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May, 2012


End of the Year

The end of the year awards program at Covington Elementary School was an exciting event. Students in each grade level performed for their parents and guests as
Principal Susan Wolfe and Assistant Principal Beth Bowles presented awards to the students. The awards were given in celebration of the students accomplishments
throughout the year. During the third grade awards ceremony, the third grade chorus performed and each student received a medal for their hard work for the year.
Parent volunteer, Sarah Pye was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award, highest award given by the PTA to one of its volunteers. Also, given at the third grade
awards program was the very special Brady Award. The Brady Award is given in honor of former Principal and now Assistant Superintendent, Bill Brady. The award is
given to one third grade boy and one third grade girl that exemplifies the characteristics of Integrity, Sportsmanship, Leadership, Honesty, and Scholarship throughout
their years at CES. One boy and one girl from each third grade class is nominated by their teacher. Then the nominees are voted on by every faculty and staff member
at Covington Elementary. The nominees for the 2011-12 Brady Award were Alexander Hill, Isabelle Massey, Noah Roberts, and Haley Mercadel, Austin Walker,
Isabella Talley, A.J. Stilwell, Yunnie Lam, Natalie Schenck, and Bennett Daigler. The 2011-2012 Brady Award winners are A.J. Stilwell and Yunnie Lam.
Mr. Brady presented the winners with their medals and words of encouragement.

Pictured are Principal Susan Wolfe, Assistant Superintendent Bill Brady and Brady Award winners Yunnie Lam and A.J. Stilwell.


Let the Good Times Roll

"La Louisianne, Let the Good Times Roll" was the theme of the CES Art Festival.  The student body started the day with a  Covington High School Jazz Band send off second lining to their stations.  The students led live alligators and raced live crawfish, pirogues, and shrimp boots.  They ate red beans and rice and Abita Root Beer, beignets, king cake, watermelon, strawberries, and boiled crawfish.  The students listened to the music of the Mardi Gras Indians and some good old fashion fiddling and banjo picking.  Everyone participated in art activities in each of  the stations including the Blue Dog Cafe, the Louisiana Swamp, and the Mardi Gras Mambo. 

Some of the art activities included hats galore, La. Architecture, face painting, blue dog art, Kohlemeyer art, mosaics, spatter painting, and fleur de lis art.  Louisiana Lagniappe was posted throughout the campus with La. Facts for students to read throughout the day. 

April, 2012


Moms Lunch

Covington Elementary School recently celebrated Moms by inviting all of our special Moms to lunch.  Students and moms were treated to lunch with balloons, music and a photo for a keepsake.  There were over 325 moms that came to CES and had lunch with their children.  It was a special time for all.


Terrific Kids

Terrific Kids breakfast at Covington Elementary is a special celebration for parents and students.  It is a celebration of student achievements.  The Covington Kiwanis Club sponsor the breakfast, along with student certificates and a bag of goodies.  The Kiwanians are present and help present the awards and serve parents and students. 

Pictured are parents Brad and Sarah Thompson with their Terrific Kid Max.  Max is a Kindergarten student in Jennifer Rabb’s  class. 

Also pictured is  Bailey McDevitt with her mom, Tami Lamy and her grandmother Marie Lamy.


March, 2012

Solid Figures

Mrs. Scherer’s 2nd grade at Covington Elementary School experimented with solid figures by constructing 3 –D shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks. Then students classified their solid shapes according to the number of faces, edges, and vertices. The shapes were compared and documented. Then the students were finally, after much anticipation, able to enjoy their tasty creations! Bailey McDevitt, Elizabeth Ceravalo, Shantasia Bradford, and Braedan Harr are shown with their creations.


Substitute Appreciation

Covington Elementary School celebrated Substitute Appreciation with cards, lunch, cake and lots of cards and love. The students made cards and wrote letters for their favorite subs. The substitutes were treated to lunch and a cake reception in the teachers’ lounge. The substitutes favorite part of the day was lots of hugs from the students.

Several subs are pictured in the lounge having cake while others are outside on the playground with students at recess.


Rocks and Minerals

Mrs. Scherer's 2nd graders, at Covington Elementary School, enjoyed studying about rocks and minerals. They conducted several different experiments testing the hardness of rocks, what kinds of rocks float, what kinds of rocks are magnetic, and which rocks contain limestone. All students were engaged while using the scientific method to discover meaningful data about rocks and relating it to rocks in their own world.


General Store Lesson

Covington Elementary School third graders recently had a great lesson on how small businesses work. The excited students participated in a general store activity in which goods they created and services they performed were to be sold. The students had to decide what they would be selling, market their goods and services through advertisements, then set up shop, and sell them to other students in the school. Much of the lesson included knowing money and how to add and subtract it and make change. The general store had separate operating hours for each of the other grade levels throughout the morning. Many parents visited the general store and bought items and left with newly polished nails, tattoos, mardi gras bead bags, keychain, hair bows, and other items.

The money that the students made from the classroom general store was combined and will be used by the group to pay for a field trip to Honey Island Swamp in April.


Math and Science Night

Math and Science Night at Covington Elementary School was full of fun, food, and families. Families got to eat and enjoy activities learning math and science concepts. The boys and girls were estimating, making predictions, performing experiments, fishing for math facts, identifying stars and galaxies in the Star Lab, and planting vegetables in the school garden. Everybody had the chance to participate in a scavenger hunt, visit the Book Fair, have their picture taken, and eat a free dinner in the cafeteria. Door prizes were given out throughout the night. It was a fun night for all.

Hedgehog Adopted

Congratulations to Mrs. Scherer’s 2nd grade Book Club, at Covington Elementary School! They are the newest adoptive parents of an African Pygmy Hedgehog through the Audubon Nature Institute’s Adopt an Animal Program. The idea of adopting an animal was sparked after reading a book, Penguin Problem, where the characters adopted a penguin for their class. The students worked cooperatively to choose the type of animal they wanted to adopt. The Audubon Nature Institute then sends the new adoptive parents the adoption papers along with the specific location of their animal. The students are now working together to choose a name for their African Pygmy Hedghog. Pictured with adoption papers are proud new adoptive parents Brenna Burke, Hannah Pye, Ms. Scherer, Elizabeth Ceravalo, Logan Chanson, and Madison Hardee.

Chinese New Year

Preschoolers at Covington Elementary School learned all about the customs and celebrations in China. The students participated in a Chinese New Year parade which included authentic dress and a dragon headdress. The students completed the unit with a walk to nearby China City. While there, the boys and girls ate traditional Chinese food using chopsticks and had fortune cookies for dessert.


February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy

Covington Elementary School students, teachers, substitutes, and even parent volunteers in the office came to school today wearing Jerseys for Jeremy. Over $485 was collected for the Jeremy Hebert Foundation and AED's that will be place in schools throughout the parish.


Mardi Gras Parade

The annual Mardi Gras Parade was held on Friday, February 17, with students marching down Jefferson Avenue and around the Central Office building.


Substitute of the Year

Lynn Folse has been chosen as the Substitute of the Year at Covington Elementary School for the 2012-2013 school year. Ms. Folse came to CES many years ago as a parent, then a PTA president and now she is filling the role of substitute. It is evident every time that Lynn walks into a classroom that she truly loves children, all children. Ms. Folse is pictured here with Assistant Principal Beth Bowles, pre-k student Cameron Turner, and Principal Susan Wolfe.


January, 2012


Will Be Missed

Ms. Velma Morgan from the CES cafeteria staff has left the school after 17 years of service. Ms. Velma was recognized as the support person of the year for the 2010-11 school year. She received flowers and lots of hugs from teachers and boys and girls on her last day of school. Her smile, warm heart and kind words will be missed by all.

Winter Wonderland

The pre-k classes at Covington Elementary School have become a “Winter Wonderland”!! The children have been very busy learning about the winter season and how it affects the world around them. They have learned about appropriate “cold weather” clothing and how nature reacts when the temperature drops outside. The students have discovered how liquids freeze and then melt. Each class has built a snowman out of ice and made predictions as to when it would melt. The classes have discovered how some animals “hibernate” and “migrate” in the winter and have studied polar bears, penguins, and igloos.

This week, the classrooms will be transformed as we explore the Asian culture and customs and learn about the celebration of the “Chinese New Year”! The children will dress in Asian attire, practice picking up items with chopsticks, make lanterns, fish kites, and dragon masks and pretend to eat Chinese food in our dramatic play center. This unit will culminate with a walking field trip to China City and an authentic Chinese New Year Parade. Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!

Back To School Fun

Students at Covington Elementary were excited to be back at school after the Christmas holidays.  The boys and girls enjoyed playing on the playground with their friends, discovering new things, and working hard through engaging lessons in their classrooms. 


Teacher of the Year

Lorina Hurley, third grade teacher at Covington Elementary School, was recently voted the Teacher of the Year for the 2012-2013 school year. Ms. Hurley, has been a member of the CES faculty since the 2009-10 school year. She is a membr of the CES Design Team, the third grade level chairperson, the leader of one of the school’s Whole Faculty Study Groups, and the Accelerated Reading chairperson. She has become one of the “go to” people at CES for other classroom teachers. Ms. Hurley exemplifies the kind of teacher every parent wants for their child. She is pictured here with her sons, Colin, a kindergartener, and Carter, a first grader at CES and Ms. Susan Wolfe, Principal, at left, back row.

Fun Freaky Friday

Friday afternoon Covington Elementary School lobby is rockin’ with the wild sounds of the “Fun Freaky Friday” party.  Principal Susan Wolfe and Assistant Principal Beth Bowles crank up the music and in invite all of those boys and girls that have shown exemplary behavior throughout the week to the party.  Teachers in each classroom send up two students that participate in signing Ms. Wolfe’s “Good Book”, music, dancing, making lots of noise, adorning freaky glasses and noise makers, and most of all having fun with the administrators and their friends.  The students receive “fishing” stickers and sit for a minute to go over with Ms. Wolfe what it means to be “caught fishing” at CES.  Students are dismissed to dance on back down the hall after receiving a small bag of goodies.  Boys, girls and parents look forward to the party each week. 


Boxtop Bonanza

Each nine weeks the students at Covington Elementary School bring in boxtops.  The boxtops are collected from items such as Ziploc bags, soups, and other food items. They are turned in and the school gets money to be used for supplies for Positive Behavior Support activities.  Noelle Aymami, the mother of Hayes and Brooks, is the Parent Volunteer that collects, counts and mails off the boxtops.  The winners for each nine weeks get the honor of having lunch with Principal, Susan Wolfe, and Assistant Principal, Beth Bowles.  

The second nine weeks winners were Ms. Yeager’s Pre-K Class, Ms. Rabb’s Kindergarten Class, Ms. McDanell’s First Grade Class, Ms. Lowe and Ms. Myers’ Second Grade Classes, and Ms. Hurley’s Third Grade Class.  Hunter Nunez, Artrelle McDowell, and Tristan Oser-Becks, all first graders from Anna McDanell’s first grade class are pictured eating lunch at the special luncheon.

Special Tricycle Donated

Angela Barfield, PEI teacher at Covington Elementary School, knew if there was a need in her special needs classroom for a piece of equipment she had a friend in Mr. John Mendow and Mr. Anthony Ingrassia, both of the St. Benedict Council. She gave Mr. Mendow a call and several weeks later he and Mr. Ingrassia showed up at Covington Elementary School to present her with a check to cover a new tricycle. Ms. Barfield has lots of tricycles but this one is special, it is extra small for one of her three year old students that wasn’t tall enough to ride the other trikes. The St. Benedict Council No. 3061 has been raising money throughout the community to fill the wish lists of other special needs classes in several of the Covington schools. Anthony Ingrassia (left) is pictured presenting a check for the tricycle to Principal, Susan Wolfe and PEI teacher, Angela Barfield, along with Johnny Mendow (far right).


Author Visits


Covington Elementary School students were treated to a recent visit by children’s author, Michael Finklea. Mr. Finlea travels to schools throughout the U.S. speaking with students on the importance of writing. He uses his dream of becoming a writer to illustrate how he succeeded and overcame the obstacles associated with his difficulty to attend in school. His heartfelt presentations are both inspirational and motivational and fun. He took the students on a journey from start to finish on how to write a book. Mr. Finklea used the tool of his original manuscript - the one with the red pen marks - to point out his numerous mistakes. Kindergarten through third grade students enjoyed listening to Mr. Finklea’s journey and his challenge to each one of them to start writing. The students were then given the opportunity to buy some of the author’s books.



December, 2011

Polar Express

Students at Covington Elementary School were treated to a ride on the Polar Express train. The day after Literacy Night and “Warming Up with a Cool Book” boys and girls came with great imaginations, bells, and tickets in hand to board the Polar Express. They had all read the book, The Polar Express, and participated in many activities in their classrooms in conjunction with the book. When the boys and girls had completed their ride to the North Pole they each received a candy cane.


Literacy Night

Covington Elementary School was abuzz with excitement at Literacy Night. The school hosts its’ Literacy night in December of each school year. This year’s theme was “Warm Up With a Cool Book” inspired by the book Snowmen at Night. Students, parents and family members were invited to come to school dressed in their pajamas to enjoy lots of fun activities surrounding literature. A committee of teachers, led by kindergarten teacher Cindy Huggins, worked hard to come up with the activities, decorate, make schedules and prepare for the night. The activities included the “Star Books Café”, where you could sit comfortably, have a cup of hot chocolate and share a good book, gingerbread cookie decorating, using a set of detailed instructions, Word Search throughout the school, Activotes and ActivExpression with Snowmen at Night where it was boys and girls against parents using technology. Everyone had the chance to visit Santa and the Book Fair, they wrote letters to Santa, and made their own holiday books, Snowman, Snowman What Do You See? A bundle of great books were given out throughout the night as doorprizes. After participating in the activities everyone stayed for dinner and dessert, served by teachers and administrators, in the cafeteria. More than 500 CES students and family members enjoyed the evening together.




Food Bank Collections

Covington Elementary School students and faculty collected lots of food items for the Covington Food Bank for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Pictured here are several second graders that helped paraprofessional Tracy Doescher load up her vehicle to deliver a small portion of the food items collected. Students pictured are Walker Lobdell, Bryson Millet, Mickayla Voght, Antwaneka Chatman, Tracy Doescher and Lyric Jones. These second graders are in Lisa Myers class.

November, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

The hallway in the Covington Elementary School Kindergarten wing was all decked out for a Thanksgiving feast on the day before the Thanksgiving holidays.  Pilgrim boys and girls sat dawn to a feast with Native American boys and girls.  They shared freshly made bread and butter, turkey and ham and juice. 

Kindergarteners Jerry Smith, Anthony Scheridan, Jacob Rebaudo, and Kaley Pellegrin from Lori Brennecke’s class are pictured enjoying the feast.

Also pictured are Caroline Willie with her special guest, Cheryl Arabie, her grandmother.

King Arthur

A live stage production of King Arthur and the Magic Sword was performed at Covington Elementary School for over 450 pre-k through third graders. The play is produced by Educational Theatre Inc. from Kenner, La. The performers were in authentic medieval costumes and sets to recreate the wonderful magical world of King Arthur. Students were able to interact with the performers. Characters in the play were King Arthur, the Evil Knight, Merlin the Magician, the Lady of the Lake, the Sable Knight, and Excalibur. Pictured with several of the actors from the King Arthur production are Hayes Aymami, Gabbi Giesendorf, and Walker Lobdell.

Raffle Winner

Third grader Ashaki Celestine was the raffle winner at Covington Elementary School. Ashaki won the treasured authenitcated Saints football signed by quarterback Drew Brees. The PTA raffle chairperson, Sarah Pye, reported the raffle was a huge success. It brought in more than $6,450 to be used by the PTA to sponsor the third grade field trip to Baton Rouge, Just Say No t-shirts, a new school sign, and other materials to be used by teachers and students. Pictured with the prize winning Saints football are Ashaki Celestine, Principal Susan Wolfe, left, and PTA Raffle Chairperson Sarah Pye, right.


Top sellers from each grade level won the right to "slime" Principal Susan Wolfe and Assistant Principal Beth Bowles. Caroline Feilding was the top seller with Hannah Pye as the second highest seller. Other top sellers were Callie Udstad, Dylen Case and Termarkus Scott. Nineteen students that sold more than 100 tickets will get 30 minutes fun time in the Video Van.

The top three selling classes were Ms. McDanell's first grade which will have a Mellow Mushroom Pizza Party, Ms. Scherer's second grade class will receive a Chick fil-a Party, and Ms. Keller's third grade class will have a Sonic Ice Cream Party. The top selling teacher in the school was first grade teacher Tracey Mackels. Ms. Mackles will receive one week free of duty from Principal Wolfe.

Pictured are the top sellers Dylen Kase, Caroline Feilding, Callie Udstad and Hannah Pye with First Grade teacher Tracey Mackels and "slimed" Principal Susan Wolfe and Assistant Principal Beth Bowles.


October, 2011

Class Project

Amanda Keller’s third grade class at Covington Elementary School recently completed a class project that encompassed English Language Arts, Reading, and the Social Studies Curriculum. Boys and girls were challenged to read a biography about a famous person, write a report, dress the part and present the report to their classmates as that famous person. Students were excited as John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Derek Jetter, Drew Brees, Anne Frank, and other famous characters came to life in their classroom. Pictured are Albert Einstein, aka Noah Roberts, and Amelia Earhart, aka Gimmia Callahan.

Tea Time

Covington Elementary School second graders recently enjoyed reading the story “Mr. Poppers Penguins”. In the story Mr. Poppers enjoys having tea and crumpets at tea time each day. Ms. Scherer decided having tea anc crumpets, sugar cookies would be a wonderful experience for her children. They discussed and charted how their experience was the same and different as Mr. Poppers. They discussed the difference customs and location of Mr. Poppers home. The class also worked on good table conversation and table etiquette. Abigail Byron watches to see if the tea gets the approval of Calli Flocke. A “jolly” good time was had by all.

September, 2011

Signing Good Book


Covington Elementary School students that have been “fishing” all week are invited to Fun Freaky Friday. Each teacher sends two of her students to participate in the party. Boys and girls sign the “Good” Book, get fishing stickers, freaky glasses, noise makers, and lots of music to party with Principal Susan Wolfe and Assistant Beth Bowles. After the dancing and noise making, everyone sits with Ms. Wolfe to go over the Fish Philosophy components and what are some things they had to do to be caught fishing. Then everyone receives a small bag of goodies and “dance on down the hall” back to their classrooms.


Pictured signing the “Good” Book are Nicholas Michelle,
Max Thomspon and Kaylee McDanell.

Taped To Wall

Covington Elementary School boys and girls recently got the chance to tape their principal, Susan Wolfe, to the wall in the school gym. The taping was part of the schools fundraiser. For every five items sold for their school fundraiser, the students received a long piece of duct tape to tape Ms. Wolfe to the wall. All of the students went into the school gym and began chanting "Tape Ms. Wolfe" and they did just that. The students and their parents raised $7,000 for the school. The money will be used to purchase a new portable Bose PA system, materials for Positive Behavior Support, Ticket to Read Program, and other materials to be used by students and teachers.

Pictured are second graders, twin brothers Evan and Jordan Talamo, doing their part to tape Ms. Wolfe to the wall.

Spruce Up Day

Covington Elementary School PTA recently sponsored it’s annual “spruce up day” on Saturday, September 10, from 9:00 to noon. Parents, students and grandparents showed up with lots of energy ready to paint paw prints, weed flower beds, clean gutters and trim trees. Everyone shared donuts, lots of cold water and had lots of fun while getting to know each other. Mr. Jason Dyer, president of the CES PTA, organized the day making sure there were paint brushes, paint and equipment ready to work. Pictured on the firetruck are (front row) Hector Lopez, Chaisse Benson, Mickayla Bowels, Reed Lopez, Gabriella Lopex, Paige Dyer, Aiden Peltier, Ava Peltier, Debi Wingfield, Cary Froeba, Patti Lobdell, and George Dyer. Second row is Sebastian Upchurch, Michael Williams, Lori Peltier, Ace Doescher, Misty Lopex, Christine Martin, Amy Terwilliger, Tracy Doescher, J.W. Lobdell, and Eric Doescher. Standing on the back row are Aiden Dyer, Collin Cagle and Charles Benson. Not pictured are Mauricio Hance, Sylvia Henry, Kinckaysha Henry, Assistant Principal, Beth Bowles, Ralph Clary, Todd Williams, James Bowles, Michael Bowels, Lauren Williams, Sean Bates, Matthew Johnston, Joe O’Brien, President, Jason Dyer and Principal Susan Wolfe.


Igloo Building

All of the faculty, staff, and students worked together to save gallon plastic milk jugs so Mrs. Riviere’s Pre-K class could make an igloo for their classroom. The children read and draw in the igloo.

Throwing Parade Beads

Pine View Middle School student Ashton Cox enjoying the Covington Elementary student parade at the St. Tammany parish School Board on March 3rd, 2011.








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