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May, 2012


Dancing with the Stars

Students in Mrs. Susan Harrell's 4th grade music classes recently had a "Dancing with the Stars" dance off. Students competed as partners to the "Mexican Hat Dance". Winners from Mrs. Talley's homeroom pictured are Lillie Jenkins and Mackenzie Sessum.

Winners from Mrs. Payne's homeroom pictured are Maison Penton and Christian Kinsley.

Winners from Mrs. Peterson's homeroom pictured are Madison Penton and Lexi Slaughter.

Honor Society Inductions

Fifth Ward Junior High held their Junior National Honor Society inductions on Thursday, May 3.  New Members were inducted as well as the new officers. The 2012 -2013 Junior National Honor Society officers pictured are : President - Charity Conlin, Vice-President - Joy Nettles, Secretary - Tiffany Lachute, Treasurer - Shayna Cothern, and Reporter - Corinne Hall. 


April, 2012

Billy Goats Gruff

Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten class at Fifth Ward Junior High recently completed a unit on The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  The students especially enjoyed making an edible diorama of the story and acting out the story.  Shown with their edible dioramas are left to right Colby Alford, Jaiden Tisdale, Chaselynn Hudson, and Olivia Glenn.

Cool Professions

Mrs. Bruce's first grade class at Fifth Ward Junior High gave oral presentations on cool professions. Pictured are Journey Hoover, Kayla Nguyen, Timmy Duffy, Jacob Strahan, Isabella Accardo, Anna Sconza, Gabi Taylor, Skylar Gallavan, Cori Beard, Noah Senac, Emily Brewer, Lexi Herrera, Zaiden Wagner, and Tracey Evan.

Mrs. Hidalgo's first grade class at Fifth Ward Junior High recently completed a unit on "Cool Jobs".  The students learned about different and unique jobs like a zoo dentist, alligator wranglers, and being a team mascot.  At the conclusion of the unit, students gave oral presentations on their "cool job".  Pictured are Dane Hopper, Katelyn Hawkins, Jacob Stillwell, Jack Stephens, Chase Penton, Landra Forbes, Reese Rodrigue, LeeAnn Branch, Landon Strain, Tina Wells, Jasmine Stites, Skyleigh Dufrene, Patrick Caviston, Christian Kimberly, Logan Puissegur, Alyssa Thomas, Trystin Spell, and Dakoata Perrilloux.

Science Fair

The following students from Fifth Ward High School recently participated in the Region IIIV Science Fair at Southeastern Louisiana University. Brandi Mowen, Delani Hopper, Karah Guidry, Courtney Fauntleroy, Abigail Jenkins, Presley Seal, Madison Landrum, Tre Lee, Shane Guidry and Savannah Krista.

Congratulations to Abigail Jenkins, Brandi Mowen, and Presley Seal from Fifth Ward Jr. High for their first and third place finish at the Region IIIV Science Fair.


March, 2012

State Science Fair 1st Place

Two eighth grade students at Fifth Ward Junior High, Abigail Jenkins and Brandi Mowen, recently were awarded 1st place at the state science fair.  They placed in the Animal Science category with their project titled "Egg-stra! Egg-stra! (or not?)".

Livestock Judging 1st Place

The Fifth Ward FFA Chapter competed Thursday, March 26 in the State Career Development Event at LSU. There are almost 200 FFA Chapters and over 150 Livestock Judging Teams that competed this year. Fifth WardFFA Livestock Team is the 2012 State FFA Livestock Judging Champions. The Livestock Judging Team won Top Middle School in the State and 1st Place overall. Team Members include Reese Tassin, Abigail Jenkins, Brandi Mowen, and Delani Hopper.

Students of the Month

Fifth Ward Junior High recently honored their March Students of the Month. Pictured are: Holly Melton, Annlynne Junot-Larson, Emma Dutruch, Landon Frizzell, Colby Alford, Emma Chatelain, Lexi Herrera, Chloe Jenkins, Lee Ann Branch, Luke Giorlando, Ellie Rosser, Austin Shaw, Brennan Wood, Steve Millet, Klye Wrinkles, Katie Nettles, Michayla Cromp, Madison Penton, Troy Derosa, Jordan Tisdale, Ashleigh Chatman, Logan Jenkins, Victor pounds, Madison Landrum, Emma Busby, Joy Nettles, Celina Hoover, Cheyenne Justice, Kasey Corcoran, Destiny Bracey, and Tiffany Alfonso.

Delicious Leprechauns

Mrs. Pamela Murphy's Kindergarten class at Fifth Ward Junior High had a fun time making Luscious Leprechauns to eat recently.  Shown are Britleigh Rivers, Kayl Tassin, Dylan Rabaca and Logan Brumfield.

Dr. Seuss Week

Aimee Cowell's Kindergarten class at Fifth Ward Jr. High recently enjoyed green eggs as part of their Dr. Seuss week activities. Pictured are (left to right) Dominick Jones, Savanah Taylor, Brendan Slaughter and Tapanga Hunt.

Students in Aimee Cowell's Kindergarten class at Fifth Ward Jr. High school recently celebrated Dr. Seuss week. Pictured is Trent Hudson with his 'Cat in the Hat' snack.



Substitute Appreciation

Recently, Fifth Ward Junior High held a luncheon to thank their substitute teachers. Pictured from left to right are Erin Guillot, Bonnie Guillot, Stormi Lepowski, and Cieola Dunn.

Science Rocks

Mrs. Payne's Fourth Grade class at Fifth Ward Junior High thinks science "rocks". Students are investigating the properties of rocks to classify them into groups. Pictured are: Kolby Parker, Troy Derosa, Savannah Hughes, Maison Penton, and Mrs. Sarah Payne.


Jerseys for Jeremy

Fifth Ward Junior High students participate in the "Jerseys for Jeremy" fundraising project to help place Automatic External Defibrillators in schools.

February, 2012

Krewe of Smith

The 2nd and 3rd grade students at Fifth Ward Junior High explored the Mardi Gras timeline and discovered new and interesting information regarding Mardi Gras celebrations. The unit study was highlighted with a Mardi Gras Ball for each class. The "best dressed" were crowned King and Queen, while the "best dancers" were the Maids and Dukes. Pictured for the 2nd grade Krewe of Smith are: King Jacob Hall, Queen Chloe Ober, Maid Brianna Miller, and Duke Kyle Hidalgo.

Krewe of Hamders

2nd grade classes for Fifth Ward Junior High Krewe of Hamders: King Aaron Conlin, Queen Elle Rosser, Maid Randi Eubanks, Maid Brianna Miller, Duke Michael Beamer ,and Duke JohnEric Self.

Krewe of Lee

3rd grade Krewe of Lee for Fifth Ward Junior High: King Kyle Wrinkles, Queen Ashley Temples, Duke William Ryan, and Maid Madison Wake

King Cake Decorate

Recently, students in Mrs. Jennifer Hall's class learned about Louisiana and Mardi Gras. As a conclusion to the unit, students got to bake and decorate their own King Cake. Pictured are Sadie DeSoto and Gabriella Gary decorating their King Cake.


Students of the Month

Fifth Ward Junior High recently honored their February Students of the Month. Pictured are
Nanette Baumert, Zayne Wagner, Shawnee Lawrence, Travian Scott, Graven Seawright, Kade Huval, Gabi Taylor, Levi Cowart, Jack Stephens, Braden Lynch, Trilby Hill, Garrick Ganaway, Kyle Hidalgo, Cetan Soules, Emma Williams, Chase Senac, Jacob Pounds, Gabriella Olsen, Cody Garner, Cayleigh Mosbey, Kimberly Rubio, Meghan Strain, Kevin Wrinkles,
Brittany Lachute, Alex Carter, Brant Grinnell, Emily Hudson, Adriana Thrasher, Reagan Fauntleroy, Destiny Bracey, and Jarrod Thomas.


Honor Choir Concert

Recently, Fifth Ward Junior High chorus students participated in the District 9 Honor Choir concert which was held in Ponchatoula, LA. Pictured above are the junior high honor choir participants: (back row) Presley Seal, Joy Nettles, Alexix Smith, (front row) Tiffany LaChute, and Natalie Rushing.

Pictured above are the elementary honor choir participants: (back row) - Emily Ehret, Madelyn Hughes, Kaylin Gallo, Brianna Buras, (front row) Asia Cotton, and Brittany LaChute.


Crawfish Races

Mrs. Darlene Melton's Pre-K Class at Fifth Ward Junior High held their annual Crayfish Races during February's Lesson on Louisiana. The children celebrated our heritage with various art and history projects even creating their own rendition of Chef Creole!

Hippo Visits

Bippo The Hippo made a surprise visit to the Pre-K and Kindergarten students at Fifth Ward Junior High to teach the importance of taking good care of their teeth and health!

Weather Reporter

In Mrs. Cathy Bruce's first grade class at Fifth Ward Junior High, each student had the opportunity to be the class weather reporter.  Pictured is Emily Brewer showing the high and low temperature for the day.


January, 2012


Students of the Month


Fifth Ward Junior High honored their January Students of the Month. Pictured are: Elijah Strahan, Sara Vrettos, Damien Donnell, Tapanga Hunt, Kaylee Johnson, Ethan Kyle, Miguel Ahumada, Evan Adcox, Alissa Williams, Dakota Perrilloux, Caroline Smith, Alexandra Accardo, Jacob Melton, Kahlan James, Davis Cedotal, McKenzie Mosbey,Savannah Hughes, Madison Thomas, Jordan Wilbratte, Holly Vrettos, Cassidy Nelson, Hope Beaver, Shayna Cothern, Saige Tassin, Laura Guzzardo, Breana Ritchie, Courtney Fauntleroy, Erynne Worley, Presley Seal, and Kaitlyn Boughton.

Honor Choir

Five Fifth Ward Junior High School students from the 5th and 6th grade participated in the District IX Honor Choir event, held at Ponchatoula High School January 21, 2012.

Pictured from left to right are Emily Ehret, Madelyn Hughes, Brittany LaChute, Mrs. Jaclyn Konicek, clinician; Kaylin Gallo, and Asia Cotton. Visiting clinician, Mrs. Konicek teaches in Lafourche Parish Public School System. She is the Choral Director for the Thibodaux schools, which includes, five elementary school choirs, two middle school choirs, and Thibodaux High School choir. She was a member of the Texas All State Choir and was selected to travel throughout Europe singing with 'America's Youth in Concert'. Mrs. Konicek has also recorded television commercials for the Walt Disney World Company.

Bear Facts

Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten class at Fifth Ward Junior High recently learned Facts about Bears. The students were allowed to bring their bear friends to school for a special Teddy Bear Day. The bears and students especially enjoyed a Teddy Bear Picnic. Pictured left to right are Jazmyn Files-Economu, Logan Brumfield, Dylan Rabaca, Britleigh Rivers, Kayl Tassin and Olivia Glenn. Second Row: Chaselynn Hudson, Colby Alford, Jaiden Tisdale, Ethan Kyle, Daniel Hopper, Graven Seawright and Cameron Varnado.


Pictured from left to right are Kayl Tassin, Colby Alford, Olivia Glenn, Dylan Rabaca and Cameron Varnado.


Grand Old Flag

During the PTA meeting in November for Fifth Ward Junior high, students played the bells with the selections of Grand Old Flag and Do Re Mi. On the front row, left to right, are Elijah Lombardo, Reese Rodrigue, Dakota Perrilloux, Landon Strain, Evan Adcox, Lexi Herrera, Christian Kimberly, and Zander Seal. On the back row,left to right, are Levi Cowart, Loralei Nevers, Noah Senac, Casey Crain, and Isabella Accardo.


Winter Extravaganza

Pre-k through 3rd grade students at Fifth Ward Junior High enjoyed participating in many fun activities during the Biggest, Best Winter Extravaganza Ever!  At one station, Holly Melton and Claire Sicard enjoyed turning themselves into one of Santa's Reindeer.

Next stop, The Polar Express!  Students in Mrs. Spansel's Pre-k class enjoyed a train ride.  In the front are Joseph Adelfio, Claire Sicard, and Gracie Barrio. In the back are Nanette Baumert, Julia Jenkins, Joel Heck.

Mini Society

Fifth Ward Junior High students participated in a Mini Society in Mrs. Tina Mosbey's third grade class. Students created their own community by developing products to sell using class made money. They had to use math skills to make change for buying products from classmates. Pictured are Akira Bolds, Christian Doussan, and Lane Rosser.

Students of the Month

Fifth Ward Junior High honored the students of the month recently. Students pictured include Sophia Lombardo, Claire Sicard, Evan, Jordan, Cameron Varnado, Trent Hudson, Elijah Lombardo, Reeso Rodrigue, Dianne Cotton, Peyton Strahan, Alayna Mchate, Aaron Conlin, Trevon Penton, Lane Firman, Brinkley Whitehead, Dana Brewster, Collin Parker, Corbin Ross, Demille Davis, Alyssa Rubio, Payton Miller, Anna Guzzardo, Emily Ehret, Drake Carroll, Avery Collins, Justin Carpenter, Hannah Bader, Abby Mayfield, Jessica Slade, Tyler Crea, and Holly McDaniel.

Winter Studies

Fifth Ward Junior High Pre-K students are learning about winter. Students in Mrs. Cheryl Spancel's class are pictured working in small groups called "tub time". Pictured from right to left are Joseph Adelfio, Nanette Baumert, Gabby Bonnette, and Graci Barrio playing in the "snow".


December, 2011

New Additions

Several new additions to the Fifth Ward Junior High campus are nearly complete.
Work includes a new band room, choral room, cafeteria, art room, and library,
as well as renovations to the junior high wing. Pictured above is the
new building housing the band and choral rooms and cafeteria.

November, 2011

Caps for Kids


On November 18th, students at Fifth Ward Jr. High School participated in the fundraiser "Caps for Kids."   “Caps for Kids” is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing headwear signed by celebrities to children with cancer.   For a $1 donation, students and faculty were able to wear their favorite cap to school.

Bottom row,  kneeling, from right to left are Chase Senac, Brinkley Whitehead, Camryn Ross, and Leeann Slade. 2nd row standing:  Brooklyn Blossman, Katie Nettles,  Cade Brewer, Katie Melton, and Sophie Smith. Back row standing:  Mrs. Yvonne Schwaner, Ashleigh Dillard, Gentry Seal, Justin Nelson, Jacques Pendergast, and Gabe Hughes.

Museum Volunteers

Volunteers from the WWII Museum came to speak to the 6th grade students at Fifth Ward Junior High about the war to enrich their reading experience of the novel, Number the Stars. Pictured on the back row are Al Mipro, Herman "Dutch" Prager, and Blake Hoyt. On the front row are Cody Newgard, Kymmi , Tristan Strahan, Emma Busby, and Pearl Daube.

Field Trip

Fifth Ward Junior High kindergarten students in Mrs. Danita Fauntleroy's class recently went on a field trip to Blue Jack Ridge. Pictured is Denae Davis pumping water for the duck races.

Thanksgiving Shirts

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Danita Fauntleroy's class at Fifth Ward Junior High decorated shirts to wear at their Thanksgiving Day feast. Melia Rivers, Alyssa Perez, Lauren Montalbano decorated their shirts with primitive symbols using fabric markers.

4-H Officer Training

4-H officer training was recently held at Covington High. Pictured are the Fifth Ward Junior High 4-H officers who attended. They are (from left to right) Charity Conlin, Joy Nettles, Corinne Hall, Shayna Cothern, Tiffany Owens, Brianna Williams, and Presley Seal.


Three Rivers Art

Jamie Stipelevich represented Fifth Ward Junior High in the Three Rivers Art Festival in Covington. Jamie received 2nd place among fourth graders with her paper mosaic composition of a cat's head. She is pictured with her art instructor Mr. T.A. Callahan.


October, 2011

Kissing a Pig

Students at Fifth Ward Junior High donated to the United Way fund by voting who they wanted to see kiss a pig. Principal Chris Oufnac "won" by having raised the most money with student donations. During a pep rally, the student population chanted "Kiss the pig" as they watched Mr. O kiss a pig being held by the Ag teacher Mr. Tommy Peters.

Ranch Field Trip

Recently, second grade students at Fifth Ward Junior High attended a field trip to Bluejack Ridge Ranch in Mississippi. Students explored the corn maze, pet farm animals, had inflatable horse races, and played on hay bales. Pictured is Mrs. Jo Ann Smith's 2nd class - top row: Randi Eubanks, Austin Shaw, Doc Cowert, Trevor Penton, Michael Beamer, Bobby Turner, Chloeigh Seawright, Hunter Jones, Jacob Hall, Hailey Baudoin, Cheyenne Ponthieuz, and Caden Doussan. Middle row: Serenity Martin, Katie Bordes, Jacob Melton, Austin Whitehead, John Eric Self, Caleb Beaudette, and Joseph Blohm. Bbottom row: Matthew Hand, Lindsey Thornton, Amber Blohm, Alexandra Accardo, Chloe Ober, Noelle Hudson, Christian Dutsch, and Izabella Thompson.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is October 24-28. Red Ribbon Week promotes drug awareness and prevention. Fifth Ward Junior 4-H members Presley Seal, Shayna Cothern, and Corinne Hall help celebrate Red Ribbon Week by passing out red punch to students at their recess to "Punch" out drugs.

Harvest Time

The students in Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten class at Fifth Ward Junior High recently learned about Harvest time.  The students made a scarecrow and participated in an interactive writing activity.  Shown with the scarecrow is front row Olivia Glenn, Chaselynn Hudson and Jaiden Tisdale.  Back row is Katelyn Wells, Jazmyn Files, Britleigh Rivers and Colby Alford.

Fire Safety Demonstration

After learning about fire safety, the students in Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten class at Fifth Ward Junior High were visited by the Bush Fire Department. Shown below with Fireman Sean Rucker is front row Joey Johnson, Logan Brumfield, Jazmyn Files, Daniel Hopper, Ethan Kyle, Britleigh Rivers and Jaiden Tisdale. Back row is Alyna Heck, Chaselyn Hudson, Cameron Varnado, Kayl Tassin, Colby Alford and Olivia Glenn.

All State Choir

Fifth Ward Junior High School students Presley Seal and Natalie Rushing were selected to participate in the All State Choir at the Louisiana American Choral Directors Vocal Conference held in Baton Rouge, LA, on October 29, 2011. Pictured from left to right is FWJH chorus teacher Mrs. Susan Harrell ,Presley Seal, and Natalie Rushing.

Students of the Month

Fifth Ward Junior High recently honored their Students of the Month for October. Students pictured are: Kylie Gallo, John Steven Giorlando, Sarah Cowell ,Brooklyn Crawford, Daniel Hopper, Brendon Dennis, Cliff Ritchie, Loralai Nevers, Jacob Stillwell, Noah Senac, Kenzie Spencer, Caleb Beaudette, Bobby Turner, Lane Rosser, Evan Ehret, Madison Wake, Katie Melton, Mackenzie Sessum, Maison Penton, Barrett Williams, Abby Blackmon, Joy Conlin, Matthew Weaver, Thomas Bonura, Abbie Vollenweider, Sean Cothern, Lauren McPhate, Christian Thomas, Colt Dutruch, Corinne Hall, Josh Calderone, Serena Jerrell, and Josh Rubio.

Special Olympics

St. Tammany Parish Schools held their annual Special Olympics at Lakeshore High School. Fifth Ward Junior High School students Ashley Temples, Gabriella Gary, Joseph Hathorne, and Richard Turner show off their awards with their teacher Mrs. Jennifer Hall after their day of competition.

Fifth Ward Junior High School students Michael Whitsett and Cole Justice show off their ribbons with their teacher Mrs. Suzanne Schehr at the St. Tammany Parish Schools annual Special Olympics.


St. Tammany Parish schools held their annual Special Olympics at Lakeshore High School. Fifth Ward Junior High students Danielle Smith, Kyle Dennis, Thomas Bonura, and Brooklyn Sykes competed in the 50 yard Dash, Shotput, and the long jump. They are showing off their awards with their teachers Becky Williams and Sue Crawford.

Irish Stew Dance

During the October PTA Meeting, 2nd grade students performed the dance ‘Irish Stew’ for the parents. Pictured clockwise, starting at 12 (in front of music teacher, Susan Harrell): Hunter Jones, Alexandra Accardo, noells Hudson, Isabella Thompson, Veronica Ripp, Chris Fitzmorris, Aaron conlin, Bobby Turner, Ethan Guidry, Garrick Ganaway, Sage Magee, Justice Isdale, Ethan Doyle, Seth Crain, Ellie Rosser, Cheyenne Ponthieux, Caroline Smith, Chloe Ober, and Kyle Hidalgo.


Monster Muffin

Kindergarten students Katelyn Wells, Daniel Hopper and Ethan Kyle had a great time decorating a monster muffin after learning all about monsters and letter Mm at in Pam Murphy's class at Fifth Ward Junior High.

Patterns Studied

Mrs. Hagood’s T-1 Class at Fifth Ward Jr.High has been learning all about patterns-creating, extending a pattern, recording a pattern, determining what comes next in a pattern, and lots more. The students made “pattern snakes” with pattern blocks and then used paper shapes to make a “paper snake” in the same pattern. After that the students created a pattern using candy corn. Wow, math can be so yummy! Pictured  are Trinity Ehlert, Peyton Courville, Cliff Ritchie, Bryce Corse, Cheyenne Olsen, Mrs. Cathy Hagood, Elijah Lombardo, Xander Seal, and Levi Cowart.

Light Energy

In Mrs. Payne’s 4th Grade Class at Fifth Ward Jr. High students are studying light energy and they explored how white light can be separated using a tub of water, a mirror, flashlight, and a single white sheet of paper. The students were able to see that white light is made of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

September, 2011


Sugar Babies

The week of September 19, 2011 the 8 th grade Home Economics students at Fifth Ward Jr. High participated in the “Sugar Babies” project. This project provides students with a lasting and powerful lesson about the responsibilities of parenthood.  Students were asked to bring a 5 lb sack of sugar to class with them, then decorate their “Sugar Babies” to look more like real babies. The parents of each “Sugar Baby” named their babies and filled out birth certificates.  These students were required to carry them to class each day for three school days.

Left to right are Chris Seals, Elijah Moss, Amber Dennis, Caroline Twiggs, Kaitlyn Boughton, Tiffany Alfonso and Abby Mayfield.

Black and Gold Day


Rube Goldburg Device

Fifth Ward Junior High students Lillie Jenkins, Holly Vrettos, and Chase Nevers all participated in the Rube Goldburg Competition in which they had to build a contraption that would put out a candle in four steps. Holly won first place.



Donation Presented to Bush Area Tornado Victims

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