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May, 2012


Softball Game

On Tuesday May 2, 2012, the annual Sixth grade versus faculty and staff softball game was held. Students as well as family and friends enjoy an afternoon of excitement and refreshments. The faculty and staff won this year but look out next year!!! This was a great ending to an awesome school year.

Picnic in the Park

We recently held our annual Picnic in the Park. The parents were invited to enjoy a picnic lunch with their children  to wrap up a successful school year.

March, 2012


Substitutes Appreciated

After being treated to an outstanding lunch the Substitutes from Carolyn Park pose for a picture. We at Carolyn Park truly appreciate our substitutes, we know that they are substituting at our school because they care about our students. Thank you Substitutes !


I-Touch Instruction

One of the many exciting moments taking place at Carolyn Park Middle School, Ms. Alexius instructs Andrew Clatterbuck on how to use the Itouch to look up information for his project.


February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy



Mining Techniques

On Feburary 16 and 17, Mobile Mining visited Carolyn Park Middle School sixth grades to instruct them on mining techniques.  The students were able to participate in some neat mining techniques.

Joshua Armstrong and Adam Gardner are looking for treasures during the mining field trip.

Mambo Dance

On Feburary 11, Carolyn Park Middle School's PTA sponsored the second annual Mambo Dance. The students enjoyed eating pizza, dancing and catching beads.

Catching Beads

Mia Fogarty and Kyla Babin enjoyed catching beads, talking with friends and eating pizza at the Mambo Dance.


Teacher of the Year

Treva Hackett is Carolyn Park Middle School’s Teacher of the Year. 

Mrs. Hackett is a graduate of The University of New Orleans.  She has been an educator for 8 years and has been teaching at CPMS for 4 years.  She is a wife and the mother of 4 children.  She is a member of the Living Word International Church.  Mrs. Hackett says that she loves teaching and working with children.

4.0 GPA

Zoe Klein, Madison Cook and Trevor Steinhauser, students at Carolyn Park Middle School, received a 4.0 grade point average for the first semester of school. They enjoyed an ice cream sundae with the principal to recognize their wonderful accomplishments. Congratulations!

Above and Beyond

Each month faculty and staff choose an employee that has gone above and beyond in their performance. For the month of January, faculty and staff chose Cathy Lincoln. Her job includes keep Cayolyn Park Middle up and running when it comes to technology. A big thank you goes to Ms. Lincoln for all she does.


January, 2012


Principal Taped to Wall


During the month of November and December, Carolyn Park Middle School students participated in a fundraiser. The students who reached a certain amount of money were able to take part in taping the principal, Mr. E, to the wall. Well, thanks to our supportive family, friends and community students earned the chance to tape Mr. E to the wall. The students enjoyed figuring out where to place the tape as well as predicting if the tape would be able to hold the principal to the wall or if he would fall. Well, the verdict came in and the tape did not hold Mr. E on the wall but he looked like a mummy wrapped in duct tape. Thanks to everyone for making the fundraiser a success.



Blast From Past

On January 24, students and their family were invited to the 2nd annual Blast from the Past. At the event, students and their family were able to build ice cream sundaes as well as visit work stations with their family. In the work stations, the students were able to demonstrate activities that teacher do with them during the day. Students enjoyed demonstrating the activities they do in class. Parents were able to take home a copy of all the activities in order to reinforce skills at home. Parents are an important part in the education of our kids. A big thank you goes out to the parents, friends and staff that helped make the event a huge success. Also, we look forward to seeing all of our families at the next event.

Essay Contest

Carolyn Park Middle's Raven Donald and Adam Gardner placed 2nd in the NAACP Martin Luther King Jr. Poster and Essay Contest. Raven is a 5th grade student who placed 2nd for her portrait of Dr. King set to inspirational quotes. Adam is a 6th grade student who placed 2nd for his essay on how Dr. King's actions will shape the future. They competed against over 1,000 other contestants.

All Star Players

Five of the 10 players on the Slidell Youth Basketball Association’s 10 year old ALL STAR Team are students at Carolyn Park Middle School.  They are pictured left to right:  Jaylon Jones, Trey Davis, Robert Henderson, and Devaughn Thornton. Not pictured is Koby Square.


October, 2011

Trunk and Treat

Carolyn Park Middle held their annual Trunk a Treat on Thursday October 27 and it was a huge success! Parents were able to bring their families to trick or treat and see the creative writing activity that the students created.


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