Photographs from the Covington High School
Gym Dedication To Coach Hubie Gallagher

Saturday, February 2, 2013

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Principal Deborah McCollum opening the Dedication Ceremonies

Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse, III applauds while Athletic Director
Darryl Graham, at right, presents plaque to Coach Hubie Gallagher's children
Sissy Gallagher Fortier and Pat Gallagher.

Superintendent Folse with Sissy Gallagher Fortier and Pat Gallagher

Superintendent Folse and Principal McCollum in front of the new sign.

Audio recordings from the program

Dedication Ceremonies in the Gym   Comments by speakers at the Reception in the Library

More Comments by Speakers at the Reception    More Comments by Speakers

Photographs from the Reception

Principal Deborah McCollum welcomes guests to the Dedication Reception

Athletic Director Darryl Graham introduces special guests.

The CHS Library was filled to capacity with visitors and special guests.

Superintendent Folse began the tribute to Coach Gallagher.

Ralph Menetre

Jack Salter

Stanley Jacobs

Hank Ferrer

Allie Smith

Richard Laird

Pat Gallagher

Sissy Gallagher Fortier

Former players of Coach Gallagher stand to be recognized.

Pat Gallagher and Gary Schoen

Coach Jack Salter and Ralph Menetre

Coach Gallagher receiving his Hall of Fame Plaque

Sideline Photograph of Coach Gallagher

William "Bill" Brady and Ralph Menetre

Stephen J "Jack" Loup, III and Sissy Gallagher Fortier

Jeff Schoen and Charles Harrell

CHS Music Students provided the entertainment under the direction of Mel Rogers.

Principal Deborah McCollum and Mayor Mike Cooper

Jack Bossier studies one of the scrapbooks.

Mayor Mike Cooper and former Coach Jack Salter

Hank Ferrer looks over one of the scrapbooks.

Mayor Mike Cooper, School Board President Beth Heintz, and Bobby Cooper.

Bill Brady, Pete Jabbia, and Coach Darryl Graham

Hank Ferrer, Laurie Caserta and Elton Willie

Looking over the Book with Student Athlete Rosters

Stanley Jacobs and Darryl Graham check out the lists of names.