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November, 2013


Students of the Month


These students celebrated being chosen as Student of the Month for November. First Row: Adrianna Hawkins, J'aliyah Patterson, and Jordan Grigsby. Second Row: Tyler Alligood, Nina Sagona, Eric Pineda, Jesse Gille, Camryn Lyons, and Jonathan Lambert. Third Row: Brittany Williamson, Tyler Byrd, Jasine Ambron, Julia Barbin, Cynthia Frazier, Madisyn Ehrlich, Serenity Burge, and Dylan Stravinsky. Fourth Row: Carolyne Ouder, Taydan Stravinsky, Kayla Kennedy, Jamie Serpas, Anna Lee, Clotteal Boudreaux, and Christopher Davis. Back Row: Kayla Nunez, Jose' Rodriguez; Ethan Martensson, Hunter Bowman, Nick Mack, Seth Schrock, and Hunter Myers.


Sixth Grade Gators
Groove with Good Grades


Creekside Gators who made honor roll for the first nine weeks were recognized this week at an Honor Roll Sock Hop. Students were served refreshments, received certificates, and even danced to celebrate. Congratulations for a job well done!



Veterans Day


On Veterans Day, Creekside personnel stood united in support of our military personnel both past and present. Many faculty and staff members purchased red shirts designed specifically to be worn on Red Fridays as a show of support for military personnel. Veterans Day was a perfect time to show solidarity and support for those who have given so much to support the rights of America. On the backs of the shirts is written "You have our backs; we have yours." "Proudly supporting our Troops" on the front sums up the feeling a grateful Gator Nation on Veterans Day and every day. From our family to all who have served and are serving, "Thank you!"



Aniimal Shelter Visit


Students from the Creekside FFA Chapter visited the St. Tammany Animal Shelter on November 9, 2013.  The students learned about the operation of the shelter and the need for neutering their pets. While visiting the shelter, the students also helped socialize the animals and walked the dogs.  Students attending the trip to the Animal Shelter were, on the front row: Angelica Gullickson, Edwin Gornor, Ethan Gabriel, and Nikki Henderson. On the middle row are Kassidy Caskey, and Nicholas Schmiderer. On the back row are Jordan Grigsby, Hunter Zeringue, Beaux Anglin, Zachary Mayfield, Ethan Crawford, Noah Benton, and Damyan Watts.


FFA Members Attend National Convention


Six Creekside FFA members attended the National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY last week.  The chapter earned a 3 star rating on the National Chapter Award and the students were there to receive the award.  While attending the National FFA Convention, the students heard outstanding speakers such as Rick Pitino, basketball coach at the University of Louisville and the 2013 National NCAA Men's Basketball Champions. They also attended the National FFA Agricultural Expo and other events during their week in Louisville.  The students attending the convention were Hannah Brady, Austin Perkins, Roy Rancatore, Tara Rossingnol, Skylar Stiglet and Kasey Rudesill.


October, 2013


Academic Olympics


Creekside's Academic Olympic team competed at Pope John Paul High School on Saturday, October 12, 2013. Kneeling in ront are Frankie Dell (3rd place in 7th grade math), Tyler Alligood, Tyler McKenzie, Blake Harrell, Jakob McKee, and Emma Lee. On the middle row are Austin Perkins (3rd place in 8th grade math), Rebecca Keller, Dylan Stravinsky, Ayana Lawrence, Brandon Marshall, Trey Reed, Abigail Randolph, and Alexandria Self. On the back row are Sean Downey (3rd place in 8th grade Language), Travis Virga, Trinity Carr, Ethan Adams-Harwell (4th place in 8th grade science), Mackenzie Schween, Addie Smith,Kaitlyn Boyd, Kenneth Gornor, and Luke Rullman.


Students of the Month For September

Creekside celebrated September Students of the Month September 26, 2013. Congratulations to those who shined brightly this month!

Front row seated: Mary Wilkins, Cameron Lee, Julia Caballero, Alyssa Camp, Emily Bennett, and Jessee Gille. Second row: Keahnah Henderson, Laekya Sylve, Shea Shaw, Brandon Marshall, Devin Barber, Mason Matlock, Hunter Zeringue, and Savana Averett.
Third row: Ethan Levy, Heidi Serrano, Maggie Bennett, Kenneth Gornor, Savannah Goodwin, Alyssa Durheim, Frankie Dell, Payton Walters, and Aaron Desselle. Back row: Elisha Lagman, Sean Downey, Alissia Smith, Haylee Carney, Mackenzie Schween, Aubrie Kemp, Ethan Adams-Harwell, Sarah Sinclair, Denise LeBlanc, David Moody, and Tyler Byrd.


September, 2013


Cave Paintings


Creekside Jr. High's sixth grade students went way back, all the way back to the time of the hunters and gatherers. As part of their learning experience, they took a virtual tour that brought them face-to-face with cave paintings in Lasceaux France. After discussing the technical points and characteristics of the paintings in depth with their social studies teachers (Mrs. Aysen, Mr. Cooper, and Mrs. Rieck) and the art teacher (Mrs. Rieck), students embarked on their own cave painting adventures. Pictured are (forward table): Makayla Rushing, Maliyah Johnson, and Matthew Kelly; and (back table): Jessie Chloe, Makayla Price, and Cameron Lee.

Students of the Month


Students of the Month were recognized for the month of August. Congratulations to each of you! On the front row, seated, are Carlton Harper, Frankie Dell, Laurin Gerchow, Joseph Gray, Alexandria Self, Carolyne Ouder, Katie Pullens, Breanna Parker, Abigail Mims, Abby Bennett, Jaden Lewis, and Jake Perry. On the middle row, kneeling, are Abbagale McNeill, Hanna Jump, Grace Williams, Austin Perkins, Myles Smith, Bishop Grigsby, Benjamin Stiegler,Seth Boudreaux, Rebecca Grisaffi, Dylan Mitchell, Blake Baird, Zacharias Ussery, Ethan Adams-Harwell. On the back row, standing, areHelena Evans, Madison Hall, Lauryn Jeffrey, Chyna Andrews, Emily King, Chloe Ranatza, Rose Vanney, Kylie Parish, Bennett Meyers, Patrick Guthrie, and Max Bingham.


2013-14 Creekside FFA Officers


The newly elected officers for the Creekside FFA for the 2013-14 school year are as follows: on the front row are  Domonique Toney, Reporter; Janice Geary-Hall, Chaplain; Austin Perkins, President; Lauryn Jeffrey, secretary; and Kassidy Caskey, Sentinel. On the back row are  Kasey Rudesill, 2nd Vice President; Skylar Stiglet, Treasurer; Roy Rancatore, Vice President; Zachary Mayfield, Parliamentarian, and Haley Stone, Historian.


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