Frequently Asked Questions


Is my paper application still on file with the Human Resources Department?

No. All interested applicants must submit an online application.

Do I need an e-mail address to submit an online application?

Yes. A personal e-mail address is required.

May I submit my online application without all required documents?

Required documentation must be submitted at the time of application. If all required documents are not scanned, your application will be incomplete and you will not be considered for vacancies within our school system.

What are the requirements for non-certificated job classes?





Lunchroom Technician


Cafeteria Manager/Assistant Cafeteria Manager

High School Diploma or GED (contact School Food Services regarding required STPSB training/certification)


High School Diploma or GED


High School Diploma or GED

Paraprofessional (Not Special Education)


·         Early Childhood Aide

·         Instructional Aide

·         Title I Paraprofessional

·         Interpreter Aide

One of the following:


- Associate's degree (or higher)


- Official college transcripts (48 hours     

   minimum to include: English Composition   

   3 hours, English/Reading  6 hours, and 

   Mathematics  6 hours)


- Para Pro Assessment (minimum score of


Special Education Aide II

One of the following:


- Associate's degree (or higher)


- Official college transcripts (48 hours 

  minimum to include: English Composition  

  3 hours, English/Reading  6 hours, and

  Mathematics  6 hours)

- Para Pro Assessment (minimum score of


In addition to one of the above, the

St. Tammany Parish School Board Paraprofessional Certificate is required.

Bus Driver

High School Diploma or GED

Bus Driver Certification (contact Transportation regarding required training/certification)

Bus Attendant

High School Diploma or GED

Bus Attendant Certification (contact Transportation regarding required training/certification)

How long will my online application be kept on file?

All applications will be kept on file for one (1) year.

Where are non-certificated vacancies posted?

Non-certificated vacancies are posted under the ‘Vacancies’ tab and are posted in all schools and sites.



Is it necessary to contact the Human Resources Department to ask for my application to be submitted for specific posted vacancies?

No. With the online application process, it is NOT necessary to contact us to express your interest in a posted vacancy. Once your application is complete and on file with our Human Resources Department, you will automatically be considered for every posted vacancy in your specified job class. For example, if you completed a ‘custodian’ application, when a position is posted for a custodial vacancy, your application will automatically be considered for that vacancy.



What is a PIN?

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number that is automatically generated by the system upon completion of your initial application. With your PIN, you are able to log into the system to ‘update’ your application and submit applications for additional job classes/positions.



What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you may request this number through a prompt at the initial log in screen of the online application. The system will send your PIN to the e-mail address on file.



Can I submit a resume´ in place of an application?

No. Only an official application will be accepted when applying for a position. Resumes may be included in the application, but will not be accepted in lieu of an application.



What do I do if I am not certified but want to teach in St. Tammany?

Refer to our information regarding alternative certification.



Should I apply if I have not passed all parts of the PRAXIS? Could I be hired on a provisional basis?

Practitioner’s Licenses (PLs) are issued to applicants who qualify and allow applicants to work while obtaining their certification. Please refer to the alternative certification section of our website for the requirements to obtain a (PL).



Where can I find each school’s location and contact information?

A comprehensive list of our fifty-five (55) schools can be accessed via our School Map and our School Directory.


What is the curriculum like in St. Tammany?

You can view offered curriculum by referring to our Curriculum and Instruction Programs and Guaranteed Curriculum.



Does St. Tammany Parish pay a relocation costs?

Currently, we do not reimburse you for any costs related to relocation.


Do teachers get tuition exemption in St. Tammany?

Teachers are able to apply for Teacher Tuition Assistance.


What opportunity does St. Tammany offer for professional growth and development?

Professional Development is job-embedded. Professional Development opportunities are provided at the school and district levels.

Are there supportive parents?

The parents of St. Tammany Parish are very involved in and supportive of their children’s education.


Are the administrators supportive of their teachers?

Our administrators believe that in order to have successful schools, they must have a successful staff and in order to that, there has to be full support from them.