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May, 2012


Fifth Grade Promotion

2011-2012 5th Grade Class

Outstanding Parent Volunteers

Kydra Henderson, Mrs. Livingston, and Jordan Ronsonette

Jamyra Donaldson, Taylor Brooks, and Jason Landry

Kydra Henderson, Hannah Catman, Jamyra Donaldson, Michaela Rushing,
and Jason Cusimano

Special Recognition

Kydra Henderson received special recognition at Alton's 5th Grade Promotion for being selected as Alton's 2011-2012 Fifth Grade Student of the Year. Pictured from left are fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Cheryl Livingston, Kydra, and Alton Principal, Schanette Hebert.


Arts Showcase

Alton Elementary held An Evening of the Arts to showcase their musical and artistic talents. Parents and other special guests where treated to musical performances by 3rd grade music students and the 4th and 5th grade Choir. They where then able to stroll through the halls view the art work done by the students.


April, 2012


Student Recognized

Alton Elementary 4th Grade WIN student, Far'tasia Lewis, was recognized at the Youth Service Bureau Youth Recognition Program. Far'tasia was honored for the academic growth, leadership, and positive changes she has made this year.


Bubble Day

Students at Alton Elementary had Bubble Day to 'burst' testing anxiety.

Jaquian Bester demonstarated his bubble blowing skills.

Chassidy Jackson, Mariam Haqq, and Sequoia Bouty enjoyed a fun time before testing began.

Third grade teacher, Mrs. Baptiste, had fun blowing bubbles with her students.

Keyana Rogers and Joy Williams enjoyed Bubble Day.

Abby Simpson enjoyed chasing after bubbles to burst them.

Angelo Mitchell had fun blowing bubbles.


March, 2012


Former Student Visits

Jesse Toney, 86, got a private tour of the Alton Elementary's newly renovated building. Ms. Toney attended Alton in the 1930's when there were only two classrooms and two teachers. Pictured from left are Jesse Toney and Claudia Campbell, Alton secretary.


Ribbon Cutting Held

The ribbon was cut for the newly-renovated Alton Elementary campus March 26, with Superintendent W. L. “Trey” Folse, III taking the scissors in hand and two Alton students holding the ends of the ribbon. A large number of former students, teachers, and administrators turned out for the special occasion, as did several area community leaders. From left to right are Elsie Burkhalter, president of the St. Tammany Federation of Teachers and School Employees; School Board Member Peggy Seeley and Ray A. Alfred; student Ayana Lawrence (in front); Anthony Alfred; Principal Schanette Hebert; Ron Randolph; Superintendent Folse; Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Cheryl Arabie (in back); Slidell City Council Member Kim Harbison; School Board Member Robin Mullett; Simmie Fairley; Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Pete Jabbia; Assistant Principal Kathleen Katsorchis; School Board Member Elizabeth Heintz; and student Hannah Chatman.

Click here for news article about the event.


February, 2012


Black History Month

Alton Elementary recently held their Black History Program. The Dancing Drum Organization gave a performance, "Drumming Up Character". The Alton Chorus and student body also performed a number of selections. Judge Jimmie Benton, an Alton graduate, who is now an Immigration Judge in Houston, Texas was the guest speaker. He spoke to the students about setting a goal and working to achive it. He was assisted by his son, Julian Benton, an Air Force pilot.

From left, former Alton students, Judge Jimmie Benton and Alton 5th Grade Teacher, Cheryl Livingston with Judge Benton's son, Julian Benton, an Air Force pilot at the Alton Black History Program.

Alton students play along with the Dancing Drums.

Kindergarten, first, second, and third grade students sing at Alton's Black History Program.

From left, Mrs. Cheryl Livingston, Ms. Mary Kubala, Mrs. Schanette Hebert, Ms. Kiaun Williams, and Ms. Antoinette Davis perform on the drums.

The Alton Chorus performs at Alton's Black History Program.

Alton students, Nevaeh Smith and Chassidy Jackson, enjoying the Dancing Drums.

Mr. Ron Randolph, Director of Accounting Services for the St. Tammany Parish School System, introduces Judge Jimmie Benton.  Both Mr. Randolph and Judge Benton are former Alton Elementary students.

Judge Benton displays the Scales of Justice.

From left, Ashanti Bester, Jessica Burt, Andrew Young, and Dante' Sonnier play the drums.

From left, India Ratliff and Lashondra Phipps waiting while volunteers are chosen to play the drums.




Students Move In

Opening Day For Newly-renovated Buildings, February 27, 2012


Renovations Complete

Monday marked the first day back at school after the Mardi Gras Holiday for students of Alton Elementary School, and they celebrated by returning to their newly renovated campus. The school’s 219 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade have attended class in modular buildings since August of 2012 while the entire school campus was renovated from top to bottom and additions were made to the administration areas, library and cafeteria. A bus canopy was also added to the front of the school.

African Masks

The students in Mrs. Shurlds' art classes at Alton Elementary recently completed a study of West African culture. Students learned that for some West African tribes, the power of the mask is found in its creation. Masks are created for reasons such as to heal or avoid disaster. The more important that a mask’s reason is to the tribe, the more powerful the mask. Each mask’s different details will stand for what a particular ceremony needs to accomplish. By identifying certain characteristics of West African masks, students gained insight into the culture that created it. Students designed their own West African mask as a culmination of the unit .

Mrs. Shurlds with student modeling mask.

Mrs. Shurlds provides assistance with mask project.

Brandon Heidel's West African Mask

Jacoi Warren working on her mask.

Joanna Brown with her completed West African Mask.

Keyana Rogers coloring her mask.

Kya Lawrence and Brandon Heidel hard at work on their masks.

Kya Lawrence proudly shares her mask.

Students displaying their completed masks.



January, 2012

Dreams for Future

Mrs. Leonard's Pre-K class at Alton Elementary recently studied the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and his famous 'I Have A Dream' speech. They then wrote about their dreams for the future.

Front row from left, Levi Peterson, Darrell Cloud, Caitlyn Epley, Ronald Dumas, and Claire Johnson. Second row from left, Jenitza Aleman, Cameron Thibodeaux, Sean Jenkins, and Nathan McDonald. Back row, Mrs. Brenda Leonard.

Front row from left, Lilton Bibbons, Leah Harris, DaJon Egana, Kiah Williams, and Jeremiah McGrew. Second row from left, Maya Long, Stevie Williams, Dillon Miller, and Tyson Griffith. Back row, Mrs. Brenda Leonard.



AquaVan Visits

Alton Elementary recently had the Audubon Aquarium AquaVan visit the school.  The students were given a presentation called Rainforest Rendezvous.  Students were active participants in creating the layers of a rainforest and were able to see and touch a Pueblan Milk Snake, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, a Chilean Rose Hair Spider, and PacMan Frog. The AquaVan visit was sponsored through a grant from Chevron.  

Alton students lay on the floor to represent the floor of the rainforest.

Kya Lawrence (left) and Dorrain Guild use an umbrella
to represent the canopy of the rainforest.

From left Nevaeh Smith, Kaitlyn Brooks, and Jacoi Warren use the 'two finger touch' to feel a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.


December, 2011

Children's Museum Visits


Louisiana Children's Museum recently came to Alton Elementary with Star Lab.  Star Lab is an inflatable, portable planetarium and classroom standing 11 feet tall and 20 feet wide.  The students were able to enter Star Lab for a lesson on the constellations and Greek Mythology.

The students receive instruction inside Star Lab.

Julia Barbin prepares to crawl into Star Lab.

The students receive instructions before presentation inside Star Lab.

Jordan Lewis and Katana Johnson enjoyed the Star Lab visit. 

Students looking at the constellations

Cornelius Warren outside the inflatable planetarium.

Dante' Sonnier prepaes to crawl into the planetarium.


Boyet Band Visits

The Boyet Band recently visited Alton Elementary to perform their Christmas Concert for the students.  The Alton Choir then sang for the students.

The Boyet band performs

Waiting for their turn to perform are Alton Choir members, from left,  Randy Landor, Gavionne Parker, Marissa Collins, Hannah Chatman, and Taylor Brooks.

Enjoying the band are Alton students, from left, Da'Shanik Hopkins, Naieya Kaiser, and Kydra Henderson.

Bright Future

"Our Future Is So Bright We Have to Wear Shades"

As part of Alton Elementary's schoolwide Positive Behavior Support, students who met classroom behavior expectations were allowed to wear their 'shades' to school. 

Proudly representing Pre-K are from left Stevie Williams, Mrs. Brenda Leonard, and Jeremiah McGrew. 

Students representing first and second grade are, front from left,  Naomi Reyes, Lauren Chatman, Sierra Campbell, Kaitlyn Brooks, Sequoia Boudy, and Kendall Andrews; and back row, from left, Joy Williams, Brandon Heidel, Kevin Barbin, Benjamin Smith, and Corey Henderson.

Fourth grade students wearing 'shades' are from left Kizuwanda Burt, Yasmine Landor, Far'tasia Lewis, and Katana Johnson: and back row, from left, Jordan Lewis, Donovan Kelly, and Christopher Holloway.


November, 2011

United Way Goal Exceeded

Alton Elementary celebrated surpassing their 2011-2012 United Way Goal of $4,708. The students collected contributions and sold tshirts and snacks to raise money to help others less fortunate.

The back of the Alton United Way tshirt.

Students model their United Way tshirts.

From left Hannah Davis, Mikayla Dattalo, and Maeleah Roberson display a graph of grade level tshirt sales.

From left Far'tasia Lewis, Katana Johnson, and Yasmine Landor celebrate surpassing the school's United Way Goal.


Family Literacy Night

Alton Elementary recently held Family Literacy Night. Students came in their pajamas to listen to stories and work at a variety of activity centers while their parents attended informational sessions about grade level expectations.

Miriam Haqq found a quiet place to read on the laptop computer.

Kelley Bullock (center) helps daughters Svetlana Bullock(left) and Aniyah Reed at the Spelling Center. Malcom Taylor (right) also works at the center.


Parent Breakfast

Alton recently held a Parent Breakfast to provide parents with information on cyber bullying and drug abuse prevention. Maria Rothschild, Alton's guidance counselor, (far right) gave a presentation to parents on internet safety, cyber bullying and the effects of drug abuse on the brain.

Reading Coach

Alton Elementary recently recognized the September Class High Achievers in My Reading Coach.  Receiving certificates are, front, from left, Ayana Lawrence, Miriam Haqq, Daunte Johnson, C.J. Walterhouse, and Donovan Kelly; and back row, from left, Kalawsia Burt, Camran Andrews, Dorrian Guild, and Nevaeh Smith.

Alton Elementary students receiving certificates for most improved student in their class on My Reading Coach are, front from left, Joy Williams, Brice Washington, and Maria Climaco-Escobar; and back row, from left, Jordan Lewis, Andrew Boatner, Dorrian Guild, and Terriana Johnson.

Honor Roll Students

Alton Elementary recently honored the students who made the honor roll for the first 9 weeks grading period.  The students received certificates and a treat.  They then did a special art project.

Alton Honor Roll Students - Front Row (left to right) Macy Dattalo, Kalawsia Burt, Sierra Campbell, Grace Deglandon, Westin Manning, Keyana Rogers, Joanna Brown, and Kevin Barbin. Second Row (left to right) Donovan Kelly, Nevaeh Smith, Eron Harris, Joy Williams, Naomi Reyes, Chassidy Jackson, Miriam Haqq, Kya Lawrence, Kaitlyn Brooks, and Torien Bester. Third Row (left to right) Ashanti Bester, Angelica Gullickson, Kizuwanda Burt, Tomyree Thompson, Makayla Dattalo, Jessica Simpson, Jaleel Bester, Rachel Sarah, and Jermaine Griffin. Back Row (left to right) C.J. Walterhouse, Andrew Young, Ashante Moore, Maliyah Victor, Jordan Lewis, Jaden Lewis, Ayana Lawrence, Maliyah Johnson, Taylor Brooks, and Kydra Henderson .

Left to right: Jaleel Bester and Donovan Kelly focus intently on their art projects.

Left to right: Chassidy Jackson, Miriam Haqq, and Grace Deglandon enjoy the Honor Roll Celebration.

AR Goal Winners

Alton Elementary recently honored students who achieved their Accelerated Reader goal for the first nine weeks.  Students received certificates, snacks, and tshirts which they painted with messages to read.

Second and third grade students reaching their Accelerated Reader goal are:  Front Row (left to right)  Tomyree Thompson, Kaitlyn Brooks, Kya Lawrence, O'Mariyonna Lard, and Westin Manning. Middle Row (left to right) Makayla Dattalo, Joanna Brown, Jacoi Warren, Grace Deglandon, and Kalawsia Burt. Back Row (left to right) Macy Dattalo, Lukas Massimini, Chassidy Jackson, Joy Williams, Miriam Haqq, Daniel Smith

Fourth and fifth grade students reaching their Accelerated Reader goal are:  Front Row (left to right) Ashanti Bester, Donovan Kelly, Angelica Gullickson, and Ayana Lawrence. Middle Row (left to right) Jordan Lewis, Tony Celestine, Charles Lawler, and Richard Tillman. Back Row (left to right) Destiney Matthews, Deontre' Griffin, Christopher Holloway, and Ashante Moore.

Left to right are Richard Tillman and Christopher Holloway concentrate on  designing their T-shirt at the Alton Accelerated Reader Celebration.



October, 2011


Outstanding Achievers

Alton Elementary recently recognized students who have made outstanding achievement on the Symphony and Ascend Math computer program.

Symphony Math Certificate Receivers: Front Row Left to Right: Lance Jenkins, Kyla Sylve, Steven Lewis, and Lauren Chatman. Back Row Left to Right: Kaitlyn Brooks, Miriam Haqq, Kya Lawrence, and Dorrian Guild.

Ascend Math Certificate Receivers: Front Row Left to Right: Jacob Massimini, Christopher Holloway, Angel Hunter, Delilah Reyes, Daniel Peterson, Ashanti Bester, and Maliyah Victor. Back Row Left to Right: Jaleel Bester, Charles Lawler, Cornelius Warren, Far'tasia Lewis, An'jana Donaldson, Terriana Johnson, and Julia Barbin.

Red Ribbon Week

Alton Elementary participated in Red Ribbon Week activities to show their commitment to lead a drugfree life.  Guest speakers and activities focused on leading a healthy, drug-free life.

Alton Elementary students wearing red to show their support for a drugfree community are front, from left, Daniel Peterson, Jaleel Bester, Kelsey Quirk, Makayla Dattalo, Camran Andrews, and Logan Jones; and back row, from left, Brice Washington, Joshua Keys, Maurice Gillum, Maeleah Roberson, and Rachel Sarah.

Alton Elementary students and teachers wearing crazy socks to kick out drug abuse are front, from left, Gloria Rodriguez, Mrs. Trish Arnold, Dynasty Mitchell, Jessica Simpson, Brice Washington, Rachel Sarah, Malek Sylve, Maeleah Roberson, and Mrs. Yohannah Baptiste.

Guest speaker, Wendell Leonard, a pharmacist at Tulane Medical Center, spoke to the students about drug safety and the job of a hospital pharmacist.

Go, Glow and Grow

Alton Elementary's Food Service Manager,Carla Hyde, teaches Go, Glow,Grow nutrition lessons to the 1st grade classes.  Go, Glow, Grow is a hands-on class that teaches the relationship between foods students eat and their function in making a body healthy.

Carla Hyde and students demonstrate that proteins and milk make you grow. Front row, left to right:  Malcom Taylor, Lauren Chatman, and Brooklyn Miller. On the back row, left to right:  Cala Hyde, Food Services Manager, and Harley Scarbrough.

Lauren Chatman samples a wheat roll to give her body energy to go.

Students enjoying kiwi to help their skin, hair, and eyes glow. Left to right:  Brooklyn Miller, Mario McGrew, and Tyasia Ponce. 


Technology Night

Alton Elementary recently held Technology Night at the school. Parents and students had the opportunity to explore educational apps for the iPods, use the Promethean Board, learn about internet safety, and explore educational computer programs and websites.

Phillip Collins, Marisa Collins, and Makayla Dattalo (lleft to right) explore applications on the Touch iPod.

First grade teacher, Nicole Hayes, works with Lukas Massimini at the Promethean Board.


Special Visitor

Jessie Toney, 86, recently visited Alton Elementary where she attended school in the 1930's. She reminisced about her elementary school days recalling that there were only two classrooms and two teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Burkhalter who taught students in first through sixth grade. Mrs. Toney has 9 children, 23 grandchildren, 35 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren. Many of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have attended Alton. One daughter, Joyce Jolly, once taught at Alton. She is currently a first grade teacher at Brock Elementary. Presently, four of her great grandchildren are attending Alton: Anton Toney, Alsice Paige, Michaela Walterhouse, and Morgan Walterhouse.

Mrs. Hebert gave Mrs. Toney a tour of the campus. She explained and showed her the plans (Masterpiece) of Alton Elementary School currently under construction. Mrs. Toney was so proud to see the amazing progress of the school.


September, 2011

Literacy Liaison

Lorraine Lafaver, a member of the Slidell Junior Auxiliary Literacy Liaison, is working at Alton Elementary with students in Nicole Hayes' first grade class. She spends Thursday working individually with the students to improve their letter recognition, phonetic awareness, sight word recognition, and other early reading skills. Ms. Lafaver retired from the St. Tammany Parish School System in 2008 with 25 years teaching experience.

Malcolm Taylor reads sight words to Ms. Lafaver using a 'whisper phone' to hear the letter sounds.

Malcolm Taylor reads words from the "Biffy Tunes" Word Wall to Ms. Lafaver.

Ms. Lafaver works on letter identification with Angel Donaldson.


Accelerated Reader Program

Alton Elementary kicked off their 2011-2012 Accelerated Reader Program at a recent Morning Meeting. The theme for this year is "Super Readers Have Super Powers."

Guest reader, Mrs. Alice Twillie, a retired school librarian, mesmerized the students with a reading of Flossie and the Fox by Patricia McKissack.

Mrs. Cheryl Livingston (left), Alton Elementary Accelerated Reader Committee Chairperson. Mrs. Alice Twillie (right), Retired school librarian and guest reader

Teacher of the Year

Alton Elementary recently recognized Sara Archer (right) as Alton's 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year. Presenting the certificate is Principal Schanette Hebert (center) and Alton's 2010-2011 Teacher of the Year, Nicole Hayes (left).

Open House

Alton Elementary recently held its annual Open House. Parents attended a brief PTA meeting and then visited their child's classroom. Teachers explained their class routines and behavior expectations. The students proudly shared samples of their work and assisted teachers by modeling daily learning activities for their parents.

Mrs. Bin Su (left) welcomes Brianna Kelley (right) to the classroom at Alton's Open House.

Mrs. Stacey Walsh (left) and Logan Israel (right) demonstrate finger spelling at the Promethean Board.



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