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May, 2013


Viewing Artifacts


Students in Janice Perkins' second grade class at Abita Springs Elementary School enjoyed viewing artifacts from the African exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art as a culminating activity to wrap up their last reading story of the year, "Babu's Song." The artifacts were brought to the class by Tracy Kennan, the mother of one of Mrs. Perkins' students.  Mrs. Kennan, who works at the museum, let the students try on tribal masks from the collection.  Shown are, front row, left to right, Mia Westereng, Lilly Harrison, Cohen LaBauve, and Chloe' Cagnolatti.  On the back row, left to right, are Rimes Donado, Ronde' White, Jonathan Berry, and Reagen Robin.


April, 2013


Contraction Surgery

Students in Mrs. Janice Perkins' second grade class at Abita Springs Elementary School performed "Contraction Surgery" in order to remember what parts of words to remove when forming a contraction.  Donning surgeons' masks, caps, and gloves, they removed the excess word parts before "stitching" the words back together with paper clips and bandages, leaving a scar (the apostrophe). "Doctors" Daniel Medina and Savannah Kast are shown performing surgery on their set of words.


Spotting Contractions

Second graders in Mrs. Janice Perkins' class at Abita Springs Elementary used newspaper articles to spot contractions being used in print.  Using colored transparent disks, they covered all of the contractions they could find before categorizing them and using them in their own sentences.  Shown searching for contractions are Brooke Serigne, Jonathan Berry, Patrick Johnson, and Chloe' Cagnolatti.



Family Night Guest Reader

Abita Springs Elementary School recently held a Family Night for students and parents. Parents visited their child’s classroom to participate in a math activity with their child. Then they were invited to the cafeteria to hear Mr. Juan Kincaid from WWL read.

He is shown above with Leah Dufrene and Andy Dufrene



T-Shirt Facts

The following children received their "I've mastered my facts" T-shirt this week: Michaela Cangelosi, Kailey Boggs, Nathan Heap, Kahlil Reeves, Haylie Gouner, Corey Schmidt, Rylee Crosby, Paige Cordier, Abby Rodriguez, Abby Barletter, and Dominic Giroir.



February, 2013


Mardi Gras Parade

Here are pictures from our Kindergarten Mardi Gras parade.


Rep. Simon Visits Cafeteria

State Representative Scott Simon visited the cafeteria at Abita Springs Elementary School on Tuesday, February 5, to meet with Principal Rebecca Stogner and Supervisor of Food Service Pat Farris. He discussed the child nutrition program with them and noted how St. Tammany had won many food service awards. He is pictured above meeting the cafeteria staff. He then helped collect lunch tickets from students.

For more photographs, click here.

December, 2012


Great American Fundraiser

Students from Abita Springs Elementary recently had a Great American Fundraiser. The money raised went toward purchasing a new school sign. The top sellers were: Gracey Hill, Trinity Barrios, and Sebastion Olson. A BIG “Thank You” to all who participated to help us reach our goal. (Pictured are Gracey Hill, Trinity Barrios,
and Sebastion Olson.)

November, 2012



Sensory Garden

Students in Janice Perkins’ second grade class at Abita Springs Elementary School are hard at work planting  yellow and purple chrysanthemums around the bird bath in the school’s Sensory Garden.  From left to right the students adding the fall color are Hailey  Marange, Reagen Robin, Eli Lechler, and Cohen Labauve.



BlueJack Ridge Ranch

Abita Springs Elementary first grade students recently visited BlueJack Ridge Ranch. Students walked through an authentic western town and a seven acre maze. They learned about farm animals and the important role of horses in American History and today’s ranching. Pictured is Ms. Misty’s first grade class. (Pictured: Madalynn Avery, Victoria Boudreaux, Zachary Boudreaux, Justice Brooks, Brooklynne Callahan, Makenzie Cannatella, Amariyah Dawson, Lillian Diaz, Mason Gendusa, Alex Hudspeth, Isabella Jones, Daniel Lewis, Keaton Moulliet, Logan Nordin, Emma Pellegrin, Vincent Picou, Shemiree’ Richardson, Hannah Templet, Logan Woodson, and Logan Young)



Legacy Garden

Fall is the season to plant cool weather vegetables, and these students from Janice Perkins’ second grade class at Abita Springs Elementary School are preparing the soil in the school’s Legacy Garden to plant broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  From left to right are Reagen Robin, Jonathan Berry, and Hayden Meynard.


50th Day of School

Students in Ms. Bindewald’s First Grade Class celebrated the 50th day of school with a trip to the drive in. Students enjoyed popcorn and root beer floats from the concession stand. We were served burgers and fries car side. And what was the feature presentation? The Mickey Mouse Club of course, starring Annette! During intermission, students enjoyed some sock hop style dancing in the parking lot! It’s been a “Fabulous 50” Days. (Pictured: Top Row: Matthew Powell, Noah Fussell, Oliver Moore, Kollin Locicero, Ben Lewis, Grier Locicero, Charles Escher, Sawyer Daigle; Middle Row: Samantha Hopkins, Ruby Lechler, Brinkley Seal, Dillon Reidenauer, Shannon Woods, Victoria Woods, Isabella Causey; Bottom Row: Ellisa Cantrell, Aliyah Gutierez, Mattajah Jones, Payton Bowden.)



Fall Festival Stories

Kindergarten students at Abita Springs Elementary enjoyed listening to Juan Kincaid of WWL TV read theme related stories during our Fall Festival. (Pictured are Cash Montalbano, Miley Moore, Macey Talley, Mrs. Siragusa, McKinley Mardis, and Jaylen Dawson.)



Fall Festival

Kindergarten students at Abita Springs Elementary celebrated fall with a Fall Festival. They participated in learning activities related to the fall season. Pictured are students from Ms. Zweifel’s kindergarten class. (Class Picture: Front row: Peyton Anglin, Anna King, Molly Nelson, Raelyn Hebert, Tyler Smith, Kayleigh Burch, Jackson Anglin, Bailey Hunt, and Brady Corkern; Back Row: Avery Rockhold, Macey Talley, Tyler Blaszak, Miley Moore, Nathaniel Toussaint, Landan Wagner, Cash Montalbano, McKinley Mardis, Jaylen Dawson, Wren Breazeale, Shelby Watson, and Leah Thomas)


October, 2012

Caught Going Above
and Beyond

The following Abita Springs Elementary students were caught going above and beyond for others on campus. Pictured are Delester Magee, Kobe Barnes, Kai Woods, and Jordan Ducote.




School Lunch Week

Abita Springs Elementary students celebrated school lunch week by learning the healthy way to fill their plates. Students were taught about the food pyramid and practiced putting healthy portions on their plates. (Pictured are Regan Bond, Brinkley Seal, Matthew Powell, and Luke Arceneaux.)

Abita Springs recently celebrated school lunch week by inviting local dignitaries to eat lunch in our cafeteria. St. Tammany Parish School Board Member Charles Harrell treated some ASE students by serving them lunch. Pictured are Brandi Edwards and Charles Harrell, Kailey Boggs and Kristofer Arcement.


Standing on the back row are Rebecca Stogner, Penny Snow, Angela Jackson Dixie Crosby, and Julia Buras. Sitting from left are Bandon Harrell, Charles Harrell, Donna Kilpatrick, Jennifer Balmann, Louis Fitzmorris, and Greg Lemons.


Three Generations for Lunch

Recently ASE was fortunate to have three generations eating lunch in our cafeteria. ASE student Jadyn Taylor was joined by Hezzie Stevens, Felicia Jourdan, and Rachael Taylor.



School Lunch Week

Students serving special guest at Abita Springs Elementary

School Board Member Charles Harrell and his son helped out in the serving line.



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