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July, 2012

FFA Officers Chosen

The Creekside FFA Chapter elected new officers for the 2012-2013 school year.. The officers are Savannah Montoya ( President), Nicholas Howell ( Vice President), Roy Rancatore (2nd Vice President), Makenzie Bennett (Secretary), Kylea Milton (Treasurer), Daniel Seither (Reporter), Kasey Rudesill (Sentinel), Austin Perkins (Parliamentarian), and Lauryn Jeffrey (Historian).

Eleven Creekside FFA members attended the Area IV FFA Leadership Camp in Bunkie, Louisiana. The members who attended are as follows: Daniel Seither, Roy Rancatore, Matthew Granier, Ashley Armato, Kasey Rudesill, Makenzie Bennett, Kylea Milton, Nicholas Howell, Savannah Montoya, Jody Morris, and Preston Ryan. Students attended leadership development workshops and had fun meeting other students and getting to know the ten new State FFA Officers.

May, 2012


FFA Banquet

The Creekside FFA Chapter held its Parent-Member Awards Banquet on May 3, 2012.  Our guest speaker was Dr. Brent Robbins, Deputy Commissioner with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.  Nearly 130 parents, members and guests attended the banquet at the Creekside cafeteria. Pictured here are Dr. Robbins, Chloee Morgan, Creekside FFA Treasurer, Kylea Milton, Creekside FFA Reporter, and Zachary Virga, Creekside FFA Parliamentarian.

Seven FFA members received their Discovery Degree at the Creekside FFA Parent-Member Banquet.  The Discovery Degree is the first degree of membership in the National FFA Organization, and it is earned by meeting certain standards. The members receiving the degree were Darius Zoller, Preston Ryan, Amber Lott, Olivia Cooperider, Brock Bolian, Zachary Virga, and Jody Morris.

Four Creekside FFA members received a proficiency award based on activities they do outside of school that are related to various types of agriculture.  Local award winners were Savannah Montoya in fruit production, Makenzie Bennett in swine production, Olivia Cooperider in poultry production, and Dylan Murray in agricultural mechanics: repair and maintenance. 

Jody Morris was named the Star Discovery recipient at the Creekside FFA Parent-Member Awards Banquet.  In addition, Jody received a $100 Walmart gift card from the St. Tammany FFA Alumni Association for being the Outstanding FFA Member from the Creekside FFA.  Also, shown here is Mr. Joseph Milczarek from the St. Tammany FFA Alumni Association.

Four Creekside FFA members attended the State FFA Convention in Alexandria, LA on
June 5-8, 2012. The members were Ryan Hereford, Daniel Seither, Savannah Montoya, and Kylea Milton. While in Alexandria, the members attended leadership workshops, listened to motivational speakers, visited the FFA Career show, received awards, and elected the new State FFA Officers. The Creekside FFA Chapter earned a silver award in the National Chapter Award program. Daniel Seither won 1st place in the Division I, Food Processing Category of the State FFA Agriscience Fair. He will represent Louisiana at the National Agriscience Fair in October in Indianapolis, IN.

Three Creekside FFA members were recognized at the State FFA Convention on June 6, 2012 in Alexandria, LA. The junior high proficiency awards were for their agricultural activities conducted at home. Savannah Montoya won 1st in Fruit Production. Makenzie Bennett won 1st place in Swine Production, and Dylan Murray won 1st in Agricultural Mechanics: Repair & Maintenance.

Thirteen Creekside FFA members earned their Hunter’s Education card on May 26, 2012. They participated in the Hunter’s Education Safety course during school and then completed the certification by successfully passing the field portion of the certification at the Honey Island Swamp Shooting Range. The FFA members were Hunter Calcione, Nicholas Hankle, Tyler Drury, Jody Morris, Nicholas Brown, Taylor Matranga, Brock Bolian, Ryan Lee, Matthew Granier, Michael Menefee, Kylea Milton, Justan Showalter, and Renee’ Bourgeois.


February, 2012


Grant Awarded

Two Creekside Jr. High teachers have been awarded a grant from the St. Tammany Federal Credit Union for a project they call "Restoring Our Roots." The project will be cross-curricularly administered by Lynn Danjean, a certified and highly qualified science teacher and Laura Aysen, a certified and highly qualified social studies teacher with the support of Louisiana Coastal Roots, a coastal habitat restoration project affiliated with Louisiana State University. Through this project, students will survey and identify the need for restoration of our coastal habitats.  Then they will then create and maintain a nursery where they will cultivate and nurture two native tree species to a sustainable age, then plant saplings in a restoration habitat and produce a video documentary of the process.

January, 2012

Visit To Battlefield

On January 6, 2012, a group of 8th graders took a field trip to the Chalmette Battle Field. Louisiana History Teacher, Adam Jenkins, along with Ron Sharp, Becky Williams, and Cheri Handley accompanied students. The Field Trip is part of the school-wide Positive Behavior Support Program. Students who received no discipline referrals for the second 9 weeks grading period were eligible for the trip.

The following students took part in the Field Trip: Nick Brown, Dillon Knotts, Kasey Harris, Brooke Heinz, Rachel Lesley, Myah Campbell, Isabelle Lassere, Annemarie Barbier, Brianna Reed, Eric Lara, Alivia Hallaran, Alexis Livingston, Katelyn Andrews, Paige Blowers, Destiny Williams, Katlyn Boyet, Tyler Hymel, Sabin Crowe, Josh Singletary, Collin Calabresi, John Clayton, Megan Mckenzie, Daniel Babington, Hunter Bruno, Ethan Byrd, Taylor Matranga, Hunter Bradley, Cara Oster, Troy Maillet, Bradon McConnell, Bailee Mowery, Heather Costello, Nathan Edwards, Austin Guillory, Gage Serpas, Jody Morris, Austyn Peacock, Zachary Virga, Travis Thompson, Mariah Bounds, Kayla Corpora, Olivia Billiot, Meleah Haisch, Daniel Gilbert, Shamonique Crawford, Allie Lavigne, Chad Hano, Darius Zoller, Alex Simon, Katie Smotherman, Olivia Cooperider, Hannah Johnson, Tori Chappell, Sarah Glaze, Shea Singletary, Hunter Kenney, Ty Rivera, Nicholas Hankel, Alex Artiga, Patrick Case, Brendon Cheramie, Mikayla Casmere, Victoria Marange, Brice Divincenti, Madison Mumphrey, Katelyn Mumphrey, Savanna Allen, and Tyler Allgood.


December, 2011

FFA Event Hosted

The Creekside FFA hosted the St. Tammany Parish FFA Leadership Career Development Events on Wednesday, November 1, 2011.  Participants from the Covington High, Creekside, Fifth Ward, Lee Road, Northshore, and Pearl River FFA Chapters competed in Parliamentary Procedure, Prepared Speaking, Gulf of Mexico Speaking, Creed Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, and Geaux Teach Ag contests.  There were 115 participants, parents, and guests in attendance at the event. The top four winners in each event advanced to the district competition which will be held at Fifth Ward Jr High in Bush on December 7, 2011.  The winners of each event are listed below.  Thanks go to Mrs. Bonnie Milczarek and Mr. Joe Milczared, Ms. Laura Aysen, Ms. Andrea Jeansonne, Mr. Adam Jenkins, and Ms. Jennifer Busch for serving as outside judges for the events.  A meal was provided by the Pearl River High FFA Chapter and the Creekside FFA Chapter. The awards were sponsored by the St. Tammany FFA Allumni Association and presented by Ms. Bonnie Milczared.

The first place Parliamentary Procedure team was from Fifth Ward FFA Chapter.  The team consisted of Reese Tassin, Abigail Jenkins, Brandi Mowen, Delani Hopper, Evangeline Worley, and Shane Guidry.

First place in FFA Creed Speaking was Reese Tassin from the Fifth Ward FFA Chapter.

In Prepared Public Speaking, Victoria Novitsky from the Pearl River FFA Chapter earned 1st place.

First Place in the Gulf of Mexico Speaking contest was William Mayfield from the Pearl River FFA Chapter.

Collin Jackson of the Pearl River FFA Chapter won 1st place in Extemporaneous Speaking.

First place in the Geaux Teach Ag Ed contest was Joy Nettles of the Fifth Ward FFA Chapter.



September, 2011


Patriots Day, 2011


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