The PTA Reflections Contest winners at Honey Island Elementary are pictured below.

Second Grade Winners

From left to right are (1st row sitting) Lincoln Jolly, Alexis Strate, Piper Hall, Davyn Cheramie, Zachary Wilkinson, and Jacob Bonson. ( 2nd row standing) Samantha Cohn, Mark Cohn, Kennedy Ordoyne, Robert Kahrs, Anna Grace Stenstrom, Christina Jackson, and Elaina Melerine.

Third Grade Winners

3rd grade Winners (from left to right to right) are ( 1st row sitting) Liam Wells, McKenzie Doody, Amelia Doll, and Hannah Joseph. ( 2nd row standing) Louis Cohn, Gabrielle Alee-Pope, Riley Schmidt, Peta Jolly, and Hailey Dangerfield



Student Wins
Holiday Card Contest

Honey Island Elementary third grade student Jason Willis recently won the Ochsner Holiday Card contest. His card is being used as the official holiday card for Ochsner Northshore this year. Polly Davenport, Ochsner Northshore CEO, second from left, visited the school recently and presented Jason with an ‘oversized card’ along with an actual-size card. Each year Ochsner calls upon area students to design a card for them to send to family and friends. All third grade classes are eligible to participate in the contest, with the design to be featured on the hospital’s special holiday card. A group of patients, visitors and staff choose the winning card, which is five inches by seven inches and will be on display in the Hospital. Also pictured are Gina Troyer, assistant principal, at left, and Mary Jane Smith, principal, at right.


In-House Art Field Trip

Honey Island Elementary third grade students from Mrs. Majoue's class are enjoying their in-house art field trip. The students made a lovely ceramic piece that was fired.


Being Creative

Mrs. Brittany Douglas' students at Honey Island Elementary are enjoying being creative during Mrs. Laura Bartnicki's Art Class.


Native American History

Honey Island Elementary second graders from Mrs. Cheramie's and Mrs. Walsh's classes learned about Native American history and traditions. Cornhusk doll, vests, necklaces, and making food were activities completed throughout the week.


October, 2012


School Health Award

Honey Island Elementary School in Slidell won a Louisiana School Health Award at a ceremony held Wednesday, October 24, in Baton Rouge. The School Health Awards (SHA) are given by the State Department of Education to recognize three schools in the state showcasing activities that encourage students to develop lifelong healthful eating and physical activity habits. The program is part of an ongoing effort to address childhood obesity in the nation.

From left to right are Cyndi Hoover, Cafeteria Manager at Honey Island Elementary; Principal Mary Jane Smith; Wes Leake and Bunny Agar, Physical Education Teachers at Honey Island; and Cheryl Arabie, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction for St. Tammany Parish Public Schools.

The actual presentation of the award.

For more information, click here.


Pumpkin Seed Place

    Mrs. Ellier's second grade class from Honey Island Elementary
used pumpkin seeds for a  place value activity.

Brianna Smith, Clayton Hazel, Reagan Bolin, and Duke Foster

Kasidy Oddo, Caden Robin, Trey Wall, Brently Marino, and Jai Parmar

Front row, Brooklyn Atkinson and Callie White. Back row, Aydan Gill, Connor Johnson, Hunter Yates, and Gia Melendez

Mallory Tournier, Landen West, Shane Baker, Anastasia Mendoza, and Dante Armstrong


AR Celebration

These pictures are from the accelerated reader (AR) celebration at Honey Island Elementary on Friday October 19, 2012. The students who met their goal enjoyed pretzels, kool aid, and an extra recess in their groovy clothes.

Left to right:Sidney Hickman, McKenzie Doody, Riley Schmidt, Mariah Shannon, and Amelia Doll

Brennan Barnes and Jack Buchanan

Left to right: Avery Griggs, Christy Murphy, and Amy Jobert


The group shot includes (Top row) Thomas Baker, Jacob Bonson, Kaleb Lacoste, Ta'Shyra Magee, and Zachary Wilkinson; (Bottom row) Meghan Martin, Aiden Barcia, and Bennett Kastner.



Family Reading Night

Pictures that were taken at Family Reading Night at Honey Island Elementary

Claire Bienvenu and Julia Spiess

Carsen and Lisa Dohm

Danielle Kastner and Bennett Kastner

Jennifer Hebert and Alyssa Hebert

Ramona Carlin, Alexis Babin and Jennifer Babin

Maria Mounsey and Joshua Mounsey



Volunteer Luncheon

The Honey Island Elementary PTA Volunteer Luncheon for 2012-2013 school year was held recently. From left to right are Principal Mary Jane Smith, Vice President Angie Jones, Treasurer Shaleen Lee, President Christy Murphy, VP- Membership Judi Buckner, Sceretary Jennifer Bouzigard, and Assistant Principal Gina Ward Troyer.


Grandparents Breakfast

Layla and Sonny Buhler

Starr Haaga, Lauren Speed, and Gary Haaga


Lava Lamps

Alaina Appe and Timothy Holley are third grade students in Mrs. Carter's class at Honey Island Elementary. They are learning how to make a lava lamp.

Mrs. Carter's third grade students at Honey Island Elementary are enjoying making their lava lamps. Pictured are Kate Rodriguez, Ekeriyah Harris, and Zoe Breakall.




Grandparents Breakfast

Honey Island Elementary was proud to invite the student's grandparents for breakfast. The event took three mornings during the week of September 24-28.

Sarah Drennan and her grandfather Mayor Freddie Drennan.

Beau Casselberry and his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Troyer (vice-principal of Honey Island)

Alana Bruza and her grandfather Mr. George Bruza.

September, 2012


Art Time

Honey Island Elementary third grade students in Mrs. McGee's class are enjoying some art time together. Pictured are Aalyaih Duchman, Alissa Clark, and Preston Ohler.


AR Kick-off Fun

Honey Island Elementary students are having fun during the AR kick-off celebration. Pictured are Logan Kieff, Preston Ohler, and Avery Griggs

Studying the Body

Honey Island Elementary third grade students in Mrs. McGee's class are studying the human body. Pictured are Joel Martin and Preston Ohler

Safety First

Honey Island Elementary third grade students in Mrs. McGee's science class are learning safety first. Pictured are Dustin Zimmerle and Jason Willis


Literacy Stations

The students in Ms. Godchaux's third grade class at Honey Island Elementary school are enjoying time in their Literacy Stations.

Gerald Little and Gary Foy

May Yuratich and Gabby Keeffee

Groovy Shirts

Honey Island Elementary's second grade teachers are showing their school spirit by wearing their Groovy Shirts. Honey Island Elementary's school theme is "Peace, Love, & Reading."  Shown is Mrs. Mary Walsh, Mrs. Crystal Elliers, Mrs Leslie Cheramie, and Mrs. Janelle Blei.

AR Kickoff Rally

Honey Island Elementary celebrated their Accelerated Reader Kickoff Rally on August 10, 2012. The theme for this year is "Peace, Love, & Reading." Mrs. Leslie Cheramie's class display their school spirit during the rally.



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