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May, 2012



Food Service Award

From the May, 2012, Food Service Awards Banquet
National School Lunch Week Parish Winner


Teacher & Support Person
of the Year

Abita Springs Elementary recently named their 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year and Support Person of the Year. Ms. Maria O'Keefe, left, is ASE's Teacher of the Year and Ms. Marlene Haffey is ASE's Support Person of the Year. These two women go the extra mile to make ASE a wonderful place to be!



Stuffed Dog Rewards

Students at Abita Springs Elementary who had no absences, never tardy, and no check outs for the last nine weeks grading period were recently entered into a drawing for seven stuffed dogs. Students were given one entry for every week they went without an absence, tardy slip, or check out slip. The lucky winners were Sable Owens from Mrs. Soler’s class, Jeazzelle Baham from Mrs. Hilburn’s class, Ivan Mendoza from Mrs. Adams class, Jennie Bailey from Mrs. Dupuy’s class, Damon Dusang from Mrs. Dupuy’s class, Emily Hamby from Mrs. Dupuy’s class, and Alexa Spindler from Mrs. Dupuy’s class. (Pictured: Back Row: Emily Hamby, Alexa Spindler, Jeazzelle Baham; Front Row: Sable Owens and Damon Dusang)


Funds Raised For Animals

After reading a story about a young girl who raised money for animals at the zoo, Mrs. Dupuy's 3rd grade class at Abita Springs Elementary collected and donated over $100 to the St. Tammany Animal Resource Team (START) to help local homeless pets. START brought dogs and cats to the school to accept the check.


Hippo Skull

Students in Janice Perkins' second grade class at Abita Springs Elementary School recently enjoyed examining a hippopotamus skull in their classroom after reading and doing activities related to the book Owen and Mzee. The book is a true story about the friendship between an orphaned baby hippo and a 130-year-old tortoise in Kenya. The skull was brought in by the mother of one of Mrs. Perkins' students. Viewing the skull are Shawn Latino, Lily Rabalais, Rick Larousse, and Stormie Watson.



PTA Elections Held

Abita Springs Elementary recently held PTA elections. We would like to thank our outgoing board (Pictured: Julia Buras, Penny Snow, Arnisa Batts, and Eva Jenkins) for all the time and energy they have put into making this school year special for the students.

The outgoing PTA Board consisted of Penny Snow as President, Eva Jenkins as 2nd Vice President, Elizabeth Buras as 1st Vice President, Julia Buras as Treasurer, and Arnisa Batts as Secretary.

April, 2012

Lunch Week Award

Earlier this year, school cafeterias throughout the parish took part in “Louisiana School Lunch Week” with another round of fun events, student activities, and decorations all promoting healthy eating choices, especially local cuisine favorites. Abita Springs Elementary won first place during the statewide competition in this school year’s “Let’s Grow Healthy” School Lunch promotion. This promotion, which took place in August and October, helped students understand where food comes from while highlighting the overall benefits that school lunches provide in helping them grow strong and healthy. It also provided the opportunity to try something new and promote locally sourced foods.

During School Lunch Week, students at Abita Springs Elementary participated in a walk-a-thon benefiting Relay for Life, learned about how to plant fruits and vegetables from a local farmer, took part in a bicycle race and had a jump rope contest. School Board members and officials from Abita Springs attended a cafeteria luncheon and enjoyed entertainment provided by the Abita Springs Elementary School Choir. Students were awarded prizes during each grade level's lunch time if their plates had the lucky numbers on them. The Grand Prizes were 2 bikes which were awarded to Dillon Huddleston and Abby Rodrigue.

Abita Spring Fire Dept. visited with Pre-K students and talked about fire safety.

Students raised money for Relay for Life Cancer Walk. Bryan, Daniel, Hayden, and Coy.

Local farmer Mr. Leonard helped Second graders plant seeds to learn how food grows.

Angela Jackson, Abita Springs Mayor Louis Fitzmorris, and former Abita Springs Mayor and Times-Picayune Columnist Bryan Gowland

3rd Grade Bicycle race

Winners of the bicycle race - Grace, Laura, Salvadore, and Chloe

NAC team helped decorate Presley, Charlotte, Mitchell, and Matthew for NSLW

Abita Springs Produce Market

Produce Market



Recipe Reading

Students in Mrs. Janice Perkins’ second grade class at Abita Springs Elementary School recently learned to read and follow directions from a recipe. Each child brought a vegetable from which the class made vegetable soup after reading the story “The Ugly Vegetables.” Pictured are Haven McElroy, Lagan Carpenter, and Isabella Morici.


Pirate Day

Students in Ms. Bindewald’ s second grade class had a Pirate Party. Their Pirate Party was a culmination of many things. In Reading, we were learning about the Bossy R. Aaaa/AR/gh. In Social Studies, we were studying maps. We were also celebrating the completion of our fourth compliment chain. The students counted "treasure" and listed /ar/ words on a treasure map. We also planned our next voyage using maps. They ended the day with a special snack.

Pictured are Boys: Anthony Taylor, Jonathan Berry, and Beau Buras

Girls: Ava Keen, Layla Locicero, Kylie Reinecke, and Anissa Hughes


March, 2012

Observing Moths

Janice Perkins’ second graders at Abita Springs Elementary School are raising Polyphemus caterpillars as they prepare to become moths. These moths appear to have giant eyes on their wings as part of their protective coloration. The caterpillars can be found on local oak, willow, maple, and birch trees. Pictured observing the caterpillars are Alana Wainright and Chase Troia.

February, 2012

Playground Upgrade

The Pentecostals of Mandeville Church under the direction of David Keating planned and completed the installation of a new piece of playground equipment for Abita Springs Elementary. Using their own equipment and materials spent their Saturday volunteering for this project. Savings for the school was over $4,000. Pictured are Chris Savois, Doug Fabre, Chad Keating, Cody Jenkins, and Troy Baudean. On the back Row - P.J. Williams, Mike Cook, David Keating, Pastor Paul Trentacoste, Philip Fasullo, and Michael Buras.

Jerseys for Jeremy

Students from Abita Springs Elementary celebrate "jersey for Jeremy day"! Pictured are Maelin Crum, Marissa Palma, Isabel Medina, and Sydney Roberts.


Gerbil Lessons

Abita Springs Elementary students in Mrs. Boucher’s Pre K class are learning about gerbils. The students are keeping busy observing their class pets throughout the day. Pictured is Elizabeth Petters.

Bike Raffle

Abita Springs Elementary recently held a bike raffle. Students were given one entry for each day of school not missed during the 3rd nine weeks. The lucky winners were Abby Rodriguez and Dillon Huddleston. Pictured are Abby Rodriguez, Dillon Huddleston, Ms. Rebecca Stogner, and Ms. Elizabeth Caruso.

January, 2012



“Fabulous Friday”

Students in Ms. Bindewald’s are having fun on “Fabulous Friday.”  Students who have done all of their homework and stayed on task all week get to participate in this special day. Students are allowed to spend extra time visiting with their friends and playing games. (Pictured: Ava Keen, Ella Daigle, Mia Burtch Mince, Anissa Hughes)

Lunch Treat

Waldheim United Methodist Church recently supplied lunch to the staff of Abita Springs Elementary. The staff were treated to red beans, salad, and delicious banana bread. Everyone enjoyed the special treat! (Pictured: Jamie Sharp, Connie Fricken, Lt. Dawn Powell, Dr. Adrian Cairns, Carla Reeves, and Sam Hubbard. Not pictured: Pastor Chris Fryou and Kathy Davidson)



Abita Springs Elementary recently held a fundraiser with Number One Fundraising. ASE students, parents, and staff worked hard to raise money for their school. All students who sold at least 5 items were given a piece of tape to tape Ms. Stogner, ASE principal, to the wall. The “taping” was broadcast to the whole student body. ASE would like to thank the students, parents, and staff for their hard work in making this fundraiser a success. ( Pictured: Ms. Rebecca Stogner and Emma Floyd)

100 days smarter

Abita Springs Elementary students recently celebrated the 100th day of school. Students in first grade through third grade participated in various activities to celebrate this special day. (Pictured is Mrs. Carpenter’s 1 st grade students: Kane Revere, Nathan Hinojosa, Brice Barr, Joshua Tagliavore, Katelyn Ramsey-Cyprian, and Savannah Kast)


December, 2011

Country Christmas

Mrs. Branch’s T1 class at Abita Springs Elementary performed the play “A Country Christmas.” The students entertained guests with their dancing and singing of Christmas carols.  (Pictured: Row 1: Keyon Walker, Amy Cornu, Kahlil Reeves, Destiny Warren, Marshall Brand, Kyla Sanchez, Jace Crosby,  Destiny Ply ;Row 2: John Michael Brakel, Sabrina Magee, Keaton Moulliet, Henry Blalock, Matthew Lien, Blaze Delcambre, Annabella Jenkins, Seth Delbuno, Abby Rodriquez, CJ Demoruelle. Third row: Mrs. Paula Schulingkamp and Mrs. Kathy Branch)

Christmas Around the World

Abita Springs Elementary kindergarten students in Mrs. Sessions, Ms. Zweifel, and Mrs. Patton’s classes celebrated “Christmas Around the World.” Students studied the Christmas traditions from the United States, Japan, and Mexico. Above pictures are Ms. Zweifel, Alyssa Fourtunia, Charlie Verret, Reed Bond, and Haylie Gounder.  

Ms. Zweifel and Mrs. Sessions.



November, 2011


Fundraising Project

Abita Springs Elementary recently held a fundraiser with Number One Fundraising. ASE students, parents, and staff worked hard to raise money for their school. The following students are the highest sellers in their grade levels.

Pre K: 1st place was Katie Rainey, 2nd place was Averie Lee, 3rd place was Nova Scheckler.

Kindergarten: 1st place was Hannah Tamplet, 2nd place was Matthew Powell, 3rd place was Trip Morel.

First Grade: 1st place was Beau Buras, 2nd place was Jonathan Weiser, 3rd place was Mia Burtch.

Second Grade: 1st place was Bailey Patterson (not pictured), 2nd place was Andrew Buras, 3rd place was Isabella Granderson.

Third Grade: 1st place was Matthew Ray, 2nd place was Alexis Gratia, 3rd place was Landon Curtis.

ASE would like to thank the students, parents, and staff for their hard work in making this fundraiser a success.

Special Singer Visits

Third grade students were recently visited by Mr. Danny O'Flaherty, a singer, songwriter, and storyteller who inspires his young audiences to think, learn, and appreciate the world around them. The students were taught about historical individuals from the Revolutionary War through song. The students and teachers enjoyed the presentations as they sang along with Mr. O’Flaherty. Pictured are Mr. Danny O’Flaherty and Nicholas Mendez.


October, 2011

Mystery Genre

During the month of October, Mrs. Fauntleroy's Third Grade class at Abita Springs Elementary learns about the mystery genre. Andy Broussard, Zachary Strain, Alanna Watt, and Grace Dufrene are investigating a "crime scene" that occured in the classroom.

"Crime Scene" Studied

Students in Mrs. Fauntleroy's third grade class at Abita Springs Elementary are investigating a "crime scene" that occured in class. The class is reading and learning about mysteries this month. The students pictured are: Victoria Smith, Sylvester Magee, Angelle Watson, Gregory Olsen, and Andy Broussard.


Butterflies Studied

Students from Mrs. Janice Perkins’ second grade class have been busy studying the life cycles of butterflies. They have observed the life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly in their classroom. This second grade class has let over 30 butterflies go in our school garden. Pictured is Kayleigh Encardes and Chris Fontenot.

Mural Dedicated

Abita Springs Elementary recently hosted a dedication ceremony for the “Louisiana Music Heritage Mural” in honor of Mrs. Liz Perrin. Mrs. Perrin was a former art teacher at ASE. The mural was created by the ASES third grade class of 2011 in collaboration with Mr. Dave Kelsey, Mrs. Tracy Kennan, and Ms. Eva Jenkins. The students designed pictures to represent the various music played throughout Louisiana. The funding for the mural was supported by The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation and the ASES PTA. (Pictured: Steve Perrin, Liz Perrin, Tracy Kennan, and Eva Jenkins)


Crime Lab Visits ASE

Abita Springs Elementary third grade students were visited by the St. Tammany Parish Crime Lab to conclude their mystery units. Lt. Dawn Powell and Dy. Lauren Davis explained their jobs and the different equipment they use to the students. Students were able to use the equipment that detectives use at crime scenes to solve mysteries. The third graders were very excited to find their fingerprints using the unique tools.

Pictured left to right: Chase Lampo, Angel Adlow, Jackson Heap, Angelle Gauthier, and Dy. Lauren Davis

Pictured left to right: Lt. Dawn Powell, Kyle Burke, Kyle Waguespack, and Kerry Barnes

Louisiana Showcase Night

Abita Springs Elementary hosted its annual Open House night on October 24th with a Louisiana theme. Parents visited their child’s classroom to view all their hard work so far in the year. Parents and students were also treated to red beans and rice donated by Blue Runner Foods and Louisiana music in the cafeteria. It was a night full of art, food, music, and fun! (Pictured: Ashley Heisser and Hayden Heisser)

Body Tour

Abita Springs Elementary was visited by the SmartBodies exhibit from the LSU Ag Center on October 25th & 26th. Students were able to tour the human body with the OrganWise Guys as their guides. Students began the tour in the brain and traveled through the body learning lessons at each stop. We would like to thank the parents who volunteered to lead each body station. ASE students learned lots from the fabulous exhibit. (Pictured: Logan Nordin, Lauren Winslow, Victoria Woods, Sawyer Daigle,Brent Lasseigne, Hannah McHenry, Shannon Woods, Sam Heffker, Jaco Pickard, and Mrs. Emily Achee.)

Students “Beeing” There

Mrs. Rachel Carpenter’s first grade class at Abita Springs Elementary celebrated their awesome behavior with an ice cream party. Honey the Bee joined them for ice cream in celebration of earning 100 class compliments since school started.

Bottom (left to right): Gabrielle Givens, Joshua Tagliavore, Coy Herberger, Ryan Terrington, Nathan Hinojosa, Reagen Robin, and Katelyn Cyprian. Middle: Chloe Cagnalatti, Kaiya Blucas, Savannah Kast, Mixon Senseney, Paydon Payne, Kane Revere, and Bryce Barr. Back: Ashton Thigpen, Colin Siragusa, Alli Lusher, Emma Wattigny, Gracie Farris, Honey the Bee, Mrs. Rachel Carpenter


Silly Sock Day

Ms. Wolfe’s kindergarten class from Abita Springs Elementary learned about the letter “S.” The students participated in a silly sock day to celebrate the letter “S.” The children in the picture starting at the top and moving to the right are: Noah Fussell, Isabella Washington,Ben Henry, Annie Boltin,Sophia Guy,Taylor Batts,Hunter Mabe,Courtney Solari, Jordan Saucier, and Lexi Loga.

September, 2011


Teddy Bear Day in T-1

On Thursday, September 15th, we had a special day with our favorite Teddy Bears. We used them for math, language arts, and art activities. The children had a blast. We graphed the Gummi bears that Mrs. Demoruelle sent for us. We even graphed our teddy bears. We listened to stories about teddy bears. At the end of the day, we made the "Bear with the Stubby Tail." Students Pictured: Henry Blalock, John Michael Brakel, Marshall Braud, Amy Cornu, Jace Crosby, Seth Delbuno, Blaze Delcambre, Charles Demoruelle, Annabella Jenkins, Matthew Lien, Sabrina Magee, Keaton Moulliet, Destiny Ply, Kahlil Reeves, Abby Rodriquez, Kyla Sanchez, Keyon Walker, and Destiny Warren.

Grandparents Day

Abita Springs Elementary celebrated Grandparents Day by inviting grandparents to visit the school during the week of September 12th – 16th. Many grandparents visited ASE. We had one special great grandmother, Ms. Louise Metzelthin. She is 99 years old and received a dozen of roses from Ms. Gast for being the oldest grandparent to attend grandparents day. We want to thank all of the grandparents who “made their grandchild’s day” by visiting ASE. (Pictured From left to right Les Holland, Kollin Loccerio)

ASE Students Recognized

Students showing “Good Citizenship” and “Outstanding Effort” in September were recently recognized at Abita Springs Elementary. These students received a certificate and a prize.

Kindergarten “Good Citizens” were Dominic Giroir, Ma’Loni-Rayne McElroy, Grace Gifford, Ethan Spadoni, Samantha Hopkins, Aiden Dixon, Ben Henry, and Charles Escher.

Kindergarten students receiving “Outstanding Effort” were Gavyn Sanchez, Lauren Winslow, Mason Gendusa, Hayden Gwynne, Jesus Trejo-Montes, Rylee Crosby, Kayla Trager, and Ruby Lechler.

First Grade “Good Citizens” were Jace Crosby, Brooke Serigne, Anthony Taylor, Bryce Barr, Benjamin Gutowski, Madison Gendusa, Hailey Marange, Corey Kustenmacher, Emma Marler, and Hailey Gwynne.

First grade students receiving “Outstanding Effort” were Amy Cornu, Natalie Amador, Kylie Reinecke, Tyler Martin, Alana Folse, Corey Charleston, Hayden Stires, Samantha Cooper, Logan George, Deven Clawson.

Second Grade “Good Citizens” were Sadie Brooks, Kenzie Pfeifer, Hailey Buttone, Savannah Brink, Simone Ruediger, Andrew Buras, and Royce Snyder.

Second grade students receiving “Outstanding Effort” were Irean Marshall, Jordan Ducote, Rylee Leonard, George Heffker, Xander Walter, Monique Blackburn-Kiper, and Andrea Watt.

Third grade “Good Citizens” were Kle Waguespack, Catherine Davis, Julianna Barrack, Jon Chauviere, Tiyaesha Austin, Hannah Juno, Marie Lacroix, and Quinn Young.

Third grade students receiving “Outstanding Effort” were Kengie Gordon, Mitchell Martin, Kyle Burke, Zachary Strain, Brynn Lange, Jacob Nuccio, Lain Garcia, and Marissa Palma. Congratulations on your big accomplishments!


August, 2011

Back to School

Mrs. Fauntleroy with Grace Dufrene

Abita Springs Elementary hosted a Back to School Night for parents and students on August 5, 2011. The school was decorated with a Louisiana theme. Parents and students also enjoyed all the “Bee” decorations to go with the new school mascot. Students and Parents were allowed to meet their teachers, see their classrooms, and drop off their supplies in advance.


Good Citizens

Abita Springs Elementary is proud to announce the students who earned The Good Citizenship and Outstanding Efforts Awards for August.

Kindergarten Good Citizen Award recipients were: Kollin Loccicero, Ella Hawkins, Paige Cordier, Aliyah Guiterrez, Olivia Yatcilla, Felicity Parker, Hunter Mabe, and Isabella Causey. Kindergarten Outstanding Efforts Award recipients were: Justice Celestine, Hannah McHenry, Waylon Gremillion, Daniel Lewis, Claire Leonard, Joanna Martinez, Isabella Washington, Keidyn Miknatitis.

First Grade Good Citizen Award recipients were: Olivia Lotspeich, Anissa Hughes, Gracie Farris, Amy Jackson, Rimes Donado, Riley Shasteen, Stella Lefevre, Sage Owens, Emily Graham, and Destiny Ply. First Grade Outstanding Efforts Award recipients were: Alexzander Allison, Camron Baham, Alli Lusher, Vasilis Prekas, Emily Chaiviere, Hayden Stires, Jonathan Magee, Ray Avilez, Elijah Robinson, and Kahlil Reeves. Second Grade Good Citizen Award recipients were: John Isaac Willingham, Kenzie Pheifer, Nicholas Solari, Delester Magee, Robert Fitzmorris, Lily Rabalais, and Jasmine Harig.

Second Grade Outstanding Efforts recipients were: Rodney Russo, Madeline Brown, Anna Mayfield, Josi Howe, Alexis Lewis, Ivana Guidry, and Kai Manint. Third grade Good Citizen Award recipients were: Angelle Gauthier, Payton Hulin, Jonathan Scholl, Austin Dupuy, Zachary Sullivan, Rachel Gilbert, Dakota Mabe, and Maelin Crum.

Third Grade Outstanding Efforts Award recipients were: Caiden Barnette, Trey Rossignol, Damon Dusang, Andy Broussard, Dakodah Poff, Laura Sharp, Landen Seely, Richayla Casnave. Congratulations to all the students!



Community Helpers Day

Abita Springs Elementary first graders would like to thank LA State Troopers Tony Melerine and Nick Menale , Abita Springs Fire Department, and CLECO for coming to talk to students about being community helpers. The first graders enjoyed all of the presentations. Pictured is Ms. Misty Nicholson’s first grade class: Shawna Bordelon, Tyler Brignac, Ellie Canatella, Ezekiel Cunningham, Elena Heap, Hailey Marange, Timaya Martin, Oliver May, Jake Mayo, Hayden Meynard, Justin O’Neal, Kurtis Prather, Isaac Richert, Rylie Rockhold, Blake Rossignol, Riley Shasteen, Hayden Stires, Eva Sullivan, Coby Terrebonne, Connor Terrebonne, and Hunter Willie.


Hive Happenings

Kindergarteners Wynisha Stricklan, Scottlyn Marquez, and Drew South were welcomed to Abita Springs Elementary by the school’s new mascot, “Honey Bee” and Principal Mrs. Stogner.


Back to School Night


Mrs. Curtis

Mrs. Curtis with Jennifer Nuccio and Sarah Jenkins

Abita Springs Elementary hosted a Back to School Night for parents and students on August 5, 2011. The school was decorated with a Louisiana theme. Parents and students also enjoyed all the “Bee” decorations to go with the new school mascot. Students and Parents were allowed to meet their teachers, see their classrooms, and drop off their supplies in advance.


Mardi Gras Parade Participants


A group from Abita Springs Elementary 2011 Mardi Gras Parade

Two costumed characters from the 2011 Abita Springs Elementary Mardi Gras Parade.


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