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July, 2012


Principal Honored at State Recognition Program

Nearly 300 educators were honored during the sixth annual Cecil J. Picard Educator Excellence Symposium and Celebration in Baton Rouge on July 20. Among them was Principal Mary Jane Smith of Honey Island Elementary School, who was chosen as Regional Principal of the Year in the Elementary School Division.




May, 2012


Students Named Finalists
for 2012 Superintendent Award

When a student who had hurt her back while playing returned to Honey Island Elementary, her fellow classmates came to the rescue and helped her in a wide variety of ways during her recovery. For their kindness and thoughtfulness, they won finalist honors in the 2012 Superintendent’s Award for Outstanding Character and Citizenship.

The award was presented at the May 17 School Board meeting to several students representing the group, along with Principal Mary Jane Smith and Second Grade Teacher Rebecca Pittman. Hailey Dangerfield, the recipient of the acts of kindness, was also introduced to the Board.

“These students started out by helping just one person, one of their classmates, but they ended up changing the environment of their whole school,” said Superintendent W. L. “Trey” Folse, III as he announced the honor. “They took turns carrying her books, opened doors, escorted through the hallways, even gave up their recess and P. E. time to keep her company when she wasn’t able to go outside.”

Superintendent Folse said the experience taught the children the importance of caring, giving and sharing.

On the front row, from left to right, are Kayla Gremillion, Barbara-Michelle Noel, Brianna Nick, Robert Gremillion III, Sara Gremillion, Hailey Dangerfield, and Dennis Price III. On the back row, from left to right are Principal Mary Jane Smith; Assistant Principal Gina Ward; and Rebecca Pitman, 2nd grade teacher.

As part of the school’s “Fish Philosophy,” a special bulletin board was created for Haley to post “thank you notes” to her fellow students.

Go Glow Grow

Cindi Hoover presenting Go Glow Grow program to Mrs. Petry's class. The students learned about food groups and some unusual foods from each group. Smoothies were enjoyed by all after the presentation.

A third grade student (Bailey Rollins) from Honey Island Elementary reached are 1000 AR points. The school celebrated her achievement during the televised morning announcements.

The third grade students of Mrs. McGee's class at Honey Island Elementary celebrate Bailey Rollins achievement of reaching 1000 AR points. Top: Mrs. Tanya Culpepper, Bailey Rollins, and Mrs. Angela McGee. Bottom row: Mattie Leland, Blake Parker, Jenny Harvey, Jonathan Wallace, and Caroline Ybos



CHAMPS Blackout

The students at Honey Island are enjoying an indoor picnic. The school received a CHAMPS Blackout for following the schoolwide CHAMPS expectations.

April, 2012

i-LEAP Testing

Honey Island Elementary students prepared for the 2011 i-LEAP test by participating in their annual pep rally lead by Mrs. Kelle Falterman (Guidance Counselor). Mrs. Falterman demonstrated helpful testing tips by showing a powerpoint that the students enjoyed.

March, 2012


Sequencing Lesson

Mrs. Regina Saunier is teaching Mrs. Pitman's second grade student's a lesson on sequencing using the story There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Clover. Mrs. Saunier is a third grade teacher at Honey Island Elementary studying to be a librarian.

Top Support Person

Honey Island Elementary principal, Mrs. Mary Jane Smith is shown here with Mrs. Angela Williams. Mrs. Williams was chosen by her peers as Support Person for the 2011-2012 school year.

700 AR Points

Bailey Rollins proudly stands with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rollins, as she accepts her award. Bailey, a third grade student at Honey Island Elementary, has read 700 points in AR books. Bailey has broken the record at Honey Island and she has set her goal for 1000 points.


February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy

AR Reward Winner

Honey Island Elementary principal Mary Jane Smith, Vice-Principal Gina Ward and third grader Bailey Rollins are enjoying a lunch from Italian Pie. Bailey earned this reward by reading 600 AR point so far the year.


January, 2012


Fish Philosophy

Honey Island Elementary focuses on developing positive behaviors by using “The FISH Philosophy.” To reinforce this school-wide expectation, the school celebrated FISH WEEK by guessing how many goldfish were in the large jar. Students were given hints each morning during morning announcements. Mrs. Pitman’s second grade class proudly shows off their jar of goldfish that they won by guessing the correct answer.


Handmade Necklaces

Mrs. Randall’s second grade class at Honey Island Elementary proudly displays the necklaces that they made for the 100 day of school.


PTA Awards Winners

Honey Island Elementary third grade students proudly display the trophy that they won for the Reflections contest. This is a PTA sponsored program for the arts. (visual arts, musical composition, photography, literature, and dance. 1st row: Hy Nguyen, Sydney Silva, Vanessa Morgan, Matthew Bald, Ali Rohiem, Ramie Gunn, Cameryn Williams, and Archer Coates. 2nd row: Joshua Hou, Aidan Grose, Jenny Harvey, Peyton Chiasson, Mary Beth Baker, Laci Bridges, Sophie Santana, and Gabriela Santana. 3rd row: Campbell Smith, Molly Grubbs, Emily Gabbett, Molly Fee, and Celeste Andrews.

Reflections Trophy

Honey Island Elementary second grade students proudly display the trophy that they won for the Reflections contest. This is a PTA sponsored program for the arts.(visual arts, musical composition, photography, literature, and dance. 1st row: Gabrielle Allee-pope, Lewis Cohn, Jacob Cook, Hailey Dangerfield, Emma Junot, and Peta Jolly. 2nd row: Karina Ross, Lauren Speed, Meleah Hoff, Alexander Rose, Samuel Clark, and Mackenzie Doody.

Holiday Concert

Honey Island Elementary’s Singing Bees and their music teacher Mrs. Brandi Henderson perform a wonderful holiday concert for the school.


Principal of the Year

Honey Island Elementary students showed their pride by having a special day set aside for their principal. Mrs. Mary Jane Smith was chosen Principal of the Year. Mrs. Ward is seen here proudly giving Mrs. Smith a plaque and her crown. A bench was placed in the school also to honor this special award.

Library Helpers

Honey Island Elementary librarian, Melinda Pichon, celebrated with her library assistants by giving them a pizza party before the Christmas break. Third grade students Ian West, Cameron Cummings, Jenny Harvey, Ali Rohiem, and Kristina Corcoran come to the library faithful every morning to deliver library carts to the classrooms, turn on computers, and run errands.

Peanut Relay

Honey Island Elementary students from Mrs. Carter’s and Mrs. Bateman’s classes are competing in a peanut relay during the AR Celebration.


Scooter Relay

Honey Island Elementary students from Mrs. Carter’s and Mrs. Bateman’s classes cheer on their classmates during a scooter relay during the AR Celebration.



Honey Island Elementary students from Mrs. Carter’s and Mrs. Bateman’s classes are enjoying a snack break during their AR Celebration.


November, 2011

Veterans Honored

Honey Island Elementary students honored our veterans by hosting a special program and lunch. Third grade student, Hannah Ryder prouding shares a meal with her father, Colonel Todd Ryder.

Storybook Character Parade

Honey Island Elementary 2nd grade teacher Mr. Ray Bott is dressed as the conductor on the “Polar Express”. Our Storybook Character Parade is held to focus on the love of reading which is part of the school’s improvement plan.

Mrs. Randall’s second grade class at Honey Island Elementary is enjoying dressing up and parading during the Storybook Character Parade.

Honey Island’s Elementary had their annual Storybook Character Parade which focuses on the love of reading and encourages parents and community to be involved with their local school. Principal, Mrs. Mary Jane Smith, and Vice-Principal, Ms. Gina Ward along with the announcement team of Mrs. Varnado and Mrs. Wilcox’s classes shared the day’s events with the school. Ms. Ward read the book “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Food Collections

Honey Island Elementary students collect food which was sent to Mt. Olive Church in Slidell for their Feeding Ministry. Fred Wiggins, Mt. Olive volunteer, along with Riley Schmidt, Alex Wang, Brennan Blackledge and Jason Willis help load the truck with the donations. These students are from Mrs. Harrington’s and Mrs. Bode’s second grade classes.


Jump Rope For Heart

The students of Honey Island Elementary jumped rope for the American Heart Association and came in third for Louisiana Schools. Proudly accepting the award are coaches Wes Leake, Bunny Agar, Joshua Page, and principal Mary Jane Smith.




September, 2011



Fuel Up to Play 60
Healthy Snack and Pep Rally

Students enjoy healthy snacks and a Pep Rally to celebrate
"Fuel Up To Play 60."



College Colors Day

Show your college colors day was quite a success with students.


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