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Special Education Support Home Guide

The goal of this document is to work collaboratively and creatively to provide additional resources to meet the needs of all of our students. These additional resources complement the bank of instructional resources found in the Remote Learning Resources page on the STPPS Website.

Please email your child’s special education teacher for additional support.

Additional Support Resources

Achieve 3000 At Home Learning
A literacy program providing resources at varied reading levels. This link provides free access for students in grades 3-12.

Achieve 3000 Literacy Packets
A collection of strategic math, language arts, science, and reading learning opportunities. If printing is unavailable, then complete using pencil and paper.

Adapted Physical Education Support

Assistive Technology Support

Autism Support

Behavior Support

Communication Support

Coordination Support

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Support

Enrichment and Gifted Support

Family Toolbox from LDOE
Supportive ways to assist Students with Disabilities during school closures

Fine Motor Support

Gizmos - Explore Learning
Interactive math and science activities for grades 3-12. Access is free for 60 days.

Handwriting Support

A toolbar to provide text reading and writing assistance to students in grades 3-12. See directions.

Speech and Language Support

Social Stories Support

Students with Disabilities Support

Suggested Accommodations for At-Home Learning

Talented Arts Support

Visually Impaired Support

Writing Frames and Sentence Starters Support


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