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May, 2012


Basketballs Abound

Bayou Woods Elementary School third-graders celebrate receiving 50 brand new basketballs donated by the NCAA Final Four Dribble promotional event sponsor, Lowe's Home Improvement Stores.  Pictured with the students are, front, from left, Bayou Woods retiring Principal Linda Bankston and newly appointed Principal Kathy McDowell; and back from left, Lowe's representatives Joe Banks and Pat Piazza, and NCAA Final Four volunteer Jeff McDowell, husband of Kathy McDowell. The basketballs were used as incentives for the school's Positive Behavior program and year-end perfect attendance prizes. 



April, 2012


Good Gators

Pic 1 Left to Right, Front – PreK -- Rylie Zeringue, and Ta'Von Ray. Middle – Kindergarten - Ayla Odom, Alaysia Simmons, Michael Breaux, Maliah Padilla, Oryquan Roberson, and Litzy Rijo. Back - 1st grade - Tierney Laurent, Marque McCullum, Fox Ducote, Keona Mitchell, and Anaiya Sylvester.

Pic 2 Left to right, front – Second Grade – Sofia Aviles, Alevissa Portis, Kendall Mark, Makayla Claude, Eli Hebert, and Jason Stebbins. Back – Third grade – Kyren Ward, Charinae Casey, Raven Lee, and Trinity Gonza’lez


Easter Hat Parade

Kindergarten students at Bayou Woods Elementary presented their annual Easter Hat Parade on Friday, March 31, 2012 before an audience of students, teachers, and family members.

Nalah Barbarin and Ayla Odom proudly model their Easter Hats.

Marquis Ordone, Maliah Padilla and Mar’shay Gray pause in the parade to show off their hats.

Accelerated Readers

Bayou Woods students in Kindergarten through third grade participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. This program is designed to make essential reading practice more effective by personalizing the practice to each student’s current level. Each nine weeks students work toward a personal reading goal with the ultimate goal of building a lifelong love of reading and learning. As a reward for meeting their personal reading goal for the third nine weeks, students dressed as their favorite book character and participated in a parade throughout the school campus. After the parade they were treated to refreshments.
Students below show off their book character costumes.

From Left to Right are Jada Washington, Alana Liverett, Kaylin Harrell, Amiyah Brown,Lydia Nelson, Morgan Hunter, Taylor Bush, and Mailee Davis.


Good Gators for March

Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st graders

Front Row: left to right - Cara McFarland, Shakira Peyton, Vianey Quezada, Priscilla Mruillo, Chebonee Robodeaux, Peyton Hotard, Evan Juneau, and Michael Breaux. Second Row: left to right - Kathern Wright, Bailey Hotard, Eldon Williams, Favyn Villagomez, and Matthew Raziano

2nd and 3rd graders - Front, left to right, Ralen Byrd, Katelyn Schoonover, CoryAnte Ballet, and Jonee Nelson. Back row, left to right, Orquezia Roberson, Kaleb Searle, Kimberley Gardner, Taylor Bush, and Precious Fields


March, 2012

Smart Bodies

Bayou Woods students recently participated in the Smart Bodies Program. Smart Bodies is an interactive educational program designed to help prevent childhood obesity. A joint initiative of the LSU AgCenter and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, Smart Bodies integrates classroom activities with hands-on learning to teach children how to build strong bodies and develop active minds.

In the first photo, students in Mrs. Reese’s second grade class learn about building strong teeth and healthy mouths. Volunteer David Deane demonstrates correct teeth brushing for (clockwise from top) Timothy Moody, Jayden Brister, Lai Lani Perry and Yan Lonzano-Gonzales.

Second Photo – Volunteer parent, Terrence Miles (right), instructs second grade Bayou Woods students about building a strong heart and circulatory system. Students pictured are (back row L to R) Ryan Schmit, Carl Penton, Na’Kirah Spurlock, (Front row L to R) Tristan Nilsson, Lai Lani Perry, and Tyler Toledo.

Black History Month

Students at Bayou Woods celebrated Black History Month by participating in a wide variety of learning experiences. They researched to learn about many Black Americans who are known for their life changing impact on the lives of all Americans. Second and third grade classes created videos and power point presentations that were shared though the school’s closed circuit TV system.

The above picture shows students in Gwendell Garrett’s First Grade Class with unity wreaths they created in commemoration of Black History Month: (Left to Right) Back Row: Anija Smith, Robby Ray, Dakota Berns, Jadah Bedford, Alexzander Wilson, Hailey Melerine, and Alex Benanti. Middle Row: Karly Ortiz, Selena Caillouet, Shance King, Cynthia Gomez, and Angelina Trosclair. Front Row: Eldon Williams, Timothy Howell, Cameron Troxclair, and Tierney Laurent.



February, 2012

Jerseys for Jeremy

Bayou Woods Elementary students and staff enjoyed wearing their sports jersey to raise money for The Jeremy Hebert Defibrillator Fund which is committed to supplying AEDs in all St. Tammany Parish Public Schools.  Through $1.00 donations, Bayou Woods was able to raise over $250.

  Back Row –Counselor Heidi Berthelot, Jadah Bedford, Anija Smith, Devyn Twillie, Joshua Fleury, Matthew Razino, Dakota Berns, Cynthis Gomez, and Principal Linda Bankston. Middle Row – William Davis, Robby Ray, and Alexander Wilson. Front Row – Angelina Trosclair, Hailey Melerine, Tierney Laurent, Nikki Tullis, Cayleigh Glover, and Courtney Guzelf.

Back Row – Maddy McCoy, Marques Biagas, Julienne Cyprian, Skyler Blackman, GiGi Torregano, Tahj Watts, Jovante Lee, and Principal Linda Bankston. Front Row – Jason Dorand, Koby Morris, Eddie Jennings, Jayla Deas, Darryel Sutton, and Trinity Gonzalez.



Good Gators


PreK, kindergarten and First Grade:  

    (Back left to right) 1st grade:  William Davis, Hailey Melerine, Brian Dickens, Dyana Nunez, and Dalton Ledet.    (Middle left to right) K: Terrance Miles, Nathaniel Patrick, Ashley Dabney, Gregory Easley, and Austin Duplantis. (Front left to right) PreK: A'mon Turner and Demetrius Burnett.

2nd and 3rd grade good gators.  

(Back left to right) 3rd grade:  Miguel Thomas, Noah Sigl, Daniel Musante, Jacob Ritter, and Blaine Buras. (Front left to right) 2nd grade: Catherine Deleon, Yan Lozano Gonzales, Morgan Hunter, Skye Johnson, Brady Heinerichs, and Emily Santamaria.




January, 2012


Good Gators

Good Gators for the month of December, 2011.

The first picture is PreK, Kindergarten and First Grade. On the back row, left to right, are Eli Dutsch, Toby Brule, Ja Michael Powell, Jordyn Robinson, Delilah Cox, Esmeralda Perez, Cameron Troxclair, and Alexander Godsey. On the front row, left to right, are Evan Juneau, Kylee Hebert, Apple Farria, Kallie Grubb, Dylan Green, and Hannah Brown.



The second picture is 2nd and 3rd Grade: On the back row, from left to right, are second grade students Ethan Major, Shawn Eaglin, Morgan Payton, Christian Brooks, and Tyler Toledo. On the front row, from left to right, are third grade students Adrion West, Sara Deleon, and Tahj Watts.  Not pictured is Alexia Reimonenq.



December, 2011

Good Gators

Here are the Bayou Woods Good Gators for the month of November 2011. 

PreK and Kindergarten: Back Row - Pre-Kindergarten (right to left)  Dakota, Janelle, Demetris, and Gabrielle. Front Row - Kindergarten (right to left) Trevin, Nico, Hannah, Evan, and Evelyn

First Grade: (right to left)  Isaiah, Anija, Harrison and Nicole

2nd grade: Back (left to right)  Barraneshal, Courtney, and Savannah.
Front (left to right) Taylor, Samantha, and Carrie

3rd grade: Back (left to right)  Talon and Blake
Front (left to right) Harley and Koby






November, 2011

Food Drive

Bayou Woods Elementary and Henry Mayfield Elementary students teamed together to replenish the food pantry for the St. Vincent dePaul Society at St. Genevieve Catholic Church in our community.   The two schools together donated over 2000 nonperishable food items to the pantry.  Homerooms challenged each other as to which could donate the highest number of items.  A third grade class at Bayou Woods won the honor of donating the most items with 244.  Three classes at Henry Mayfield had a three-way tie with 95 items each.

Here are the four highest classes with some of the items.

Pictured above is the Bayou Woods third grade class with the highest number of donations.

Bayou Woods students from the winning class help load the food boxes.

Mary Strecker and Lin Holmes of the St. Vincent dePaul Society
are shown accepting the food items.


Technology Night

Many parents and students attended the annual Bayou Woods Technology Family Night on November 8, 2011.  Together the parents and students explored the many educational tools including the iPod Touch, Web Cams, Flip Cameras, Glogster, and Promethean Boards.  During a Testing Forum, they experienced the use of Activotes to electronically answer practice iLEAP type questions.

Bayou Woods Teacher Dianne Brown and third grader Jacob Ritter react to a visual conversation with another Bayou Woods teacher using the web cam.  Jacob’s father, Anthony Ritter looks on.

Parents and students use Activotes to answer practice iLEAP questions projected on a Promethean Board from the Louisiana State Department of Education website.  Pictured on the front row ( L to R) are Kimberly Jayroe, Nicholas Jayroe, Kim Benanti, Alex Benanti. On the back row (L to R), are Aliyah Fields, Precious Fields, Elvis Wetzel, Kallie Grubb, Laura Grubb, and Harrison Dutsch.

Theresa Brown, second grade teacher Beth Lopez, Cedrick Ziegler, Tammy Torregano, and Nicholas Jayroe enjoy using the iPod Touch at Family Night.



School Lunch Week

Bayou Woods Elementary participated in National School Lunch Week with the theme of “Let’s Grow Healthy”.  Students decorated the school using their art skills to create garden scenes.

Students in Melissa Kamenov’s third grade class wear their favorite gardening hat while sitting in the cornfield they created outside of their classroom door.  Pictured are (Sitting) Madeline McCoy, La’Shae Davis, GiGi Torregano, and Koby Morris; (standing) Javante Lee and Skyler Blackman.

Students in Lori Joiner and Carlye Lightfoot’s PreK class stand in front of the “French Market” of healthy vegetables displayed in the Bayou Woods cafeteria.


October, 2011


Family Fun Night

Families at Bayou Woods participated in the annual Fall Family Fun Night on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011.  Stations were set up for families to explore and discover fun ways of learning. 

Maliah Padilla, Mya Burnett, and Demetrius Burnett arrive for Family Fun Night.

Dakota Armond admires her scratch symmetry painting while her sisters Destin Armond and Blakely Shouse look on.

Rory Jones poses with her scratch symmetry painting.

Tammy Torregano and son Cedrick Ziegler work on prediction and graphing “Dem Bones”.

Sirena and Kurena Strickland create leaves for the Bayou Woods Family Tree.

Shayna Malonson shows off her bookmark made with items she caught by fishing in the friendly pool.


Good Gators

Bayou Woods Good Gators for October. 

                PreK and Kindergarten
Front, left to right:  Rylee Cox and Raegan Cox. Back, left to right:  Caleb Pichon, Jaden Hookfin, Asia Eaglin, and Talan Robinson.  Not pictured is Adriana Moore

                First Grade—Front, left to right:  Matthew Raziano, Shelbi Rogers, and Aaliyah Fields. Back, left to right:  Destiny Mitchell, Ave’ Sutton, and Jadah Bedford.  Not pictured is Joshua Fleury.

                Second Grade, left to right, Amiyah Brown, Fatima Mendoza, Promise Johnson, and Blakely Shouse.  Not Pictured - Paige Craddock.

            Third Grade, left to right -- Gabe Diodene, Sasha Barley, Etollie White and La'Shae Davis.


Dictionaries Distributed

Slidell Northshore Rotary Club presented dictionaries to all third graders at Bayou Woods Elementary. The International Rotary is a supporter of literacy.


John O’Brien and Scott Bonson for the Slidell North Shore Rotary Club present dictionaries to Cathie Hasperue’s (left) third grade class. Students are pictured as follows: Front—Sasha Barley. Back (clockwise) –Brekin Davis, Katelyn Schoonover, Kaden Garrie-Tullier, and Jania Carmon.

Sharon Newton and Robert Baker present dictionaries to
Melissa Kamenov’s (left) third grade class.


Students Grow Their Own Vegetables


Bayou Woods students in Mrs. Stephanie Reese’s second grade class are learning where food comes from by growing their own vegetables.  Pictured are (Front row) Promise, Na'Kirah, Taylor, Timothy, Ra'Kelle, Carl, Barranesha, and (Back row) Ryan, Kimberly, John Elvis, Lai Lani, Ms. Reese, Walter, Tristan, Yan, Jayden, Eli.

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