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Covington Elementary School

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May 2015

Teacher of the Year

Support Person of the Year

Outgoing PTA President

PBS Fishing Party Circus Celebration

Principal for the Day

April 2015

Fun Day

Family Math & Science Night

March 2015

3rd Grade Baton Rouge Field Trip

PTA - Title 1 Test Taking Tips Parental Involvement Meeting

Buddy Bench Ceremony

PTA Reflections Winners

Mayor Cooper Visits

A Thank You to Substitute Teachers

February 2015

"The Krewe of The Greatest School On Earth"

1st Grade Floats During the CES Float parade


Basket of Hope "Super Spirit Day"

Privilege Day

100th Day of School

Dictionaries Donated

Pictured from left to right are Assistant Principal, Kristy Winget, Hunter Lama, Chloe Trellopoulos, Acting Principal, Melissa Eason and Susan Strain (kneeling). Boxes of dictionaries were donated to 2nd and 3rd graders by Ms. Susan Strain and her organization The Republican Professional Women of St. Tammany (RPWST). 


January 2015

Important Historical Figure Dressup

Students dressed up as an important person in history, which included Elizabeth Blackwell, Abraham Lincoln, Clara Barton, Amelia Earhart, Andrew Jackson, Johnny Appleseed, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King just to name a few.

Fun Freaky Friday

Teachers choose one child in their classroom that's been "Fishing" all week long and has been EXCELLENT everywhere at school.
The students come up to the office and dance to music with the principal and asst. principal, they each get a bait buck and some candy as they dance on down the hall back to their classrooms for dismissal for the day.

Ms. Doucet's 3rd grade class won for the first and second nine weeks for receiving the most box tops in their grade. They were able to eat lunch at a special table with Acting Principal, Mrs. Eason and Asst. Principal, Mrs. Winget.  They were also given a sticker and a free snack at recess compliments of the PTA.
Way to Go boys and girls!!!

Students Enjoy New Tetherball Sets

December Terrific Kids


PTA Safety Poster Winners

Pictured are our students that were our PTA Safety Poster Winners From left to right are:
Paula Allen - PTA Reflections Committee Chair DeMarquez Porter, Ace Doescher, Madison Oulliber, Melissa Eason, Acting CES Principal.


December 2014

Mrs. Wolf's Retirement Farewell Assembly

Mrs. Wolfe was greeted at Covington Elementary School with a message and a yellow brick road filled with over 600 bricks with student farewell messages.  Along the yellow brick road were inspirational messages about Mrs. Wolfe.  The yellow brick road ended at the gym door - when she entered, all the students, faculty and staff cheered and held up signs as she made her way in.  Her family was there along with School Board President, Beth Heintz, School Board Member Jack Loup and former principal, Martha Romo.  A video presentation was shown and Mrs. Wolfe said a few words.  It was a great time for everyone. 
We'll all miss you, Mrs. Wolfe!!! Happy Retirement!!!

Kindergarteners Decorate Cental Office Tree

Covington Elementary School kindergarteners in Ms. Huggins and Ms. Rabb's classes recently visited Central Office to decorate the Christmas tree.  While there, they sang some Christmas carols for Mr. Folse and the staff.

Heroes SHINE Holds First Luncheon Meeting

Covington Elementary School Heroes SHINE group had its first monthly luncheon meeting.  Boys and girls from second and third grade classes were nominated by their peers to be selected for the Heroes SHINE club.  SHINE stands for Support, Honor, Inspire, Nurture and Encourage which are all characteristics of Heroes.  The Heroes met and had lunch together with Ms. Wolfe to go over their pledge and ways that they might be Heroes on campus to others.  The students received special t-shirts and made Christmas cards for special people that they believe are Heroes in the community.   Included were firemen, policemen, and mail carriers.  The boys and girls made Christmas cards that they will deliver to those Heroes.Sponsors for the Heroes are third grade teachers Lacy Jumonville, Melinda Doucet and guidance counselor Lane Fryou.

The Heroes include second graders Maggie Caserta, Reed Lopez, Caroline Jones, Seth Stokes, Tristan Johnson, Isabel Heck, Lucas Talley, Elle George, Gracie Robinson, Ainsley Ryan, Moriah Villalobos, and Braylon Magee.  Third grade Heroes include Theo Smith, Max Thompson, Ava Peltier, Nathan Johnston, Jacob West, Jade Fitscher, Macee Fielding, Chaise Benson, Maddie Magee, Caitlin Morris, Dylan Merced, and Rileigh Dietrich.


November 2014

Illusionist Visits to Promote Positive Behavior

Illusionist David Laflin visited Covington Elementary School to promote positive behavior and making the “right” choices.  Boys and girls that have been “fishing”and following the four components of the Fish Philosophy were invited to participate in a special celebration.  Boys and girls have to collect a certain number of “bait bucks” each month to receive an invitation to the party.  The “bait bucks” are given by faculty and staff throughout the month to students that are caught “fishing”. 
The very special production by the Illusionist was provided by the PTA and the First Baptist Church of Covington.


October 2014

Black and Gold Day

Students and Employees who donated $1 or more to the Children's Museum of St. Tammany got to wear their black and gold all day.


Red Ribbon Week "Just Say No" Fun

Red Ribbon Week at Covington Elementary School was packed with lots of "Just Say No" fun!
The boys and girls started out the week with Crazy Socks, (Sock it to Drugs) Smarties Day, (We’re too Smart to do drugs) Crazy Cool Hair Day (we’re too Cool to do Crazy Drugs) and our annual Just Say No Walk and Rally, which included all of the St. Tammany Parish and Covington Law Enforcement Agencies including Canine Units.  The walk and rally was also attended by Lyon Elementary’ s Just Say No Club, William Pitcher,  and Pine view’s sixth graders.  Each one of the schools had students perform Just Say No songs, cheers and the Pantherettes did a dance routine.  A student, Maddie Perez from Pineview read a winning essay on her “hero”, the person in her life that she looks up to. After each of the law enforcement agencies spoke and the students performed everyone got to visit  the equipment used by the agencies and speak to each of them. 



"Get in the Game with School Lunches"

School Lunch Week at Covington Elementary School was packed with some excitement. The theme for the week was “Get in the Game with School Lunches”. First,  the Covington High School “Big” lions, George Brister, Cordarra Laurant, Isaiah Carter, and Coach Glenn Salter visited the “Little” lions to help celebrate the importance of eating a healthy school lunch and getting lots of exercise.  The “Big” lions gave out fishing stickers and went to lunch and recess with the students. George, Cordarra, and Coach Salter were little lions at CES a long time ago which made the visit extra special. The students and teachers enjoyed talking to Coach Salter and his “Big” lions.  During the week, the students also enjoyed having Ms. Eason and Ms. Wolfe, the Assistant Principal and Principal, serve up their lunches. There was a special visit from Mr. Paws, the school mascot, and a special day when the faculty and staff got their “game on” and dressed as a favorite sport. 


September 2014

Annual Fall Festival

Covington Elementary recently celebrated the coming of fall with its annual fall festival. There were all sorts of fun fall activities for the students, parents and grandparents to participate in. The students were treated to a hayride, pumpkin “chunkin”, face painting, bobbing for apples, making butter and then getting to sample it with crackers and apple juice, shucking fresh corn and tasting it, and looking for a needle in a haystack. The students also had the chance to make a class scarecrow and place it somewhere on campus for all to see. There was bluegrass music being played under the oak trees and some dancing going on for everyone to enjoy. Parents and students could also interact with the farm animals that were on campus including some bunnies, ducks and goats. Art activities for the day included leaf rubbings, apple stamping, and quilting. The fire department was on hand with the fire truck and a fireman’s relay. It was a beautiful, fun filled experience for everyone that participated.


Grandparents Visit

Grandparents visited Covington Elementary School boys and girls to spend time together and play some Bingo. Everyone had a great time and things got a little competitive at times. The students and their grandparents not only shared some quality time together, but also refreshments and everyone had their pictures taken as a special memento of the occasion. Prizes included school spirit buttons, car magnets, school cook books and free snack stickers. 


Students Treated to Special Visit

Covington Elementary School students in pre-k through third grade were treated to a special visit, the first of many, from Northlake Christian School ninth graders. The boys and girls came to work with the students in the classroom and on the playground during gross motor time.  Everyone enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from each other during their time together. 


August 2014

Principal Wolfe Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

Covington Elementary School first grader, Thomas Bascle challenged Principal Susan Wolfe to an Ice Bucket Challenge with the money going to his favorite charity the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.  Ms. Wolfe accepted the challenge and made a challenge of her own to the students of CES.  The class that brought in the most  money for the Juvenile Diabetes foundation could participate in the fun of pouring ice water on her head as part of the challenge.  The school has several students in Kindergarten through third grade that battle Juvenile Diabetes on a daily basis.  Ms. Faciane’s third grade class arose to the challenge and had fun “getting” Ms. Wolfe.  Fun was had by everyone, including Ms. Wolfe, and the challenge raised more than $375.


First Day of School

Covington Elementary School Ringmaster, Principal Susan Wolfe is pictured with her fantastic third grade teachers that are ready and dressed for the first day of school. The teachers include Katelyn Jumonville,  Paula Allen, Amy Scobel, Christy Chanson, Mindy Doucet and Lauryn Faciane.  All faculty and staff dressed in true circus character for the day. The theme for the school year is “CES, the Greatest School on Earth” where amazing things will happen under the Big Top, starting now! 

Parents and students also stopped
to take first day of school pictures in front of the Big Top.



School Year 2013-2014






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