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March, 2012


Regional Science Fair

Little Oak Middle 6th graders and Boyet Junior High 7th and 8th graders participated in the Junior Division of the Regional Science Fair at SLU on Friday, March 9, 2012.

All 1st and 2nd place regional science fair winners will advance to the State Science Fair to be held at LSU later this month.

The LOM & BJH Regional Science Fair Winners are pictured as follows:

Left to right: Michael Stokes (BJH), 2nd place in Physics; Noah Roheim (BJH), 3rd place in Animal Science; Alex Barron (BJH), 3rd place in Physics; Paola Colmenares (LOM), 2nd place in Earth & Planetary Science; Nicholas Foster (BJH), 2nd place in Microbiology; and Cody Armand (LOM), 2nd place in Animal Science.

All Boyet Junior High participants of the Regional Science Fair are shown as follows:

Left to right: Michael Stokes, Noah Roheim, Alex Barron, Nicholas Foster, and Russell Fabre.


Science Fair Winners

The 2012 Little Oak Middle School/Boyet Junior High Science Fair on January 27 was jointly sponsored by the PTA from both school. The fair provides a forum to foster scientific interest and excellence in our society's next generation.

Best In Show for Little Oak Middle & Boyet Jr High: (left to right)
Little Oak Middle: Chris Barron, Mallory Doody, Delana Lorance;
and Boyet Jr. High: Nicholas Foster.


Boyet Jr High 7th grade winners

Left to right - Front row: Madison Williams, Luke Perez, Laura Carrasquilla, Jordan Bradley, Timmy Christman, and Josh Gaff. Back row: Mark Hidalgo, Kayla Baudier, Elizabeth Landry, Carley Oliver, Mary Davis, and Conner Campbell.


Boyet Jr High 8th grade winners

Left to right - Front row: Anthony Algeciras, Mason Calico, Summer Alabasha, Noah Roheim, and Michael Stokes. Back row: Kerry Dangerfield, Sean Scoggin, Matthew Myers, Stephen Kessler, Kylie Ritter, Charlotte Wingate, and Alex Barron.

Special Awards

Businesses and professionals in our community also sponsored special awards to winners from each school, Little Oak (L) and Boyet (B), as follows (but not pictured):

Best in Show (Qinetiq North America): Chris Barron, Delana Lorance and Mallory Doody (L) and Nicholas Foster (B).

Best Project involving Dental or Oral Health/Hygeine (Dr. David Hildebrandt): Gracie Brandhurst (L) and Allison Comeaux and McKenzie Turpin (B).

Best Project on Rocks, Gemstones, or other Natural Materials (Sylvia's Designs): Isabella Schlosser and Paola Colmenares (L) and Alexander Burgers and Garrett Head (B).

Outstanding Biology Project (Dr. Diana Clavin): Kaylyn Stoltz (L) and Summer Alabasha (B).

Best Project in Meteorology or Earth Science (Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command): Delana Lorance and Mallory Doody (L) and Alexz Hattier (B).

Best Project on Oceanography (Naval Oceanographic Office): Samuel Campbell and Malachi Brown (L) and Javon McGill (B).

Outstanding Project on Exercise and/or Fitness (Gymnastics Plus!): Kayla Shubert and Sierra Beasley (L) and Madison Williams (B).

Best Study on Vision, Light, or Optics (Slidell Optics): Matthew Bratton (L) and Alex Barron (B).

Best Use of Photography (Paul Wood Photography): Claire Picou (L) and Michael Stokes (B).

Best Use of Color (The Logo Store): Matthew Bisner (L) and Kate Macaluso (B).

Outstanding Physics Project (Slidell Rocks): Kayli Wilson (L) and Alex Barron (B).

Best Project involving Airplanes or Aeronautics (Klass Ink Trophies): Chris Barron (L) and Cameron Robin and Carter Brock (B).

Best Project involving Plants or Flowers (the Barron Family): Hannah Smith (L) and Kerry Dangerfield and Stephen Kessler (B).

Best Project on Water or other Liquids (Fire Away Ceramics): Victoria Denham (L) and Destiny Genelli and Brooke Tjulander (B).

Best Use of Computers and Computing Technology (Blue Stream Services): Mickayla (5) Jasmin and Cameron Walters (L) and Mary Davis (B).

Outstanding Engineering Project (Raytheon Projects): Peter Fabre and Jordan Rinaudo (L) and Michael Stokes (B).

Outstanding Project on Sports or Sports Equipment (Smith's Sporting Goods): Logan Doody (L) and Payton Williams and Billy LaSalle (B).

Outstandiing Study on Food or Food Products (Crème de la Crème Bakery): Derek Guo and Nathan Ngo (L) and Josh Graff and Timmy Christman (B).

Outstanding Study on the Effects of Pollution (Environmental Enterprises USA): Chris Barron (L) and Luke Perez (B).

Best Project on Temperature (Baskin Robbins): Kaitlyn Birkhoff and Kate Mistretta (L) and Cody Call (B).

Outstanding Chemistry Project (Crescent City Color): Corin Knight and Hannah Kessler (L) and Kerry Dangerfield and Stephen Kessler (B).

Outstanding Project on Medicine and/or Health (Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson): Kyle Stewart (L) and Nicholas Foster (B).

Best Use of Graphic Materials (Southern Blues Screenprinting): Delaney Dick and Jenna Schmidt (L) and Kayla Baudier and Laura Carrasquilla (B).

Best Study on Music, Dance, Rhythm, or Harmony (Christy Music): Jasmine Reavis and Cameron Clark (L) and Conner Campbell (B).

Best Study on Animals or Animal Behavior (Slidell Veterinary Hospital): Payton Subervielle (L) and Noah Roheim (B).

The Top Judges Award (the fair coordinators): Matthew Bratton (L) and Allison Comeaux and McKenzie Turpin (B).



February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy


MathCounts Trophies

The Boyet Junior High MathCounts team is shown after winning the New Orleans chapter competition on February 4. Pictured from left to right are Katherine Simmers, Ben Rowley, Coach Patricia Coy, Mason Calico, and Jack Wei as they are congratulated by Joe Calantoni of the Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center. Dr. Calantoni served as host of the final round and the award ceremony.

MathCounts Team Wins Denson Cup

Mathematics students from Boyet Junior High and Little Oak Middle schools in Slidell won several awards at the MathCounts competition held recently at the University of New Orleans.  The Boyet team won the Denson Cup, awarded each year to the first-place team at the New Orleans chapter competition, as well as an opportunity to take part in the state competition in Pineville on March 23. 

Ben Rowley and Mason Calico of Boyet and Anna Yue of Little Oak placed in the top ten individuals, qualifying them to compete in the countdown round, a lightning elimination round conducted live before the assembled students parents, and sponsors.  Rowley took the third-place trophy in the countdown round.

MathCounts is a national middle school mathematics competition, in which students work individually and on four-member teams to solve challenging written problems including geometry, number theory, combinatorics, and algebra, all leading to a national competition in May. The New Orleans competition at UNO brought together students from 18 metro-area private and public schools.  

Boyet was represented by team members Mason Calico, Ben Rowley,  Katherine Simmers, and Jack Wei, and alternates Ryan Blanchard, Preston Fong, Elizabeth Hebert, and Yohane Ngodock.  Little Oak was represented by team members Matthew Bratton, Derek Guo, Nathan Ngo, and Anna Yue, and alternates Cort Blackwell and A.J. Mahnke. 

The teams were selected in a school-level competition from a group of junior high and sixth grade students who have devoted two hours a week before and after school since September to improve their math skills.

The Boyet and Little Oak MathCounts students had earlier participated in the American Mathematics Contest (AMC) 8 in November.   The AMC 8 is designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills, with a written examination so students can apply concepts taught at the junior high level to problems that cover a wide range of applications.

The AMC 8 is offered nationally for students up to 8th grade, and Boyet’s Ben Rowley and Little Oak’s Anna Yue won the Honor Roll distinction for placing in the top five percent of competitors nationally. Yue also placed on the Achievement Roll for high-achieving students up to 6th grade.

Boyet Junior High gifted math teacher Patricia Coy coaches the Boyet team, and Sherryle Mathis of Boyet coaches the Little Oak students.  They were assisted this year by volunteers David Fabre and Rodney Busby, and by Northshore High School students Aretha Guo and former Louisiana national team member Joshua Xu. 

The four Boyet students are now preparing for the state competition, which will be more challenging.


December, 2011

Band Visits Alton

The Boyet Band recently visited Alton Elementary School for a concert performance.


November, 2011

Around Campus

Alex Myers and Ryan Breaux, in Mrs. Abadie-Smith’s mild/moderate class, scan items for Boyet’s Recycle Rally. 

Pearce Smith holds up a clay pot he is working on in Mrs. Hill’s Art Class. 

Caleb Clatterbuck works hard to saw through a piece of wood in Mr. Davis’ woodshop class.

September, 2011

United Way Fund Raiser

The students were allowed to wear jeans for the day if they donated $1 for United Way.

Pep Rally

What's all the excitement? Look at the football team right after they “crowned” Josh Jochum as Mr. Boyet.

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