Online Student Learning Program

For Grades
5, 6, 7, and 8

The purpose of the Online Student Learning Program is to meet the educational needs of our community with the flexibility of online "virtual" classroom instruction. The application process will be on a first come, first served basis.

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School Board Annex Locations


Covington Annex is located at
406 East Boston, Covington, LA 985-898-3372

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Slidell Annex is located at
980 Ninth Street, Slidell, LA 985-646-4917

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Frequently Asked Questions



1.  What is a virtual school?
In a virtual school, lessons are delivered to the student via computer.  The student can work any time and any place with internet access.  Course content consists of reading, videos, interactive review activities, writing assignments, research, quizzes, tests, and exams. Certified teachers monitor student progress and are available via email, telephone, online discussion and face-to-face meetings.  Students must exercise discipline to accomplish their work in a learning environment that requires self-motivation.

2.  How is St. Tammany Parish Online Student Learning Program different from other virtual schools?
We offer local resources that you simply will not find through other virtual schools.  Students may come to our Academic Centers for assistance by certified teachers.  Students in our Online Student Learning Program have access to the clubs, activities and extracurricular activities offered at their local traditional public school.  For those willing to work hard and discipline themselves, the St. Tammany Online Student Learning Program can truly be the best of all worlds.  Students enjoy the flexibility of virtual learning, the in-person support of local professionals, and the enrichment of their local school’s resources.

3.  Do students earn credits that are comparable to the traditional classroom schools?
Yes. Credits earned through the Online Student Learning Program are equivalent to those at any other public school in the parish.


1.  What grades are offered in the Online Student Learning Program?
For the 2014-2015 school year, grades 5 – 8 are available.

2.  Who can apply for enrollment?
Anyone eligible to attend St. Tammany Parish Schools in grades 5 – 8 can apply.

3.  Do we need internet access at home?
Yes. Instruction is web-based.  Your student must have internet access to accomplish his/her work.


1.  What is the cost to the student’s family to enroll in the Online Student Learning Program?
There is no tuition cost for the Online Student Learning Program.  Costs associated with clubs, sports, or other voluntary extracurricular activities will be the same as if your student were enrolled in traditional school.


1.  What curriculum does the Online Student Learning Program use?
The online curriculum that we use in the Online Student Learning Program does not necessarily use the same textbooks and materials as the traditional classroom in our district.  However, our online curriculum is fully aligned to the St. Tammany School Board curriculum.  

For the 2014-2015 school year, we have contracted with OdysseyWare, a respected national company that specializes in delivery of virtual school content.  They offer a rich variety of core subjects and electives. 

State Tests

1.  Do students still have to take LEAP tests, End of Course exams, etc.?
Yes.  The Online Student Learning Program’s students are also public school students and they are required to participate in all state-mandated testing.


1.  Do we receive report cards and progress reports?
No.  Our online courses maintain a current grade average that is available to students and parents at all times.

2.  What about nine-week grades and quarter grades?
The online course grades are not organized around elapsed time.  Rather, grades are based on content completed.  Students will be given a grade at the completion of the online course.

Clubs and Athletics

1.  Can my student play sports and participate in clubs?

2.  What sports and clubs are available to Online Student Learning Program students?
Sports and clubs are limited to those offered by the traditional classroom school that the Online Student Learning Program student would attend if not enrolled in virtual classes.

3.  How does my student join and participate in sports and clubs?
We will place a student in contact with the sponsor or coach of the desired activity.  Online Student Learning Program staff do not get involved in issues of eligibility and participation in sports and clubs.

Attendance and Scheduling

1.  How often must a student work on his /her computer and for how long?
Parents should encourage students to develop a daily discipline of schoolwork.  Student progress will be closely monitored by the online teacher and our local district staff.  Students must work in the program for a minimum of 4 hours within a 24 hour period.  They also must work a minimum of 2 hours each week in each course.  Students should work at a pace that keeps them on track with their class schedules, which will be generated at the beginning of each course.

2.  Are there limits to when a student can do schoolwork?
Students can work on their courses any time they have access to a computer.

3.  Can a student take time off from their online courses?
Student progress is the key.  We are watching for any sign that a student is getting behind or performing poorly.  Flexibility is a benefit that belongs to those who keep up and perform satisfactorily.  Parents should notify us if there will be three or more consecutive school days of inactivity by a student.  Periods of inactivity will generally be approved if student progress is satisfactory in all courses.

4.  How often must the student come in to the Academic Center?
Students are required to come in to the Academic Center for orientation, for unit exams and for standardized testing.  While not required, students are welcome at the Academic Center during office hours for tutoring.  In the case of a student who is failing one or more courses, we reserve the right to require that student to come in for help.

5.  Will the school district provide transportation to the Academic Center?
No.  It is the responsibility of the parents to provide transportation to and from the Academic Center.

6.  Where is the Academic Center?
One Academic Center is located at Harrison Curriculum Center, 706 W. 28th Avenue in Covington and the other Center is located at Brooks Curriculum Center, 2544 Sgt. Alfred Drive, Slidell.

Dress Code

1.  Are uniforms required to visit the Academic Center?
No.  However, modest clothing is required and should be in compliance with the District's dress code policy. Inappropriate issues with clothing will be addressed. As a general rule of thumb, short length and sleeveless shirts are two issues which are commonly addressed in schools across the District.


























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