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STPPS Super Teacher: Kelly Stomps
The STPPS “Super Teacher” feature showcases some of the outstanding teachers across the district and what inspires them to teach.

Kelly Stomps
Woodlake Elementary
Music Teacher

Kelly Stomps has hosted teacher workshops and won numerous awards for her teaching excellence including being named the Louisiana State Teacher of the Year.

Find out more about why Kelly loves teaching in St. Tammany.

Why do you like teaching in St. Tammany and what makes it so special?

Teaching in St. Tammany can be summed up in two words: opportunity and support. Over the years, I’ve been given numerous opportunities to grow professionally and personally. I’ve been encouraged to take on leadership positions while being challenged to step outside of my comfort zones. I’ve also found overwhelming support from the parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and district leaders. I love that the people of St. Tammany have made a commitment to work as a team in order to help our students succeed.

Why did you choose to work in St. Tammany?

Although I’m originally from Alabama, I was drawn to teach in St. Tammany because of its rich musical history, and I had heard about the district’s dedication to arts education.

Why did you become a teacher?

Along with sharing my love for music, I became a teacher in order to make a difference in children’s lives. I believe that education is the one thing that truly has the power to change the future.

How do you make an impact on students?

At the heart of my music lessons are small group composition projects that accomplish three goals. First, the aim is to instill a love for music as the students explore the various musical elements. My second goal is for the students to become aware of their own musical capabilities while enhancing each child’s ability. Third, each project is designed to encourage collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking. These are skills that the students will need in the 21st century.

Are there any obstacles that you have overcome that have shaped the kind of teacher you are today?

 As a child, I struggled to make sense of the noises around me thanks to numerous ear infections. This also led to severe problems with my speech. Fortunately, I had supportive parents and amazing music educators that helped me discover my own musical talents while giving me the tools to overcome these challenges. On the surface, many wouldn’t have seen me as someone that would be destined to become a music teacher. Now, my greatest joy is to help each child discover their own musical strengths no matter the other challenges they may face. 

I teach because…

I teach because it is like touching the stars. Each child is dazzling and unique. It is a privilege to help each star twinkle a little brighter.

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