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   Bonne Ecole Elementary School


May 2015

Police Lesson

As part of the Bonne Ecole Elementary first grade students’ study of community helpers and the reading of the Time for Kids article “Cool Jobs”, Slidell Police officer Jake Morris presented information to the students about his job as a police officer.  Officer Morris shared important information about topics of stranger danger and bicycle safety, as well as facts about his job of protecting our city. 

Junior Achievement Day


April 2015

April Pep Rally

Bonne Ecole students and staff were joined by Slidell High football players and cheerleaders at their April Pep Rally.

Rep. Cromer Reads to Students


Students Collect Mardi Gras Beads to Benefit STARC

Bonne Ecole Elementary students collected unwanted Mardi Gras beads this year to benefit STARC. Each grade level brought beads from home and the grade level with the most beads brought in wins a Popcorn party. This year the 4th grade brought in the most beads and got a popcorn party at the end of the day. The bead drive was a huge success and the proceeds from the sale of the beads will benefit the great people at STARC.   

Students Finish Unit on Waves & Electromagnetism

Bonne Ecole Elementary sixth grade students in Ms. Ramona Stein’s class completed their Science unit on waves and electromagnetism with a visit from retired NASA employee Mr. Jason Holbrook.  Mr. Holbrook brought various household items and assisted the students in building electromagnets by creating a circuit with nine volt batteries, wires, and nails.  The students worked together to test the strength of their electromagnets by seeing how many paperclips the magnets would pick up.  Then, the students used their electromagnets to create a clicker to tap out Morse Code messages to their classmates. 

March 2015

Stennis Space Center Field Trip

Pirates and Pelicans

Students from Bonne Ecole's teachers,  D'Lara Carter and Cindi King,  participated in St. Tammany Parish Adapted Physical Education Department's annual adventure, “Pirates and Pelicans!”  The event was held at the U.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Refuge in Lacombe at Big Branch Marsh. The students participated in hands-on learning experiences, including seeing live alligators (Howard McCrae from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office), taking a hay ride hunting for lost treasure,  making their own crafts, singing songs, and learning about Louisiana’s wildlife with Patricia Reece (St. Tammany Parish teacher, song writer, and author).


Using iPads to Reseach the Planets

Learning About Business Expenses & Profits

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday

February 2015

Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Mardi Gras

Learning Comes to Life at Bonne Ecole Elementary

Energizers Jump Rope Team Marches in Krewe of Slidellians

January 2015

Bonne Ecole Morning Meetings

Students at Bonne Ecole Elementary are participating in daily Morning Meetings in their classrooms and with their grade level buddies in the gym.  Students learn about each other and build their classroom community through the structured greetings, activities, and share times.  Character traits and social skills are reinforced as well.  On Wednesday mornings, second and fourth grade buddies up to meet together for a large Morning Meeting, led by the school administration.  At this meeting, the students greeted each other using the Foreign Language Greeting in French, since the school name is French for “good school”.  The activity for the day was The Fidget Family which gave each class a spinning action to perform when they heard their character’s name mentioned in the story.  The students enjoy this time together, and look forward to greeting, sharing, and completing an activity with their 4th grade buddies.


First grade students in Tanna McNeese’s class at Bonne Ecole Elementary combined their knowledge of two dimensional shapes with their Reading story called June Robot Cleans Up in a recent project.  Students went on a shape hunt around the school and located certain plane shapes, recorded them on their graphic organizers, and took pictures with their ipads.  The pictures were shared with the class and shape attributes were discussed.  Then, each student designed a “Shapebot” which was a robot made out of certain shapes.  The students drafted their shapes on paper, counted the amount of shapes needed, and cut out each shape to make the final creation.  The students were excited to apply their mathematics knowledge to create a robot like the ones they read about.  To conclude the lesson, the students completed a writing about their Shapebot. 

6th Graders Practice Math Skills

Ms. Suzanne Pichon’s sixth grade gifted Math class practiced their Math skills while creating gingerbread houses out of three dimensional shapes.  The students were challenged with figuring out the surface area of each net that created the 3D shapes and then combining them to make a creative house-like structure.  The students worked in collaborative teams to design the gingerbread houses and put them together.  After the houses were complete, they presented the creations to a second grade class.  The students enjoyed the hands-on project and compared the process to being architects designing a home. 

Joshua Zullo, Kade Pizzuto, John Rasberry, and Dillon Herron display their gingerbread homes.

Kealey Barnard, Kelsey Fife, and Leilah Pozo showcase their creations. 

Starting the New Year with Reading

Kindergarten students in Ms. Deanne Riviere’s class began 2015 with a Reading and Response activity related to their New Year’s Resolutions.  The students read a book together, made a picture of themselves, and wrote about their resolutions. 


December 2014

Positive Behavior is Recognized at Bonne Ecole Elementary

As part of Bonne Ecole Elementary’s Positive Behavior Program, students have the opportunity to earn “star bucks” for being positive, safe, responsible, and respectful.  These bucks are spent to attend quarterly special events, such as the recent Holiday Bingo and visit from the New Orleans Pelicans Junior Training Camp.  Students in grades PK-3 enjoyed playing bingo, receiving prizes, and listening to a reading of the latest Swamp Kids book by Leif and Sheryl Pedersen.  Students in grades 4-6 had the opportunity to participate in basketball stations led by the New Orleans Pelicans staff.  They learned about living a healthy lifestyle and practiced dribbling, layups, and footwork needed for sports activities.  Smoothie King also donated smoothies for all students to enjoy, which was a nice treat to go with the t-shirts and tickets from the Pelicans. 

First grader Addyson Dowell gets bingo on the Santa game. 

Kindergarten students enjoy the santa bingo game as part of Bonne Ecole Elementary’s Positive Behavior Program. 

Carolyn Rasberry shows off her prize from Santa bingo. 

Sixth grade students practice their basketball skills at the Pelicans’ Jump Shot Station. 

Students Learn About Density

Students in Mr. Randal Baragona’s sixth grade class at Bonne Ecole Elementary completed their student of density and how to determine the density of solid objects using the density formula, density = mass divided by volume. The students found the density of several items in the classroom and determined if the items would float or sink in water.  They conducted an experiment to determine the relationship of the density of different liquids. In this experiment, water was colored with food coloring and the other 7 liquids were common items found in almost any kitchen or bathroom. If the liquid was clear it was colored a different color using food coloring. By slowly adding the liquids to a test tube the liquids separated by their densities into layers that went from least dense to most dense. Each liquid was a different color so the students could easily identify each liquid and where its density fell in relation to the other liquids. This led to a discussion about how the density of a liquid could be useful.

Micah Gervais and Andrew Shell perform the density experiment with water and cooking oil. 

2nd Graders Complete Biography Book Report

Second grade students in Ms. Katy Bordes’ class at Bonne Ecole Elementary completed a biography book report on important people in our country’s history, after reading the biography Who Was Helen Keller? by Gare Thompson.  The students used a book report template, report rubric, a two liter bottle, and various art supplies to create an informative display about the person.  The students showed amazing creativity and knowledge about their famous American when they presented them in a “gallery walk” format.  Half of the class displayed their project and presented important pieces of information, while the other half of the class viewed the projects and asked questions of the presenters. 

Pictured front row left to right: Giada Barbaro, Anthony Diecidue, Skylea Gates, Lucas Gluege, Topher Coggin. Back row, left to right: John Panks, Eric Mendez, Kylee Buky, Taylor Dorris, Macy Lirette, Brayden Haik.

Talented Arts Students Participate in Art Contest

Students in Ms. Leigh Ann McGraw’s Talented Arts classes at Bonne Ecole Elementary participated in the Ozone Camellia Festival Art Contest.  The students used mat board and colored pencils or watercolors to draw beautiful camellias that were on display at the Ozone Camellia Festival held in Slidell.  Sixth grade student Kelsey Fife placed second in the junior division.  She received a cash award and was recognized at the Slidell Auditorium for her artistic talent.  Kelsey has been a Talented Arts student for three years at Bonne Ecole Elementary.  She enjoys drawing nature and animals with paints or colored pencils. 

Picture attachment shows Kelsey Fife with her award winning camellia art. 

Students Learn About Animals

Kindergarten students in Ms. Rachael Laine’s class learned about animals in a thematic unit featuring The Mitten by Jan Brett.  The students read the story with their teacher and then used picture icons and their knowledge of story elements to retell the main story events and story elements of character, setting, problem, and solution.  Students worked in cooperative groups to expand their learning and teamwork skills. 

Lexi Echols, Braden Schneider, and Sean Bean work together to retell the story The Mitten using the text and picture cards. 

Kamren Guevara places his story element drawing in the proper story element section. 

Henry Collins, Tripp Mullet, and Parker Boitnott demonstrate teamwork during small group stations in Ms. Laine’s Kindergarten class. 

Working hard and working together are Korde Harris and Sean Bean. 


November 2014

Kevin Davis Visits 4th Graders

Bonne Ecole Elementary 4th graders were visited recently by Kevin Davis, Director of the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. In addition to speaking to the students about being prepared for emergencies, Davis brought along two command center buses that the students were able to tour and gave away an emergency weather radio.


Students Learn About Fire Safety

Students in Mrs. Hannah Holly's kindergarten class enjoyed learning about fire safety and prevention at Fire District No.1 Station 13. Several parents joined the class on their walking field trip to the station on Robert Road.  Students had the opportunity to talk with the fire fighters and get on the fire truck. 

Ms. Holly’s class visited the fire station on their class walking field trip. 

Samantha Bertucci and her parents wait their turn to explore the fire truck.  Thanks to the support of the parent chaperones and firefighters, the students were able to enjoy this exciting trip. 

Wesley Linne and Karlie Gardner explore the fire truck on their class field trip. 

Rasia Williams enjoyed the Kindergarten Field Trip to the fire station. 

Students Learn Through Hands-On Activities

Kindergarten students in Ms. Jennifer Bouzigard’s class are actively involved with center-based, hands-on activities to engage them in learning.  Recently, they completed a thematic unit of study on apples.   Students tasted a variety of apples and selected the one that they preferred.  This data was collected and organized into graph form.  Other kindergarten class activities include partner work using a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast and writing practice using shaving cream. 

Anthony Cortese, Carter Rawls, Nathan Weisel, and Cohen Silbernagel (left to right) observe the process of making applesauce during the apple unit. 

Cohen Silbernagel and Conner Stewart share their favorite apple selection on the class pictograph. 

Working together to compare and contrast their interests are kindergarten partners Nathan Weisel and Christian Cochran. 

Delilah McCall proudly shows off her knowledge of “s” words using shaving cream to spell the word star. 

Anthony Cortese practices spelling words in shaving cream. 

Slidell Rotary Club Visits Bonne Ecole Elementary

Bonne Ecole Elementary third graders were recently visited by members of the Slidell Rotary Club with a special donation of dictionaries.  Each student received his/her own personal dictionary to use at home and at school.  This is an annual project that the Slidell Rotary does to support local students. 

Mr. Steve Kernahan gives dictionaries to Bonne Ecole Elementary third graders Anaya Gillum and Jacob Rasberry, from Ms. Misty Hebbler’s class. 

Mr. Cory Davidson’s third grade students proudly showcase their new dictionaries, presented to them by Mr. Joel Bruno, member of the Slidell Rotary Club. 

Talented Students Celebrate

The Talented Theater students from Bonne Ecole Elementary, Florida Avenue Elementary, and Carolyn Park Middle School recently participated in 2 special local events. The Talented Arts Program Festival, which was held at Koop Drive Park in Covington, celebrated the spirit of “Americana”, and the students performed a skit based on “Duck For President” and the Andrews Sisters “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”. The students also performed for the Bonne Ecole Veterans Day celebration. Attending were honored veterans, parents, family members and faculty.

Talented Theatre students performing were (from left to right) Alaina Hughes, Gabrielle St.Pierre, Trenton Gilmore, Morgan Parker, and Talented Theatre teacher Diana LaSalla.

Gabrielle St. Pierre, 4th grade talented theater student at Bonne Ecole Elementary, performs the role of Duck in “Duck for President” at the recent Veteran’s Day Program. 

The role of the mayor was played by Trenton Gilmore, 4th grade student, under the direction of Ms. Diana LaSalla. 

Students Participate in SHINE Club

Bonne Ecole Elementary students in grades three through six have the opportunity to join the SHINE Club, under the leadership of Ms. Suzanne Pichon.  SHINE is an acronym which stands for Serving, Honoring, Inspiring, Nurturing, and Encouraging Others.  The club began in February of 2013 and has grown to be the largest extracurricular club at the school, with over 100 students that attend the bimonthly meetings.  The focus of the meetings is to find ways to serve others at the school and in the community. The students learn how to honor others with their words and actions and look for ways to inspire and nurture younger students. They also seek ways to encourage classmates, faculty and staff at BEE, their families, and community members. The year began with the students setting goals for the club and reflecting upon why they wanted to join SHINE. 

Above: Students Dylan Fury, Kaitlyn Pearce, Dean Cacioppo, and Kayla Rachel work together on their club goals using a circle map to organize their thoughts. 

Another activity that SHINE Club students did was to welcome new Bonne Ecole Elementary staff members with handmade banners. Shown above making a banner for a new staff member are Avery Coggin, Kelsea Blackmon, Melanie Porche, and Whitney Tyner. 

SHINE Club members also have the opportunity to be SHINE buddies with a lower grade student.  The goal is to pair older students with younger students to encourage and support them during the school day. 
Pictured above, SHINE buddies Kelsea Blackmon and Sophia Wild read together in the kindergarten hall. 

"Quiz – Quiz – Trade!"

Students in Ms. Jenny Woods’ class at Bonne Ecole Elementary are learning about the many text features found in nonfiction texts, such as bold print, captions, and diagrams.  To review what has been learned, they participated in an activity featuring the Kagan Structure “Quiz – Quiz – Trade”.  In this structure, each student has a vocabulary card.  They pair up with another student and quiz him/her on the word and its meaning.  The partner student does the same.  Then, the students trade cards, find new partners, and quiz each other on the new word cards. 

Pictured above, Easton Abney quizzes his partner Jereme Landor on the nonfiction text feature word, index. 

Pictured above, Kylie Kemp and Kyle Sevin participate in the engaging Kagan Structure lesson in Ms. Woods’ class. 

Research Project with a Fun Fall Twist

Fourth grade students in Ms. Lynette Bruno’s class at Bonne Ecole Elementary recently completed a research project on animals, with a fun fall twist!  The students worked in pairs and researched an animal of their choice. After researching, the students wrote an informative paper on their animal which included the animal's diet, habitat, physical appearance and fun facts. Students then created a visual aid in which they designed pumpkins to resemble their animal.

Pictured above, students Alex Soriano Leon and Tyrin Sander proudly showcase their pumpkin decorated like a bull. 

Pictured above, Isabella DelaRosa and Cayleigh Larsen used bright blue paint, construction paper, and colored dots to creatively decorate their pumpkin animal. 

Pictured abvoe, Adam Navarro and John Clay Davis worked together to decorate their animal pumpkin. 


October 2014

Fitness Training

Bonne Ecole Elementary students in Grades three through six have been practicing for the Parish Fitness Track Meet to be held at Lakeshore High School.  The Parish Fitness Track Meet consists of pull-ups, curl-ups, sit and reach, long jump, shuttle run, 50 yard dash and 600 yard run.  The top two girls and boys from each school will compete in the Spring. 

Students have also been working on the proper form and technique of throwing using various equipment.  Third grade students play a game called “Survivor” where they use bowling skills to knock down pins using tennis balls.  These bowling skills measured accuracy using light, medium and strong forces and incorporated team work of all players.  Our motto this year in PE at Bonne Ecole is "TEAM" - Together Everyone Achieves More. 

Pictured Above: Fourth grade student Eden Young prepares for the Parish Fitness Track Meet by working on her curl-ups. 

Pictured Above: Third grade students Geoffrey Noel, Cailey Pervel, Skylar McMullen, Tyler Oliver, and Mason Murphy practice their throwing skills in the game of Survivor.


National School Lunch Week

The week of October 13-17, 2014 was celebrated as National School Lunch Week with theme of “Get In the Game of School Lunch”.  Students at Bonne Ecole Elementary enjoyed several thematic lunch days, including “Cheer You On Chicken Wrap Day” which included a visit by the Slidell High School Football Team and Cheerleaders.  Many of the high school students were former Bonne Ecole Superstars and it was great to have them back again at their elementary school again.  This weekly celebration of healthy eating was coordinated by cafeteria manager Kris Lairsey and cafeteria assistant manager Kristine Williamson, with the support of Slidell High football coach Larry Favre and cheer coach Whitney Abadie. 

Leaf Season

It's Fall!!! Mrs. Kelly Buras, Bonne Ecole speech therapist, reads Leaf Season during a lesson in the speech and motor lab.  Follow up activities included leaf relays, scooter races, and fall puzzle relays. Students also discussed sensory based questions such as, what do you hear, feel, and taste during Fall. 

Metric Math in Ms. Merry’s Class

Bonne Ecole Elementary third grade students recently completed a unit on measurement where they learned about conversions between the English and Metric measurement systems.  Students in Ms. Vittoria Merry’s class used hands on materials and benchmark number skills to make predictions about the conversion of cups to milliliters.  After predictions were made, they transferred water from one container to the other to determine the actual values. 

Above: Third graders Ellie Krey, Haily Moree, and Evangeline Cuccia discuss their predictions about the metric conversions. 

Above: Ethan Pyle and Michael Kruebbe carefully examine the container of water measured in milliliters during the conversion activity. 


Gifted Students Participate in Fairy Tales Trial

Bonne Ecole Elementary fifth grade gifted students in Keri McAllister’s English Language Arts class recently participated in a Fairy Tales Trial. The students read the fairy tale Jack & the Beanstalk and put Jack on trial for crimes committed in the story. The students served on either the prosecution or defense and played the roles of either lawyers or witnesses in the story. Each team developed a legal argument, came up with counterarguments, and supported their thinking with details from the text to either prove that Jack was guilty or not guilty. Other students came in to serve on the jury and listen to the opening statements, questions from the lawyers, testimony from the witnesses, and the closing statements. In the end, the jury found Jack guilty of 7 of the 8 felonies he was accused of. This project had students thinking critically about a text, coming up with reasons to prove their thinking, and using details from a text to support themselves.

Above: Jayden Davis, representing the defendant Jack, was being questioned by defense laywer, Yazmyn Carter. Mei Protzel, representing Jack's mother & a witness, listens to the questioning and testimony being given

Above: Ms. McAllister’s students prepare for the Fairy Tales Trial of Jack & the Beanstalk.  Front row (left to right) Fritz Wild, Hang Vu, and Kagan Boswell.  Second row (left to right) Mei Protzel, Caroline Peach, Yazmyn Carter, Jayden Davis, Mason Langston, and Alyssa Doll. 

Ms. Riviere’s Reading & Writing Superstars

First grade students in Ms. Debra Riviere’s class participate in Reading and Writing workstations on a daily basis, to practice and improve their English Language Arts skills. 

Students Brody Stodard and Joshua Loydrake partner read a nonfiction book on animals. 

Working hard at their journal writing are first grade students Adeline Morley and Bella Rose Settle


3rd Graders Use Active Expressions & Ipods

 Students in Mrs. Hebbler’s 3rd grade class at Bonne Ecole Elementary are engaged in their learning.  Technology and cooperative learning strategies are utilized on a daily basis to keep the students engaged.  The photographs show students using Active Expressions and Ipods in class.  The Active Expression is compared to a miniature remote or phone that allows the teachers to survey his/her entire class about a question.  The students can text in their responses which are then organized into various graph forms on the Promethean Active Board.  The students also enjoy using the Ipods to practice skills learned in class on various educational apps.  The Kagan structure Numbered Heads Together is being used in Math for the students to check each other’s work and coach each other about the best strategy to use when solving a problem. 

Above: Julia Soo coaches her partner Blake Stanley about the strategy she chose to solve the Math problem. 

Above: Third grade students (from left to right) Madison Crain, DJ Senez, Adam Noel, and Thuy Vu submit their answers using their Active Expressions.

Above: Math is engaging in Ms. Hebbler’s class due to the use of Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures.  Students shown are Westin Morley, Asher Meyers, Sarah Burchfield, and Jacob Rasberry. 


September 2014

Fourth Grade Word Detectives

Students in Veronica Fucich’s fourth grade class at Bonne Ecole Elementary recently read the novel Stone Fox and became “word detectives” as they brainstormed their own vocabulary words found in the chapters of the book.  They used their detective skills to explore the words, become experts in their meanings, and then present their findings to the class. 

  Above: Alexis Dusek and Elliot Weisel use their text and a graphic organizer to compile the vocabulary information they gain as word detectives.

Above: Students Kole Pizzuto and Gavin Harvey discuss their focus words from the Stone Fox novel.

Early Childhood Learning with Ms. Brinson’s Class

Pre-k student Kedrick Baker attaches the magnetic story character from My Aunt Violet during Ms. Brinson’s small group Reading lesson.  The students listened to the story read orally and then attached their pieces to the board as it was heard. 

During center time in Ms. Brinson’s Early Childhood class, students play cooperatively while learning different social skills and role playing.  Students working together in the kitchen center are Lily Evans, Ivanna Escobar, Landon Batiste, and Louis Phillips. 

Pre-k students Benjamin Mackin, Kedrick Baker, and Jayden Lewis work cooperatively, as they demonstrate the grade level standards related to Social Relationships and Motor Development. 


5th Graders Research Mayans, Aztecs, & Incas

Bonne Ecole Elementary fifth graders in Ms. Kacie Kerlec’s class are finishing up a unit on the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas as part of their Social Studies curriculum.  They are using various nonfiction and online sources to conduct research and create a trade book on a related topic. 

Above: Fifth grade students Scott Vancourt (standing) and Evan Pyle (seated) read through nonfiction books to get information for the class project. 

Above: Online Social Studies resources are reviewed in teams by students Blaine Everett and Mark Lewis. 

Above: Avery Coggin and Chloe Baquet begin work on their Mayan trade book in Ms. Kerlec’s fifth grade Social Studies class. 


Students Begin the Year with Rhyming Book

Bonne Ecole Elementary kindergarten students of Ms. Karla Abney began the year with children’s book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault.  This rhyming book tells about letters climbing up the alphabet tree and causing it to tip over.  The students practiced their letter identification and story retelling skills through various partner reading and technology-rich activities.  The lessons concluded with a special snack to depict the tree in the book. 

Above: Kindergarten students Delorian Tippett and Allyson Braudt practice partner reading with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. 

Above: Jayden Horton proudly showcases his alphabet tree snack made of pretzel sticks, green apple slices, raisins, and ABC cereal. 

BEE students (from left to right) Edward Price, Marly Geissler, Jacob Oliver, Kaydence Everett, Bo Watkins, and Malia Harris display their alphabet tree creations made in Ms. Karla Abney’s class. 



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