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April, 2012


Making Gold Medals

Students at Brock Elementary, under the direction of art teacher Ms. Lagarde, display their Olympic gold medals made using clay with a focus on texture and symbols.  First graders Kayla Vine, Destiny Beasley, Darian Newman, Jeremy Harvey, and Peyton Jennings proudly wear their painted ribbon medals as part of Art in Sports theme based lessons.


March, 2012


Substitutes Appreciated

Brock substitutes hard at work: Ms. Melton, Ms. Howard, Ms.Serrano, and Ms. Bulter.


Fish Philosophy

Brock Elementary students can earn tickets for good behavior when following the Fish Philosophy. Teachers give out fish tickets to students who are caught choosing a good attitude, making someone's day and being there for others. All tickets are placed in the fish bowl for the end of the month raffle.

Camron Quates in Ms. Jolly's first grade class shows the fish bag he won at the end of the month raffle.



Symphony Math

Students at Brock are gaining a better understanding of math concepts through the Symphony Math program.  The following students are the top ten students in the first grade classes at Brock Elementary School: Front row: Caleb Johnson, Trenton Able, Sara Jennings, and Olivia Jenkins. Back row: Kayla Vine, Aarin Navarre, Iain Battley, and Andre Allen. Not pictured: Terrance Peters and Christopher Robertson.

Students at Brock are gaining a better understanding of math concepts through the Symphony Math program. The following students are the top students in the second grade at Brock Elementary School. Front row: Donald Ducre, Zavier Page, Robert Taylor, Jalen Thomas, and Abigail Karcher. Back row: Nirmeen Atta, Corey Robinson, Daniel Hill, Ronald Alexis, Mia Jenkins



February, 2012

Jerseys for Jeremy

Mardi Gras

Students of Jhyrmila Hills celebrated Mardi Gras!!! They built floats, learned the history and even crowned a King and a Queen of the Krewe of Hills!! Here are some pictures....


Students of the Month

Front row: Ja’Sha Buckley, Tyler Ball, Brenden Hammock, Josh Navarre, and David Powell. Middle row: Luisa Morales, Aarin Navarre, Latrell Shepard, Ashiriya Moore, Luke Makovy, Omarion Claude, Thai Jarvis, and Trinity Lindsey. Back row: Jeremy Rodgers, Da’Shon Lawson, David Johnson, Alexis Rankin, Dontrell Robinson, Asia Sylvas, and Jose Serrano. Not pictured is Jeremy Harvey.

Front row: Ariel Gaines, Preston Clayton, Caiden Clayton. Middle row: Taliah Watts, Janie Byais, Jeremy Harvey, Abel Jackson, Camyri Cooper, Lucas Stiller, and Alicia Lindsey. Back row: Jaliyah Robinson, J’veorn Brown, Don’ja’nai Navarre, Cheyanne Oliver, Glynn Pichon, De’Jone Lawson, and Ricardo Martinez.
Not pictured are Rajahn Harris, Jazelle Sede, Kimani Burnett, and Hailey Cocunello.

January, 2012

Jumping Jack Record

Brock students recently helped break a world record, with the help of First Lady Michelle Obama, by having the most students at one time doing jumping jacks for one minute.


Brock and Salmen
Mentoring Program

Students from Salmen Hight School came together with students from Brock Elementary for a meet and greet as part of the Salmen Mentoring Program.


Students of the Month

Brock Elementary School's Students of the Month for January

Prekindergarten - second grade Students of the Month : Front row: Syanna Powell, Kamyla Palacious, Lamar Henry, Evelyn Laureano, and Fredriana Dupree. Back row: Delta Powell, Olivia Jenkins, La'Kya Romain, Zykia Strickland, Natalie Giron, and Brodrick Gaines. Not pictured: Ronald Faciane

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Students of the Month: Front row: Eboni Holliday, Lorraine Buzbee, Caleb Locke, and Joshua Fuqua. Back row: Aleyha Rankin, Tyren Casnave, Patricia Martinez, and Kendall Cleveland. Not pictured: Travon Oatis




December, 2011


Lock Down Practice

These are a variety of pics taken during Brock's lock-down practice. This is a group of Ms. Devezin's kindergarten students "locked-down" in the library.

November, 2011


Milk Contest

Our school recently competed in a contest to see how many milks we could sell. Here are a few pics of kids loving milk.


October, 2011

Art Classes


Saxophone Player Visit

On the Move

Brock's PIE (Partners In Education) held their "Brock on the Move" Day on Saturday, March 26th, at the Slidell Camellia City Farmer's Market. This family and community outreach event included a Healthy Snacks Presentation by Brock's cafeteria manager, Cindy Emmons, and her NAC students. Also, there was a mini-health check station to get your blood pressure and heart rate checked by the school nurse, Anne Thrasher, and two other nurse volunteers. The students and their families also got to visit the farmer's market to sample some of the things they have to offer. The culminating activity was a 1-Mile Walk-a-Thon through Olde Towne. Two Olde Towne businesses, The Who Dat Shoppe and DuBuisson's Gallery, provided water along the walk-a-thon route. This event was Brock's support of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative that she kicked off at Brock earlier this school year.

On The Move For Brock Elementary

Looking Things Over

Checking Out the Table Goodies

Getting a blood pressure check.


Louisiana Lunch Week

Door decorations for Louisiana Lunch Week

Games and Activities for Louisiana Lunch Week



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