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2011- 2012


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April, 2013



Gold Medal Winners

The Louisiana State Elementary Fitness Meet took place Saturday, April 27, in Baton Rouge, bringing together contestants from parishes around the state. The St. Tammany Parish Public School System sent six students, "Team St. Tammany," to the event and placed sixth overall in the competition. Sierra Ballard (left) of Lake Harbor Middle School won a gold medal in pull-ups and Ivy Mendheim (right) from Folsom Elementary won a gold medal in sit and reach. Congratulations girls!!



Honor Roll Students

Banner Roll
Corryn Faciane, Rose Janke, Justin Basse, Pierson Vittitoe

5th Grade “A” Honor Roll
Bottom Row: Kyren Whittington, Cole Smith, Cohen Early, and Brionne Brumfield
Top Row: Reese Edwards, Rush Johnson, Madison Bell, Emily Walls

5th Grade “B” Honor Roll
First Row: Belqui Quigley, Emily Alcantara, Jessica Miller, Blake Lott, Jacob Shoutlz, Trent Rainey, Brennan Ball, and Alysa Warren
Second Row: Katherine Macera, Jacob Baudean, Ashlynn Amador, Colleen Mathies, Brianna Sandoval, Larissa Peters, Kyle Simmons, Bailie Danos
Third Row: Deborah Divinity, Jared Brown, Ben Hicks, Reggie Gause, Dorian Weber, Jordan Johnson, Isiah Phillips, Matthew Bourgeois, Maryann Leblanc
Top Row: Endya Lodge, Christopher Allen, Ethan Oggs, Trevor Rainey, Evan Wiener, Brett Baham, Carson Cothran, Carson Lanclos
Missing: Mariana Sayles and Slayton McDow

4th Grade “A” Honor Roll
Bottom Row: Halie Root, Blake Simmons, Ethan Landry
Middle Row: Ivy Mendheim, Erin Stafford, Ethan Cancienne, Sydney Ragas,
Evan Wille, Bryce Bailey
Top Row: Jacob Wondergem, Daniel Melton, Gage Kish, Mark Pennison,
Allyson Goings, Felicia Baas
Missing: Brent Warwick

4th Grade “B” Honor Roll

Bottom Row: Dakota Corkern, Morgan Greer, Anthony Saragusa, Drew Achary, Grason Thomas
Second Row: Aidan Zuniga, Hailey Newman, Katelyn Foor, Myah Kinler, Jazmin Fifield, Miles Pond, Malik McDowell, Gabriel Maique
Top Row: Levi Frank, Avery Verret, Wyatt Rainey, Bryce Diaz-Lynch, Sam Griffin, Marlaux Verret, Nicholas Stevens
Missing: Ben Manton



March, 2013


Teaching Gardens

Teacher and 4H Sponsor, John Wondergem shows Kindergarten students the plants that will be going into Folsom Elementary’s “Pizza Garden.”   The American Heart Association provided a grant for the installation of several Teaching Gardens.  The gardens are being sponsored by Poolcorp.

Folsom Elementary School 2nd grade teacher, Margaret Waterson demonstrates to 1st and 2nd graders the proper way to plant a plant in the garden.  The students will have an opportunity to plant and take care of several “Teaching Gardens” thanks to a grant from the American Heart Association.

Folsom Elementary School 2nd grade teacher, Margaret Waterson demonstrates proper planting procedure to her 2nd grade students.  The students at Folsom Elementary will have an opportunity to plant and take care of several “Teaching Gardens” thanks to a grant from the American Heart Association.


Positive Behavior
Bingo Celebration 

Third Nine Weeks Tiger Pride event for positive behavior:

Bingo!  Folsom Elementary School students recently enjoyed a round of  bingo.  Students earned participation in the Tiger Pride Event by maintaining positive behavior during the third nine week period.

Fifth Grader, Endya Lodge helps out Kindergartener Kortez Lenoir during a round of bingo.  Students earned participation in the Tiger Pride Event by maintaining positive behavior during the third nine week period.

Fifth Grader, Zoe Casnave helps out Kindergartener Zeth Curnett during a round of Bingo. Students earned participation in the Tiger Pride Event by maintaining positive behavior during the third nine week period.

Fifth Grader, Gage Bigner helps out Kindergartener Logan Wilson during a round of Bingo.  Students earned participation in the Tiger Pride Event by maintaining positive behavior during the third nine week period.


Students of the Month

March Students of the Month

Sitting from left to right are Andrew Mariakis, Ana Feltes, Khamari Lenoir, DaNyria Garrett, Max Vincent, and Casey Kolb. Kneeling from left to right are Katie Goings, Bryce Toups, Devin Garrett, Amyarion Wise, Savannah Lane, and Chloe Shoultz. On the Third Row are Rebekah Nave-McIntyre, Remington Populis, Christian Scott, Gabrielle Core, Nicole Bardy, Tylor Senac, and Ivy Mendheim. On the Back Row are John Addison, Rosi Sandoval, Malik McDowell, Cedric Laird, Bailie Danos, Lyric James, Jazmin Fifield, and Ethan Oggs. Not pictured is Gracie Hall.




Black History Month

At the Black History Month performance last month, the students who took part included, left to right - Bottom Row: Jasmine Collins, Cheyenne Taylor, Leah Whittington. Top Row: Mikaila Garrett-Collins, Antonia Divinity, Amaya Bickham, Endya Lodge, and Or'anna Williams. These young ladies performed a dance at Folsom Elementary's recent Black History Program. The girls learned the dance at Midway Church of Christ and were asked to perform it for their classmates at Folsom Elementary.

Marvelous Monday

Left to right, Laura Ragas watches on as her daughter, Sydney Ragas, and classmate Rose Janke work on an activity at Marvelous Monday. Marvelous Monday is an event to prepare Fourth grade Folsom Elementary students for the upcoming LEAP test.


The Learning Tree

Folsom Elementary students "climb the learning tree" as they sing along to a performance by author Johnette Downing. Ms. Downing "sang" several of her books to an excited crowd at Literacy Night.



February Students of the Month

Front Row (sitting): Claire Nettles, Emma Booth, Caitlyn Buie, Joleigh Pond, Dalton Darsam, and Olivia Couch. Second Row : Lila Derks, Stephanie Jimenez, Taylor Schmolke, Krissy Manton, and Kaitlin Toomer. Third Row : LaJohn Magee, Emily Carnal, Alydia Graves, Gerard Burris, Bllake Simmons, and Sheila Harter. Fourth Row : Dalton Safar, Jacob Graves, Hailey Newman, Ben Waag, and Heavenly Bell. Back Row : Gage Bigner, Belqui Quigley, Maryann Leblanc, Larissa Peters, and Emily Alcantara. Absent : Rosie Catoire.



February, 2013



Mardi Gras Parade

Brothers Kortez (left) and Khamari (right) show off their parade throws caught at Folsom Elementary's Mardi Gras parade.

Alyssa Turner, Caylee Campbell, Logan Wilson, and Hayden Allen (left to right)  enjoy the Folsom Elementary Mardi Gras parade.


Bird Feeder

Abigail Keating demonstrates the bird feeder that she has made in Mrs. Ollie's first grade class at Folsom Elementary.

Jillian Prevost creates a bird feeder in Mrs. Ollie's first grade class at Folsom Elementary.  Mrs. Ollie is in the background assisting another student.


AR Goals

From left to right:  Lauren King, Natalie Manders, Ethan Saragusa, Bailie Danos, and Belqui Quigley celebrate reaching their Accelerated Reader Goal for the 2nd nine weeks.  Students that reached their Accelerated Reader goals were invited to the Library to celebrate and enjoy some pizza.

From left to right:  Citlalli Gayton and Larissa Peters recently celebrated reaching their Accelerated Reader Goal.


Student of the Month

Folsom Elementary Principal Lesa Bodnar congratulates T.J. Barrios on earning Student of the Month.


Students of the Month
for January

Front Row: Shania Brown, Chloe Willie, Talisha Moore, Shelby James, and Lance Badeaux.
Second Row: Lane Glass, Michael Breland, Riley Kidder, Jada Fifield, and Jaden Bell.
Third Row: Lance Caminita, Dru Wise, Zachary Gennusa, Brock Early, Marisa Madere, T.J. Barrios, and Hailey Upham. Back Row: Cymiria Hughes, Mia Foor, Cole Wheeler, Blake Lott, Cohen Early, Carson Lanclos, Amy Duffourc, Allyson Goings, Josh Pitre, Raven Badeaux, and Brieana Haney.


December, 2012


Christmas Tree Decorating

Folsom Jr. High Student, Scott Quigley, helps Folsom Elementary first grader, Michael Breland, decorate his Christmas tree.

Annual Cake Walk

Third graders enjoyed participating in the “Annual Cake Walk.” They earned participation through positive behavior.


Christmas Songfest

Mrs. Brooke Hirstius’s Kindergarten students sang Christmas carols in the cafeteria and wished all “Seasons Greetings.” Sitting (left to right) – Brooklyn Thiel, Mason Williams, Omar Solis, Jon’Ashley Wells, Melody Thiel, Zachary Ford, Joleigh Pond, Trevor Johnson, and Gracie Hall. Standing (left to right) – Violet Duet, Gabriel Lee, Jasmine Hannan, Max Vincent, Jada Fifield, Brian Mingo, and Cameryn Barron.


Sampling Kale

Mrs. Waterson’s Second Grade class enjoyed sampling Kale grown in their very own class  garden. The students were able to explain every step it took to get the Kale from garden to plate.

Geometry Tree

First grader, Hailie Buechling, proudly displays the ornaments she created for her “Geometree.”

Making Holiday Treats

Ms. Warner’s First grade class enjoyed a lesson on making holiday treats….what they didn’t realize was that they were learning measurement and sequencing.


Video Van Visit

Margo Davis, Victoria Mathies, and Makayla Dillon had a great time dancing along on their trip to the Video Van. They earned this through top sales in a recent fundraiser.


Fairy Tales Reading

Folsom Jr. High's 8th grade English class recently visited Folsom Elementary School to read to the students as part of a unit on fairy tales and characterization.  One of the classes that the students read to was Mrs. Ollie's class.  Pictured seated: Michael Brelad, Lila Derks, and Jillian Prevost; middle row: Abigail Keating, Emma Wheeler, Ava Fussell, Sylvanta Bell, Savannah Huval, Devin Garrett, and Christopher Lally;  back row: Brett Adams, Zach Mendheim, Scott Quigley, and Mrs. Ollie.



Student of the Year

Principal Lesa Bodnar congratulates Madison Bell, Folsom Elementary's Student of the Year.



Students of the Month

November Students of the Month
Front Row: Rylie Wagner, Jon Ashley Wells, Keinandre Tyson, and Michaela Sumling. Second Row: Alyssa Turner, Ronan Schaeffer, Savannah Huval, Juliana Romano, Matthew Pond, Ethan Andersen, and Arianna Wimmer. Third Row: Ariel Hunter, Jacob Whitaker, Elizabeth Longino, Tony Walker, Myles Williams, Rose Janke, Sara Whitaker, Alyssa Warren, Victoria Baham, and Cullen Breaux. Top Row: Isabell Pierre, Avery Verret, Brent Warwick, Trent Rainey, Jacob Baudean, Cebreah Bankston, and Torin Bell


November, 2012


Social Studies Showcase

Folsom Elementary student Blake Lott proudly displays the kayak he made for the 5 th Grade Social Studies Showcase. Blake explained that kayaks were used by the Inuit for hunting because they were so silent.

Folsom Elementary student Deborah Divinity displays the impressive moccasin that she made for the 5 th Grade Social Studies Showcase.


Fall Festival

Parent volunteers Scott Goings (left) and Kelsey Cheramie (center) served up refreshments during Folsom Elementary’s Fall Festival.

Frank St. Phillip, Michelle St. Phillip, and Frankie Francois enjoyed snow-balls, face painting, and the beautiful weather at Folsom Elementary’s Fall Festival.

At Folsom Elementary’s Fall Festival Fire Fighter Paul Mieding looks on as 5 th grade student, Dorian Weber learns how to use a fire hose.




Paws of Kindness  

Mrs. Waskom's second grade class shares a moment with "Paws" the Tiger.  They helped earn stripes for his tail by commiting kind sharing acts.  Kneeling: Chance Farris and Akiriana Treadwell. First Row: Nicholas Caminita, Margarita Quigley, Katie Mahl, Micaiah Lee, and Lance Caminita. Second Row: Krissy Manton, Emmanuel Haynes, Margo Davis, Eric Wiener, Nicole Bardy, and Cross Cannizzaro. Last Row: Bryson Husser, Paws, and Leah Whittington


Veterans Day

Kindergarteners Max Vincent, Camryn Barron, and Joleigh Pond proudly display the flags they made to honor the Veterans that participated in the Folsom Elementary Veteran's Day Program.

Folsom Elementary students participate in the Veteran's Day Program.

Covington American Legion Post 16 Commander Stacy Miller addresses Folsom Elementary's students at the Veteran's Day Program. 

October, 2012



Fire Safety Visit


Fire Fighters Giarrusso & Meading and Fire Chief David Pittman visited Folsom Elementary to teach students fire safety.   In the picture:  Adults left to right - Fire Fighter Giarrusso, Fire Chief Pittman, 1st Grade Teacher Ms. Ollie, and Fire Fighter Meading.  Students left to right:  Sylvanta Bell, Michael Breland, Lila Derks, Devin Garrett, Ava Fu

Fire Chief David Pittman (left) and Fire Fighter Lucas Reyes demonstrate to Mr. Bott's 2nd Grade class how infrared equipment works.

Fire Fighter Mike Giarrusso shows Ms. Ollie's first grade class the tools that fire fighters use.


ssell, Savannah Huval, Abigail Keating, Christopher Lally, Jillian Prevost



Accelerated Readers

Students celebrated having reached their Acclerated Reader Goals for the 1st Nine Weeks. Students were required to meet a certain number of points and a percent correct goal to earn the celebration......and the title of "Nacho Average Reader." :)

"Nacho Average Readers"....(from left to right)....Cole Holden, Ethan Saragousa, Max King, Caden Estes, and Jesse Willie

"Nacho Average Readers"....(from left to right)....Jacob Bush and Nathan Andersen

"Nacho Average Readers"....(from left to right)....Marlaux Verrett, Allyson Goings, Sydney Ragas, Corryn Faciane and Jasmine Fifield


Students of the Month

Bottom Row: Lillian Pitre, Bryton Sharp, Caylee Campbell, Sylvanta Bell, Jaliyah Evans
Second Row: Paige Sicard, Bryanne Mariakis, Jason Sciortino, Gabriel Ball, Arthur Bell
Third Row: Marqual Mobley, Hayden Newman, Jessica Miller, Brayden Trapani, Nate Andersen, Margarita Quigley, Ashley Meibaum, Corryn Faciane, Grayson Pennison, Skylor Senac
Top Row: Erin Stafford, Brianna Sandoval, Aleah Ardoin, Brennan Ball, Pierson Vittitoe, Trevor Rainey
Not pictured: Blayden Lally and Caden Estes


1st Nine Week Honor Roll

We are so proud of their hard work!

Banner Roll:
Left to right: Daniel Melton, Erin Stafford, Brent Warwick, Sydney Ragas, Cole Smith, Rose Janke, Corryn Faciane, Pierson Vittitoe, Blake Simmons, and Madison Bell.
Not pictured: Brennan Ball

A Honor Roll:
Bottom Row: Endya Lodge, Brionne Brumfield, Reese Edwards, Ethan Cancianne, Bryce Bailey, Ethan Landry, Nicholas Stevens, Justin Basse, and Hailey Root
Middle Row: Emily Walls, Aidan Zuniga, Blake Lott, Cohen Early, Jacob Wondergem, Jazmin Fifield, Jasmine Lumley, Jared Brown
Top Row: Deborah Divinity, Zoei Casnave, Cameron Nettles, Ashlynn Amador, Allyson Goings, Mark Pennison, Ivy Mendheim, Felecia Baas, Christopher Allen
Not pictured: Gabrielle Nave and Cullen Breaux

B Honor Roll:
Bottom Row: Malik McDowell, Hailey Newman, Miles Pond, Avery Verret, Marlaux Verret, Grason Thomas, Dominic Andersen
Second Row: Gabby Parks, Evan Wille, Sam Griffin, Skylor Senac, Katelyn Foor, Mya Kinler, Morgan Greer, Emily Alcantara
Third Row: Carson Cothran, Maryann Leblanc, Alysa Warren, Gabriel Maique, Tony Saragusa, Levi Frank, Harry Braud, Mia Foor
Fourth Row: Isaiah Phillips, Bailey Estes, Alexton Ardoin, Slayton McDow, Dakota Corkern, Kyle Simmons, Belqui Quigley, Carson Lanclos, Colleen Mathies
Top Row: Jordan Johnson, Ethan Oggs, Ben Hicks, Kyren Whittington, Logan Puckett, Evan Wiener, Alanze Alexander, Gage Kish, Brett Baham, Jacob Baudean
Not pictured: Dorian Weber, Reggie Gause, Citlalli Gayton, Jessica Miller, Trent Rainey, and Cedric Laird



Read for the Record

A special guest joined us on October 4 to take part in our "Read for the Record"
program. Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse, III, read the book "Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad," as did millions of elementary school children across the nation on the same day at the same time. He also read the book "Have You Filled A Bucket Today?" and answered questions about a variety of topics.

"Open Sesame" given as a sample of a password.


September, 2012


Students of the Month


September Students of the Month:
Back row from left to right: Isabelle Pitre, Mia Treadway, Fern Dowd, Bryson Matthews, Claire Fussell. Middle Row from left to right: Alexis Feltes, Ava Fussell, Violet Duet, Micaiah Lee, Logan Wilson.
Front Row from left to right: Ae'raeil Watson, Ryleigh Pierre, Olivia Lowe, Mabre Watson.
Not pictured: Dylan Melton


Rockin' Open House

Folsom Elementary "rocked" Open House September 5, 2012!  We wanted to share these awesome pictures with you.

Folsom Elementary Kindergartener, Jasmine Hannan proudly shows her mother, Karen Dubuisson, some awesome journal entries at their recent Open House.

Folsom Elementary Librarian Karen Pearson and volunteer, Sandra Frederick, worked diligently at the annual Scholastic Book Fair.

Folsom Elementary Second Grader, Amaya Bickham and her mother Khalilah Fabre-Bickham were all smiles at Open House.

Folsom Elementary Fifth Grader, Jacob Baudean and his mother Tara recently enjoyed Open House.



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